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  1. A large flock of Robins just flew in to my yard here in Western Mass. They are everywhere. The ground is still snow covered. They are thirsty and are drinking from an open area of my Koi pond. They are standing on the edge of the ice and sucking on the water. 27 degrees here so they seem a tad early. Spring is coming!
  2. What would it matter? We could not pronounce them anyway.
  3. 360,000-400,000 northern whites gave their life fighting to free slaves. Isn’t that a big enough price to pay?
  4. Oh yes, and do not forget the insurrection and the Russian collusion and ….
  5. I think we have a Frank Jr in the making.
  6. Things are quiet here in the woods of western Mass, for now anyways. Springfield had 31 murders in 2023. Only 1 or 2 this year. I anticipate they will get back on track when the weather warms up.
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