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  1. What area do you live in? Warm winter boots, ice spud(to dig holes but also to check ice thickness and quality), skimmer to get the ice chips out of the hole, jigging rod and/or tip-ups, a sounder to check depth, shiner bucket if you use shiners. Start small, then if you like it, you can add equipment such as a battery powered auger and a Jet Sled to carry all of your gear. Above all, please check the ice as you walk out. Just because you see others on the ice does not mean it is safe. There is a great website for ice fishermen but not sure I can list it here.
  2. Can you throw out a line and troll?
  3. Nicely finished.
  4. Gilbey that was a great post. I read it twice. Touching. Dick, that is a great picture but what is that thing that looks like an alien spaceship?
  5. Congrats!!!!! Glad for you. Enjoy life.
  6. I do not feel they are prone to breaking down. A few may break but that is far from “prone”.
  7. Yes it is. That to me says it all.
  8. I was planning to kayak fish there a little over a month ago and they had such a bad algae bloom that the state said do not put hands in the water or touch the fish. An overhead picture of the lake showed a gross green lake. I went to another pond.
  9. Yikes! That is terrible. Glad you could reach the beach quickly. Do you think using a cart was partly to blame? My son and I each have 2018 Outbacks. Ugh.
  10. It is in the mail as is the reel.
  11. Just bought a Tsunami Airwave Elite 8’8” (1/2-2oz) rod and Penn Spinfisher VI 4500 reel. I will be fishing the Eastern CT shoreline. Debating whether to go with 20 or 30 lb Power Pro. Will wind knots be a problem with the lighter line? Do I need more strength with the 30? Much of a difference in casting distance? Aiming for Stripers, Blues and Albies. Looking to buy a large spool of what ever line I choose.
  12. Thanks for posting this. I will have my wife read this as she is still a smoker. She is afraid to try to quit, if you can believe that. Enjoy those around you and may God bless you.
  13. Perfect! I was ordering some dog supplies and when I saw this, I threw it in my cart. This will be perfect for my freshwater kayak fishing. My 3 pound anchor recently went with a yak I sold. It was overkill. I do not think I would be comfortable dropping anchor in the salt. Thanks for posting.
  14. I did open the bail and let out a bunch off line to get a different angle but that did not work. Thanks for all the good info guys. I am afraid that I will never be a contributor here but just an absorber of your knowledge.
  15. Wow, great answer, and now I know. Thank you for your response.