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  1. I have shared my lunch at the canal over the years with mink and red fox .
  2. Also a small TEM'S muscle massage will help you with less stress try DR-HO'S www.drhonow.com keep in truck put on for 10 min heaven go fish!!!!!!!!
  3. Lets cut to the chase aspercreme with lidocaine and icy hot with lidocaine roll on applicator keep in truck or tackle bow get sum !!!!!!!
  4. Thank you for the info. and heads up !!! sad Mass. has bin under quarantine for a month now, will miss our spring squid trip to newport !
  5. Any squid from the bridge yet any numbers ???????? And can i fish in ri with mass salt. lic. or have to buy ri salt.lic.
  6. 1 Super Duper copper and red 2 Little Cleo gold or silver 3 Al's Goldfish gold 4 Thomas Buoyant 5 EGB Swiss made 6 casting bobber and fly and when nothing works power bait and a slip egg sinker rig.
  7. Flex seal spray in the can will fix leaky seams and spray over any patches 24 hrs to dry then a second coat.
  8. A chip of the old block !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wait for turkey season Katy bar the door !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yes i use trilene for fresh water only also, try a top shot of floro.
  11. Salmon take your bag of 3 they won't last long people out of work.
  12. People out of work will fish for family food more people than ever. also no food in supermarkets no water,no T. P.,sane wipes and so on. Lock your cars its a jungle out there.
  13. And my saltwater fishing license was free and old man perk thanks mass.
  14. X2 on Lamiglas GSB111MHS 11 ft. 3-8 oz GSB1321MH blank will work a little heavy.
  15. With a little garlic and mike's lunker loaton um um good.