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  1. Can’t wait to go today and get some great deals and super info.
  2. Some great things to see and talk about at this show/get together. This group all fish a lot. If you are new to the salt, there is a lot to be had here.
  3. Wow. Beautiful. I wouldn’t call that slow time. Heard many stories this summer of bluefin on fly that didn’t end well.. Congrats. Was it all surface and visual. That rod looked like it could handle the pressure- what was it?? I love prospecting the ocean and flats in July when its warm and the winds die down.
  4. Mass fisheries post where they stock and are full of fish..Remember you need a freshwater license.. Cape in the spring is hit or miss for stripers. Beach, jetties, inlets are all good casting spots. Barnstable and Brewster flats like the Bahamas but can be challenging. Make sure the wife has a good time so you can come again. Stores, restaurants, sunsets, national seashore beaches, whale watch, Provincetown and tower. Keep the rod handy, plenty of opportunity to cast and hook up.
  5. Black and shadow thanks. Those boxes seem small. hilltop I thank you for way to carry those envelopes. gary- great idea to make a bigger storage box. I have a burger barn thing but I find it big except in a boat. may just have to make a shirt/ coat with bigger pockets or front access- like lee Wolff designing a vest. Pullover with top kangaroo pouch that’s waterproof but doesn’t stick out to far. Maybe slanted to the sides. Anybody else hate that not even a cased eyephone fits in a shirt pocket??
  6. Thanks Suave and Kiliefish for the specific search referrals. Incredible amount of ideas there. I did a quick search before and did not see those. I think keeping organized and easy to have at hand when out wading was really what I’m trying to do. In the kayak or boat I have room for boxes and can keep in a big waterproof bag. When out in the water or on the beach, I’m always getting wet. As Mike Oliver said, getting wet is inevitable. Going to get some longer zip locks and a wallet type holder to keep them together. Then maybe try a sling pack to keep hem together with a few other things. In summer lots can go in my shirt pockets but not so suited up in wetsuit Also, the idea to keep the used flies in a separate bag to rinse and dry later is something I will try to do. Makes a lot of sense. Great ideas folks. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Recently got into using more large flies - bucktails, flat wings, articulated beasts, etc.-these things take a long time to tie and just seeem to get wrecked and unfortunately not from fish. Was wondering how others carry them around when wading and using from shore. How do you keep them straight and from tangling together. Have tried ziplocks in carry satchel but they always seem to get curved, tangled, or wet and rusty. Thanks in advance for the ideas
  8. I use a 350 grain on my 10 wt and it fires out the line. I also have a 400 grain that slows down the rod line speed and opens the loop. I;m using an older 10wt Temple Fork Pro. I have tried a 450 grain sink head that is just way too much. If you can try the rod with the line as suggested AND the usual size fly that would be a good way to go.