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    Surfcasting in SoCo from Napatree to Judith in my striper pursuit.
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    1# is surfcasting so could say enjoy being cold,wet,tired and hungry at times. My occupation of inland aquaculture, helping with kids fishing events, guitar for 25 years playing zep to gordon lightfoot stuff, welding.
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    Owner of Harding Trout Hatchery

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  1. That raises another good point of reel matching, what torque you put into various casts(beach, overhead,side etc..), backbone, control on big pencils or small stuff, guide choices, grip, length. Some anglers get pretty technical on rod selection. Some just impulsively buy off the rack due to a name or endorsement.
  2. Seen more surfcaster's out there using newer ODM and Century rods last year than any other. Custom rod building also has grow in appeal to the some anglers because they know exactly who built it and it's to their spec. Know a builder in CT and he's buried with work.
  3. Wind protection, mobility and good cuffs. Depend on what you wear underneath for temp/ comfort level. Night fishing in the summer can still run a chill up youre back with a steady wind.
  4. It's rampant here in Connecticut. Don't know the team history without gaggling it. Eventually they'll go back to the teams they used to root for. All it takes is one 6-10 season or a retirement or two.
  5. Have her bump ya when skishing or float up next to the yak. Bet you'd deploy your ink defenses seeing that!
  6. Looking forward to it. Andy Reed's been known to put points up on the Pats. Mahomes 320yds. 4 TD 1 int. and still eek out a win....just a guess.
  7. Geez..I dunno..How's her cooking? Would she live line an eel?
  8. Figures CT doesn't release them in the sound. Might setup a colony and start hammering the shellfish pens.
  9. Can think of a predator hammering one of those seals 100ft from a crowded beach to witness the feeding and hundreds of cell phones recording then media posting. Now the state has a tourist/beach goer scare that would take time to rebound from.Odds are low but the stakes are high.Taxes go up to recover the losses. Tells me R.I. isn't very protective of their ringing registers.
  10. Yes or wetlands. On the right down the road after the bend. You'll see a dozer surrounded by gulls speading the material. Worth a look if youre local.
  11. The area of discharge they chose is a good spot for the material. It's a big place and 7 acres is a postage stamp compared to the area. Minimal impact. Once leveled and drained eel grass will be planted in the spring. They went down to hardpan on the dredge so it's relatively new material.
  12. Its at the Q. Those guys working 12hr shifts 24/7 on it. Talked to the engineer for a while. Discharging the slurry into the marsh and will cover roughly 7 acres. Similar dredge going on in Chuck channel discharging onto beach.
  13. Haven't heard anything from DEEP fisheries. It will take time to see what derives from this and if it favors rec. or comms. Rather see CT work to improve shoreline access for anglers. Less paperwork.
  14. Heard there's some work being done there on the bway. Could be there early afternoon. See a few rods w plugs, wishful thinking??