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  1. Can you throw out a line and troll?
  2. Nicely finished.
  3. Gilbey that was a great post. I read it twice. Touching. Dick, that is a great picture but what is that thing that looks like an alien spaceship?
  4. Congrats!!!!! Glad for you. Enjoy life.
  5. I do not feel they are prone to breaking down. A few may break but that is far from “prone”.
  6. Yes it is. That to me says it all.
  7. I was planning to kayak fish there a little over a month ago and they had such a bad algae bloom that the state said do not put hands in the water or touch the fish. An overhead picture of the lake showed a gross green lake. I went to another pond.
  8. Yikes! That is terrible. Glad you could reach the beach quickly. Do you think using a cart was partly to blame? My son and I each have 2018 Outbacks. Ugh.
  9. It is in the mail as is the reel.
  10. Just bought a Tsunami Airwave Elite 8’8” (1/2-2oz) rod and Penn Spinfisher VI 4500 reel. I will be fishing the Eastern CT shoreline. Debating whether to go with 20 or 30 lb Power Pro. Will wind knots be a problem with the lighter line? Do I need more strength with the 30? Much of a difference in casting distance? Aiming for Stripers, Blues and Albies. Looking to buy a large spool of what ever line I choose.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I will have my wife read this as she is still a smoker. She is afraid to try to quit, if you can believe that. Enjoy those around you and may God bless you.
  12. Perfect! I was ordering some dog supplies and when I saw this, I threw it in my cart. This will be perfect for my freshwater kayak fishing. My 3 pound anchor recently went with a yak I sold. It was overkill. I do not think I would be comfortable dropping anchor in the salt. Thanks for posting.
  13. I did open the bail and let out a bunch off line to get a different angle but that did not work. Thanks for all the good info guys. I am afraid that I will never be a contributor here but just an absorber of your knowledge.
  14. Wow, great answer, and now I know. Thank you for your response.
  15. I see most people use a leader that is heavier than the main line. Last month I was jigging in 20’ of water and got my 1 oz jig hung up on rocks. I was in my kayak, in current and could not break it off. The best I could do was get over it and cut my braid line. Sharp teeth and rough bottom dictate heavier leader but wouldn’t a leader lighter than the braided line be better? Safer in a yak?