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  1. Geez Red, that’s your TV remote. No wonder she don’t start.
  2. Well spoken, very calming speaker and spot on.
  3. Rickman, as a photographer that use to compete in international competitions, and won the yearly National Wildlife photo contest, I have one bit of advice for you. POST MORE PICS! Love your work, thank you.
  4. Arrested? Shoot the f#%@&*$. Maybe the spineless Governors and Mayors should stand with the police during the night time riots and take the abuse they are having to take.
  5. Now I better understand you. I can now see how your liberal way of thinking makes sense to you.
  6. My condolences. Prayers for you and your family.
  7. Then don’t watch or comment. Just wander off and pee somewhere else.
  8. Really enjoying this docking. Love being enthused with the Space Program again.
  9. Is there a possibility that the camera went black just before the first stage touched down because they did not want others to see something? Seems strange. I made sure that my 9 year old granddaughter watched it. She really got excited. So glad all went as planned. Good stuff.
  10. These statements sum up this situation perfectly.
  11. Not during their mating season!
  12. $1499 before insurance coverage. I have had them 6 days and am very pleased with them. They are Costco’s Kirkland Digital Hearing Aids. The woman that worked with me was very, very good. She use to work at Beltone and she told me these were as good or better than than Beltones $8000 aids. However, not all Costco’s have the best technicians. Research led me to Enfield, CT.
  13. KC1HYH Still getting my feet wet
  14. Seeing the picture with everything out, why not leave it out and presto, there is your camper. Sell camper project for scrap metal. Brilliant.
  15. Wednesday I got a pair of hearing aids from Costco. It is unreal how well I can hear now. Wish I had made the decision long ago. It really is amazing the sounds I now hear. Now if I could get the casting shoulder youthful again! And the knees and hips too.