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  1. Solid actor. Best in the business at pistol whipping tennis enthusiasts.
  2. No shortage of mung and heard a dragger no more than 2 clicks offshore last night...might be some correlation there. Bait appeared to be small shad the way they somersaulted out of the water but could be mistaken. First time out was greeted by a seal and took a wave in the kisser....yep, good to be home.
  3. Thanks Mr. Morningwood, Will gladly take all 3. Wonderbread, green and the yellow over white in top picture.
  4. Gents, looking for Goo Goo Man swimmers same dimensions as pictured. Blind or not, new or thrown and coloration doesn't matter. Thanks.
  5. Price drop. $600 shipped. Pedal is in mint shape. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. Selling a Hobie Outback Mirage Pedal Drive GT. Was purchased new a year ago and little water time because I use the 360 as my primary. Great condition as seen in pictures.$650.00 shipped. In west-central CT.
  7. No decals especially if you're a night owl that fishes some spots where the parking is questionable (dodgy). A few window decals that read there's a truck alarm or video surveillance inside the vehicle wouldn't hurt.
  8. Any sign of herring? Gannets should be doing their gannety thing by now.
  9. Don't be bashful on slinging shoestring eels in backwater spots this time of year.
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