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    Surfcasting in SoCo from Napatree to Judith in my striper pursuit.
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    1# is surfcasting so could say enjoy being cold,wet,tired and hungry at times.Guitar for 25 years playing zep to gordon lightfoot stuff, welding.

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  1. Excellent, will start swapping out trebles for singles. Have 6 straight days of fishing starting tomorrow.
  2. Don't you just love that. Even worst when surf buds call and are partying on good fish knowing damn well you can't make it. Glad you had some time to get out there.
  3. It can go from the most void lifeless marine enviroment one minute to ridiculous all out personal best fest the next. The surf is great for reading fishing conditions, wind, bait and will gift you a plug if you sift through the weed line. The cell phone impulse becomes a distant second when watching the surf beacuse you might miss an event that wont be repeated.
  4. I'm sure the surf dudes that frequent Judith are thrilled. Guess the beach folks at Wheeler n Scarborough were relieved to hear it was only a 15ft. mola mola.
  5. Seen the videos and this thing turns too sharp for my taste. I think it benefits the flat water fisherman but for safety sake I'm with you on sticking with the 180 for out front. It's a heavier unit so would like to know about additional stress on the drive well.
  6. Have two Mojos for a few years now and no trouble with them. The best thing like for all rods is undersanding their limitations. Mojos like an overhead casting technique with a 45° release on 2-4oz plugs. The rod can cast a mile but you have to keep it within it's powerband. If I switch to say a SC Legend with the same plug weight I have to slightly alter my casting technique to accomodate the rods capabilities. It's important for the life of the rod to keep your casting form in check. This will also help greatly with fatigue when youre out there.Take the time to correct yourself on occasion with the full motion of your casts. Even after 100+ casts in an outing you should still be able to reach the distance of your first on a Mojo.
  7. Yeah, that was an atlantic chub mack. There's a pacific chub as well.Be a fun show if they stick around and bring the tuners. Just hope Judith doesnt get over ambitious:
  8. ..or go commando so you can use your ink defenses.
  9. Should have told him the west wall is better fishing grounds.
  10. 15ft.? Yeesh,that's a fatty. Couldn't imagine quietly plugging and that comes to the surface in front of you. Worst is the shark experts call the color of my yak "yum-yum yellow" because it excites the whites.
  11. They filter the water of small bait and we do need bait for the fall to hold fish. Next opportunity I'd like to live line one and see what happens. It will either be blue food, PB cow or Mr. Toothy.
  12. If they come out with it for the Outback, it may just outprice it's usefulness. Like to hear from the average honest joe out there in the chop and swells without a hobie rep around. Plus a use and abuse test would be a plus and can it take a little sand intrusion?
  13. Phew! Nice 7 day fishing marathon just came to and end. Tough to type this with those fun little cuts all over my hands. Best day from surf was daytime during the downpours Tuesday with topwater plugs then eels at slack. Intriguing how slowing down a topwater plug retrieve you can bring up some nice fish from the depths. Only saw one slug the whole time fishing. I guess chubb mackerel are the new gamefish, counting 6 boats clustered at a popular location in heavy current one morning. My buddy hooked and cooked a few at our club and they are a decent tasting fish. Great running into a number of my surf pals and a few members here. Plus thanks to the lovely ladies at a certain restaurant in chucktown for making sure I eat right.
  14. Found blowup of bonito on the beach this morning. Had wicked case of pre coffee syndrome and grabbed the yak rod instead of surf before leaving. Hurling cripped herring off the beach with a 7 footer was awkward. As far as bass, had one of my best outings of the year last night. Hitting it again tonight for sure.
  15. Fished till 2 and it just got weird out there. Not even shcoolies slurping bait. Had a blue heron squakkkkk! squaak! close behind me. Damn near gave me the quick steps. Hope its not rinse repeat tonight.