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  1. There's not may fish in the bay that eat squid. Maybe sea bass if they're around. Shrimp does ok.
  2. Took my dad out Saturday. Caught a bunch of spot and perch by the BB. Tried to look for rock, saw some good marks at the bridge jigged up a short. Saw some boats working the pilings. Didn't see much else.
  3. Didn't make it to the bay this weekend due to trailer issues. Did take the boat out to Ocean City yesterday though. Limited on Sea Bass 12.5-14 inches. The Sea Bass bite is on fire.
  4. Picked up my first keeper of 2021 yesterday (Memorial Day) 22" live lining a spot that I caught around the BB. The fishing is getting better. Caught a mess of perch and spot with blood worms just outside of SPSP.
  5. Cow nose rays actually taste pretty good. Don't bother with clear nose skates though, they are garbage.
  6. What part of the bay?
  7. Whatever you do avoid the bay bridge during the day. Go early return late.
  8. I tried 9 miles nothing, headed to 20 where i saw a large party boat and some smaller boats. Found a spot with some life using the oc reef foundation map and started drifting. Marked the spots where i got hit on my gps and just started making drift runs around them. Heard it was a tough bite glad i made the most of it that day. The trip back sucked. Traffic at the bridge cost me a hour.
  9. Went out saturday from Sandy Point. Nada.. nothing not even a nibble. Crazy how bad the fishing was considering the weather. Even the perch were no where. I would've been happy to catch a toad fish. Decided to go out to Ocean City on sunday. Came home with a cooler full of Sea Bass up to 18"
  10. Tough weekend. Went out Saturday and Sunday just south of the bay bridge. Only thing biting was a blue catfish. Daughter wanted to take it home so i made fried catfish for dinner. They're not bad eating.
  11. The weather sucked this weekend. Stayed in and cleaned the house. I have a trip planned for Sunday hopefully we'll land the first fish of 2021.
  12. Trolled Saturday and Sunday around middle bay. Natta bite. Looks like the charters got in on the action. Lots of big fish from their Facebook posts. Talked to a couple other rec boaters they came up empty as well.
  13. Going to troll some tandems and parachutes this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. Here in Maryland the DNR can run your driver's license number to see what licenses you have. Alternatively you can download a pdf version from the maryland dnr compass website and keep it on your phone. I stopped carrying around a hard copy of it since Maryland has several types of licenses that expire at different times of the year, fresh water, tidal, boat, crab... a pain in the butt if you ask me. I wish they simplified it to one or two licensees.
  15. They are my go to trolling reel. Level wind is great for counting line as you let it out. You can cast it, but not very far.