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  1. Had several rods built by them loved the workmanship.
  2. On my bucket list 3 day.
  3. Money !!!!!!!!
  4. ONLY ONE WORD - COVID !!!!!!
  5. Me and the the 38 sleep lovely.
  6. Replace them and check your knots regularly, they tend to open up over time.
  7. A good run of tinker bones on Sunday the west end.
  8. Even if the blitz is put down cast and cast hundreds of times and change color and size regularly.
  9. I want $50.00 worth some nice stakes.
  10. Got a pelican once big birds.
  11. Nantucket 3-day trip. The weather was great! Biggest fish was 9.9 lbs! Also caught 9.0 lbs., 8.8 lbs., 8.4 lbs., and a lot of 7 lbs. Oops, the last photo is my Alaska halibut.
  12. Get sum
  13. Dust off the herring baskets boys!!!!!! this will piss off big Bob G lol
  14. As long as I hold bottom I jig the rod, even in 100ft of water. If I cant hold bottom all together I lift up and down to find the bottom and bounce along. Fluke stay near the bottom 90 % of the time. The depth and current have a lot to due the rods rating.