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  1. The spot were pretty big, 8-11 inches at least. I normally fish smaller spot for rocks.
  2. Headed out from the dock at 9:45 east past Sharps Lighthouse. Let the kids play in the water, crabbed a little, caught a mess of big spot and a few perch. Pulled up anchor around 2pm and headed to Sharps Lighthouse. Put out some live spot (hook through the nose) within minutes the spot was jumping around. Something was chasing them. Pulled up the line and the spot was bitten up to the head. Threw a few more spot same thing. Bitten off to the head. I tried a few different hook placements but whatever was chomping the to spot would just bite the fish avoiding the hook every time. Could it have been bluefish? Spanish Mackrel? I've never seen this before.
  3. edited
  4. Sounds like frozen shoulder. I had it twice on both shoulders. Painful as hell. The need to stretch the joint to loosen the tendons.
  5. 7/5 Heading out of Chesapeake Beach around 10am headed east toward Sharps Island Light. Saw some boats live lining spot but no hook ups. Set up anchor and fished some blood worms next to the structure looking for spot. Got a couple small rockfish no spot. Lifted up and headed east to shallow water to chill for a few hours. Got some crab, spot, perch, and small ray which we kept. Never had stingray before so we wanted to give it a try. Headed north for Cooks reef. Never been there before. Caught a few more spot, but nothing else. Headed back around 3. Still looking for the big ones. The stingray was pretty good eating. My daughter who doesn't normally eat fish at most of it. I think the key to keeping it tasting good is to cut the wings off right away and discard the rest. It tastes like chicken with a hint of crab flavor. I highly recommend giving it a try.
  6. 7/3 Headed out of Chesapeake Beach east. Went to last week's crabbing spot to look for crabs and some fish. Put out some crab lines and got about 5 nice sized crabs in a couple hours. Not as much as last time but at least I know they're still there. While I was at it I put out some bloodworms on #2 Aberdeen hooks to see if I could hook up on some spot. Ended up catching about 10 short schoolie stripers instead. I'll be heading out Sunday again, this time I'll be looking for some bigger fish.
  7. Decided to do something a little different this week. Launched out from Chesapeake Beach around 11am and headed east toward Sharps Point LH. Took some pictures at the lighthouse since it was our first time out in the area then headed towards the Choptank. My plan initially was to fish the Diamonds for a bit before heading shallow for crabs but the waves and winds changed my plan and so we headed straight for cover. We anchored in around 3 ft of water at high tide. While the kids played on the water threw out some bloodworms to see what was biting. Caught 1 giant spot which went into the livewell for later, but all the other worms were taken off the hooks without a nibble. A sure sign there were crabs. I set out some traps some with chicken some with bunker. within about 30 minutes I had my first crab. From then on we were catching them about one every 15-30 minutes for a few hours. At about 3 the bite died and we decided to head back. During that time we managed to catch a colossal 9" male blue crab which my daughter received a DNR citation for.
  8. 6/21/2020 Tons of small to large spot off of Tilghman island. Short stripers off Tilghman reef. Lots of rays.
  9. I think parker has the better reputation, maybe it will help with resale? Don't know... they both look good to me.
  10. Forgot to mention, I'd look for a boat with high gunwales and a good flare. Helps when conditions aren't great.
  11. Scout is a nice brand. Higher end than Sea Hunt or Key West. So they're a little more pricy. Sea Hunt/Key West/Tidewater are all about the same. Good Mid Tier boats that are a good value. Parker/Maycraft/Carolina Skiff/ Chawk are all mostly bare bones fishing hulls that get you on the water. Parker being the one of the top boats in the category IMO. 15k will get you a newish/used 18" or a well used 20+ depending on the brand. I doubt you can find a Scout anywhere in the last decade for 15k. Same with any 20+ in the mid tier category that doesn't need significant work. So I'd be lookin at the bare bones class of boats Parker/Maycraft/Carolina Skiff/Chawk
  12. What are you using as bait? Im looking to catch some eels too.
  13. Depends on how much you want to spend. You can go Carolina Skiff all the way up to Grady White.
  14. So when are people going to start to realize you can't tear down the world every time someone's feelings get hurt.