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  1. When F. W. socked a night the predators had a field day on the birds.
  2. Took small buck today in Massachusetts. The deer were moving well. Will be having backstrap, eggs and beans tomorrow. Freezer filled. Will head out for trophy buck.
  3. On cape cod Brewster area I hear them also see them in sand traps on golf courses.
  4. MY yearly fluke 3 day trip on the H was cancelled, dam love that trip.
  5. Going on the Helen H for 3 day Nantucket fluke trip on the 30th I hope the weather is ok any news on hurricane. codfish any info on weather.
  6. Big blue fish in the 10 to 20 lbs range will kill more snapper blues then any bait fisherman. You just don't know blue fish.
  7. Cod and haddock will become a lost New England fishery.
  8. Haddock are in decline you will be hard pressed to take 10 fish.
  9. Windey and choppy on Mondays ride from Nantucket fluke trip big fish 8 lbs.
  10. WOW nice fish of a lifetime off Mass. one for the book.
  11. I saw a man loose a expensive time peace to a tarpon he was feeding a Robbies!!!!!!! ouch
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