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    Surfcasting in SoCo from Napatree to Judith in my striper pursuit.
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    1# is surfcasting so could say enjoy being cold,wet,tired and hungry at times. My occupation of inland aquaculture, helping with kids fishing events, guitar for 25 years playing zep to gordon lightfoot stuff, welding.
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    Owner of Harding Trout Hatchery

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  1. This is Brady crashed out after a day at Chucktown beach yesterday helping us look for bass. He's great dane and black lab. 115lbs. of good dog.
  2. Friday afternoon, wicked east wind, fish and birds at our feet for hours. Its all about timing.
  3. Tornado of gannets dive bombing out here this morning.
  4. Took a break and went for a walk. Beach finds. Second item is a cartilage skull from something and at the bottom cinder worm casing.
  5. Chilling out at a bway sipping coffee watching guys pick at some micro-mini's on tins n teasers. Ocassional gannets but nothing to hold their interest and headed west. Surf looks good but soupy. Might be a tough fish find today.
  6. I'll keep a sharp eye out for signs of life out there Capt. Only saw gannets and a few sea ducks the Sunday after the nor'easter mainly in the west. Even if we get half the herring run as last fall the fish will be on the prowl for that shape and profile. Had the best SoCo fishing of my life last year when they were around. Just want everyone here to have a shot at quality fish before its time to hang it up. Maybe I'm an over enthusiastic wishful thinker because my redskins are 5-3!
  7. Saw this and booked 5 day SoCo stay for this week thru Sunday. Still have herring run to look forward to.
  8. Had a scare in SoCo the Sunday after the nor'easter. Sand was still saturated with waves and decided to go for it on a skinny sloping beach trail. Never again.
  9. Curious about water temps compared to this time last year. Herring are running late and no worm hatch.
  10. Thank you for the research CC, Figure VS would put a dab of neversieze on the threads to help out do-it-yourselfers out there. I found a guy in Stratford CT that does full service on the reels. Pulled the sidecap and it doesnt look too pretty in there either.
  11. I'm curious if block may harbor a few good fish. Keeping an eye on the weather and look to hit it for a day or two next week. Pack a few eels n needles and give a go.
  12. Hope they didnt send you a cow pic at 2am with a "Wish you we're here good buddy!" attached to it.
  13. Gets the heart going when you see big splashes within the smaller ones. The morning first light is primetime to watch when birds wakeup hungry and cruising the shoreline for their first meal of the day. Looks like good smooth water out there for surface plugs. Glad to see you had a fishy morning, Marty.
  14. This poor reel has been through it all this year and need to access the anti reverse bearing that has a case of hiccups. Tried turning the gear clockwise and it wouldnt budge. I live a long way from a VS service shop any suggestions on getting this apart?
  15. Reusing clips and swivels when I know they've been on there a while. Everytime I change the leader I also check a few yards of braid for any fraying or scuffing from rocks.