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  1. Nothing but artificial lures. I am too impatient to chuck and sit.
  2. Can I go fishing with you?
  3. Why, these guys don’t want to see minnow pics. Borrow my Outback and fish with my son. You will really like it I am sure. Don’t worry about the sharks, just do not hook a seal.
  4. Bingo! As I was reading these posts I came across this statement. For me, it says it all.
  5. Must be Matt. Welcome.
  6. Dang, I am getting old. Took me a minute to figure that one out. Good one.
  7. Spent 18 summers on a lake in central Maine. Every year we put out a hummingbird feeder that was hung with a loop of mono. One day I look out and see a hummer had its head stuck in the mono loop. I carefully got him free but he was limp and did not seem to be breathing. My wife placed the tiny bird in her palm and very gentle pumped his chest. Soon he showed signs of life and 5 minutes later he flew off. I then hung the feeder with a single strand of mono.
  8. Yes, when in my kayak.
  9. Twice per week. Kayak fresh and salt, surf and ice fishing. Seems like old age doctor appointments the other days.
  10. Sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers.
  11. Marty???
  12. Wow, you nailed it!
  13. Sick looking puppy but must realize great photography helps enhance.
  14. That is one good looking dog. The eyes and markings are really great.
  15. 1) We spent the entire summers in Maine on a 5 mile long lake. A small stream allowed my boat to enter a 40 acre pond. Right where the pond opened up from the stream was a large tree limb. First cast produced my PB Largemouth Bass, 8lbs. The following summer I caught the same fish off of the same limb. I knew it was the same one because it was blind in its left eye. 2) While ice fishing, a fish pulled my cheap unattended jigging rod thru the ice. Later that day I caught a pickerel that had line coming out of its mouth. Pulled up the line and there was my jigging rod.