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  1. I have heard of fishing shallow but isn’t that too shallow? I learn something every day on SOL.
  2. That is awesome! That’s for the great report and pics.
  3. More importantly, do you have pigeons? Do you race them?
  4. I do not remember but she was very nice. She was at the boat launch another time and I told her that I had shot over the limit. I needed one more for my limit on ducks, and killed two with one shot. I told her after my Lab retrieved them, I tossed one back into the river. She said if it happens again that I should not touch the extra duck. Very pleasant and helpful lady.
  5. Maybe related. Shot my limit of ducks and fired up the boat to head back. Saw a homeless man tenting on shore. Stopped and gave him one of my mallard ducks. He was so happy. Met the game warden at the boat launch and told her about it. She explained that doing so was a no no. Need to do paper work to make it legal.
  6. Unfortunately it is now the American way. Just terrible.
  7. Butt out kid!
  8. Wow you must be really, really good. Wish you could be my mentor but alas you reminded me that this is not my sport. Lol
  9. Just wondering how far that 7wt casts straight up in the air?
  10. Now that is funny.
  11. Really, sure seems like it to me! Nice.
  12. Are we talking fishing lures or something more interesting?
  13. Next size up is also 2 per pack.
  14. If you Google the Savage Squids you will see one of the big chain stores has them on sale. Buy two packs and get one free. There are two per pack. Works out to $6 per squid. Even as far inland as West Springfield, MA had them in stock.