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    Surfcasting in SoCo from Napatree to Judith in my striper pursuit.
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    1# is surfcasting so could say enjoy being cold,wet,tired and hungry at times.Guitar for 25 years playing zep to gordon lightfoot stuff, welding.

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  1. Amen there, kind of troubling schoolie to near keeper size seems to be more in the conversation these days. Most of us are here in pursuit of the big girls out there with the will to learn and put in serious time to land one. For the new guy, just relax and absorb what's offered here. The ol' saying of "he who listens best, knows most" would go a long way for you.
  2. Situational. Gave a blue to a nice couple that was porgy fishing next to me off the end of a jetty last year.They we're very appreciative and made good company. I'd do it again, blues only.
  3. I'm with you there BD. Lining up all mack pattern plugs n oddities and hopefully get out front in a week or so. Got the itch and LIS isn't cutting it.
  4. Will go with bite of a seal or Joey Chestnut.
  5. Taped to the end of my St.Croix.
  6. These guys.
  7. Would like to research that on block access. Not sure if there's a restriction due to gull nesting. Don't want to start the year with DEM telling me to scratch out the void in my CRMC Sticker.
  8. Yeah,yeah, heard the canal is brimmed with fish and cows are taking bare hooks like johnny roach. Looks like the fish bypassed RI again.
  9. Seen one fishing the Naugy river In Waterbury along rt.8. bout an hour ago. Thought it was plastic grocery bags snarled on a branch at first glance.
  10. Curious as to why RI raises so many palomino. Must be a bird thing. They do have the same growth rate as kamloop rainbow and cost much less to raise than brooks and browns.
  11. Confirmed sightings in high numbers of out of state folks fishing the mouth of a few rivers. The yellow plate migration has started.
  12. Sealville on Sunday at a breachway. Small ones too, must be Mystic's recent releases. Like how clean the beaches are after a winter. Need a few warm weeks and some bait and it's on.
  13. Trout stamp money will help with lawyer pocket lining.
  14. Favorite inlets will use use top 5 plugs in the bag then switch to a variety of tins normally give it a few hours. If there's bait around add another hour or so. Left a spot too early only to hear later that the fish moved into that location after I left. Not much of a mover. Taking casts, chew the fat with other anglers, let the fish come to me more or less.
  15. Right on. If anyone is ever around the Bridgeport BPS, don't walk in. Shoot me a PM anytime. I know two great tackle shops within minutes of BPS. Good guys that deserve your money, support our sport on all fronts and genuinely appreciate your business.