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    Surfcasting in SoCo from Napatree to Judith in my striper pursuit.
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    1# is surfcasting so could say enjoy being cold,wet,tired and hungry at times.Guitar for 25 years playing zep to gordon lightfoot stuff, welding.

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  1. Two ivy league lawyers in Brooklyn got arrested throwing molotov cocktails at police.
  2. If she came litter box trained, ring her quick. Not everyday you have your shot at Ms.Bolivia
  3. Smart people always read the fine print first.
  4. Talking poppers are great for blues. Schoolbus color scheme for some reason attracts the bigger bass in a short fish blowup. Fish them slow almost to a dog walk.They don't have a very long lifespan because they split from heavy use but for $10 lousy bucks, crimp the barbs and have at it.
  5. A closed season on SB angling near spawning areas wouldn't hurt. Slow the self indulged piggery happening at the Hudson.
  6. These posts are always nightmarish and seem to have them every year. If the bag n belt loss is in SoCo, check with a few B+T's. Several cases last season of guys losing their gear and some good souls turned them in for lost and found.
  7. Never seen the salt and recently picked them up because the looked interesting.
  8. All good here Noah. Welcome aboard and happy you posted, the thread morphed into a confessional of first posts.
  9. I remember one of my first SOL posts was of a gator blue blitz at a very specific time and location. Stumbled through the door on that one. No joke then but could laugh a little now.
  10. FB vibes all over this. We don't get into specific spots here because shoreline access is limited and will compromise that place mentioned. Especially now with interweb mention of a hot bite in a specific location will start the stampede of undesirables or good people but there will be 30 of them in that spot.
  11. Fiddleheads. Only a few days left to pick them.
  12. Nice timing by the U.S. mint.
  13. Don Shula + Eli Manning =
  14. Thinking the NFL will go after big wheel money like Google, Apple and Microsoft for streaming, heck maybe even Amazon throw their hat in the ring. People are looking for hassle free streaming. See a game, click it, pay up and watch.
  15. Watched some film on him...unreal.