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    Surfcasting in SoCo from Napatree to Judith in my striper pursuit.
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    1# is surfcasting so could say enjoy being cold,wet,tired and hungry at times. My occupation of inland aquaculture, helping with kids fishing events, guitar for 25 years playing zep to gordon lightfoot stuff, welding.
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    Owner of Harding Trout Hatchery

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  1. That makes it a great experience when everyone is cohesive. Plus landed some good fish!
  2. Great pic Steve, hope you pulled some good fish out of the wash that day.
  3. Drove out onto the beach seen pod of 12"-14" bunker yesterday hounded by a few blues. Tried the snag and live line and was a no go. Alot of bent rods on a variety of fish.
  4. Had a great time fishing a tide with Mike of Mikes Custom Plugs yesterday. Showed me some of his works of art and innovation in new plug builds. Hope to catch up with him again today. As far as report, got into bass/blue mix again. Will be fishing all day today and may hit a jetty or bway if its not a circus act out there.
  5. Enormous "IF". Wasn't going to jump out there to find out. I'm not into tapping my foot waiting to cast.
  6. Witnessed peanuts getting decimated by large mix of bass n blues at one location. Heavy rotation at a bway yesterday, counted 5 at the end. Wind is picking up so arming the bag w tins for todays excursion.
  7. Like it and looks like a quality lure. Does he have a shop that carries them in SoCo?
  8. On The Water loves this. It's another article and video for their slaughter for profit campaigns. They could do all the posturing and propaganda they want as the conservation minded anglers. They cant hide from their support sig on bill H.R. 200.
  9. Getting into 24"- 34" in the surf works for me.
  10. That would be great, like last fall. Drop you a call Monday, do what you can and we'll hit the surf.
  11. Thank you and will give it a try. I'm a fan of needlefish lures and feel they may be underutilized. Looking to find happy mediums on favorite plugs that rake fewer weeds and are less damaging to fish released. Like the Captain posted low pressure systems are a great opportunity and we have to adapt to what they entail.
  12. Changing quite a few favorites over to single hook now. Dennis, are there more cons than pros to switching over all hooks to single on needlefish lures? Love how they cast and produce but wish to minimize weed fowling. Pictured are a few of the plugs considered for altering.
  13. Its the potential for spin up tornados in the rain bands that scare me. As if hurricane conditions aren't bad enough.
  14. Theres one jetty in SoCo that give me the jeebs, one misstep and you go 8-9ft down into the rocks and wash. Happy you we're able to bail out of there. Good discussion to have with all the turbulence out there and before fall run.
  15. Phew..close one Kooky. If I showed my girl your post she'd run out and buy me an EPIRB.