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  1. Over by a lot like 1000!!!!!!!
  2. That is B.S. no way 700 people fishing the canal on a breaking tide. I fish it 3 time a week and all the breaking tides.
  3. M.M.A. no parking for fishing this morning. And the E.P.O was out on the mainland side with quads.
  4. We are planning a trip to Block Island the end of August (first timer). Is there any Hotel recommendations for the wife and I? Half day charter boat recommendations? What species can we catch? Any info about the island will be helpful. Should we bring our bikes? Thanks.
  5. X2 on 30# braid and 50# Seaguar canal and jigging for sure !!!!
  6. Deep woods off and for bites Clorox bleach on cotton ball dab on the bites works good on poison ivy also.
  7. Just my thoughts on 2019 so far plenty of squid less mackerel and herring.
  8. Iran is in the **** !!!!!!! Will deploy soon ?????
  9. Hurley's the flounder fleet and flat bottom prams Houghs Neck Quincy cleaned flounder for 10cents a fish.
  10. x2 on gorilla super glue last a log time and will not dry out.
  11. x2 on the g1 one piece.
  12. X2 Two thumbs up like the turkey post.
  13. Flew to Florida jet blue no problem with carry on bag plugs hooks reel and travel rod and came back with yellow tail and black fin flays in the same bag. TSA asked me what kind of fish nice guy.
  14. This rig is deadly on trout and bass. Use small water bubble with rubber tube and 3ft leader 2or4 lb. fluoro. leader, fish slow with log slow sweeps of the rod. KILLER!!!!!!!!
  15. Yes you will be fine I shoot 3in #4 out of my mod choke and don't forget the green turkey stickers for the gun good luck.