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  1. Not atandard at all. Why post something misleading to prop them up. Couldn't be happier I moved away from Van Stall. Garbage company under the facade of caring for those who buy their product.
  2. Do not buy a VR. They don't have anti-reverse bearings for them and they do seize up. Craig Cantelmo the supposed VS guru still has 2 of my seized VR 200's from 7 months ago and havent heard a peep.
  3. New bucks trying to turn this into FB, I'm outta here.
  4. Rats. Can't make it to this one. Next week, no problem. Be great if there was a blowup of quality fish when y'all meet.
  5. The arrogant, all about me's with their pink whale shirts, wearing socks with sandals driving in their cool,trendy, impractical, off colored, top down bloated up fashion jeeps with mud splash decals (couldn't dare get real mud on it). Dead giveaway is also the quiche eating, soft human, beta paddleboarders. That's RI anyway.No name for those yet.
  6. Likely washouts from a very popular location that won't tolerate their poor behavior, ethics and lack of courtesy so they migrate to where it's acceptable. It's now become a generational problem where those of ill repute are teaching the "noob" what they know, spawning another bad angler. Can judge your company easily by their headlamp use or abuse. Teasers in a 5 knot drift is a bit much and asking for shad, mack or weeds.. If I wanted to deadstick a fresh chunk I can always turn to a fishing buddy that's a virtuoso at catching trophy shad at night.
  7. Last I checked bluefish are at $.50 per lb. but if the volumes are there they may be worth the chase by the comm boats.
  8. Plus right now we're in the thick of report chaser season for SOL lurkers.Stating there's no fish at a shore location can be just a damaging as saying there is. Especially when there's a specific date and time attached. Using upper, mid and lower bay, western and eastern SoCo works well and keeps them somewhat baffled here but reluctant to slow the social media burn train at other outlets.
  9. 6 hours of fish last night..just the wrong size. I think we are overloaded with bait if such a thing. Had a great week here in SoCo and will be back on the 15th.
  10. Sprayway cleaner. Saturate and keep lid closed for a day. Good to go.
  11. Time to learn knot vs use of a swivel alternatives. Lost 3 good bottles in 2 nights to those blue toothies out there. Night poke been steady on big shorts and a few slots all on plug. Put away the teasers for now. Saw mullet and a pod of good size needlefish so the food chain looks healthy enough to entice a few heavy hens from out there. Eel bite still slow for me. Been tempting to hit the fish in the yak but no reason to pedal away from a decent surf bite.
  12. I'll never put money on something that weighs 800lbs. with skinny ankles.
  13. Guys that can't catch fish without a breachway or a blitz have a crowd problem.
  14. Best bass night of the year so far. Pretzeled trebles and all. Maybe start my own "jar of broken hearts".
  15. Good drag scream this morning around 3:30am. Spit the bit on the way in and must have had the fish by only the tailhook and the hookhole opened up on me and....pitooey!! Gone. Would have been an admire and release fish. Throwing all big past few nights and breaking out the fine china ( beefy custom plugs) when the swivel biters are elsewhere. Eel bite has picked up nicely on slot fish so have a few in reserve. Keep the deepwoods handy those "noseeum's" on a dead wind night are in numbers. Anticipating mullet soon which will add more good bait the food chain. Dark green over white darter was the plug when they were around last fall.