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  1. I have a used 10’ DNA with some scuffs on the back side of the rod. I can post up pictures tomorrow night.
  2. Yours. PM coming.
  3. It still has the strap, It wasn’t showing in the picture. I usually just tuck it behind the pouch so it’s out of the way.
  4. Ok. Will post tomorrow. Thanks
  5. Interested in trading or buying? I don’t have anything else in mind to trade.
  6. Respectful offer $25 shipped for the Junior. Thanks
  7. Looking to sell used ODM 2.5 for $150, or trade for a flatlander 3 tube or a gear up 3 tube. I used the bag for half a season but it’s still in excellent condition. It is missing the male side of the bucktail pouch clip but stays shut with the velcro. I’ll post pics later.
  8. Actually, if it’s still available, i’ll take 2, 7 and 48. Thanks
  9. I’ll take 2, 7 and 28 Thanks
  10. If you do split i’m interested in both of the mike’s Thanks
  11. If you decide to split i’ll take the baby beast for 30
  12. Looking for one or two of these “Super Sexy Swimmers”. Color doesn’t really matter. Thanks for looking!
  13. Offer $24 shipped for the freestyler
  14. I’ll take it