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  1. interesting, thanks for the first hand info
  2. size doesn't matter to me so I'll be happy to catch the little guys if they are there. I'll give it a go sunday again and I'll post how I do.
  3. interesting, sounds like there are some big loop holes with the "target species" definition. Do you find the populations remain strong with a lot of release?
  4. gotcha, I strictly fish from shore so I gave it a try. I know some people that have caught them in RI though already
  5. I went out the other day with no luck but I have heard the schoolies are in Rhode Island waters now. Anyone else give it a try yet?
  6. is it true that a lot of places in Germany have laws against catch and release?
  7. sounds good. I'm happy to help any way I can. I just have to request off the next day since I live a distance but if that is approved I should be good to go. If anyone else is interested in coming could I just bring them along?
  8. awesome, I will try to make it out for may! Is there anything I can bring to help the new guys/gals? I do have some gear i was looking to donate though not all of it would be the best for the salt but it's something.
  9. I just saw this thread, I'm about an hour and a half away but would love to participate if my schedule permits!
  10. take a look at the topic I had recently on fly line loops. There are a lot of good recommendations there.
  11. nice, I love fishing that area
  12. gotcha, your first paragraph I do with all my backing but I never figured to do the second part. Thanks
  13. that doesn't chafe the crap out of your hands? I've played hockey and that tape is not great on a bare hand.
  14. how are you inserting the 80#? isn't that resisting all the way?
  15. where did you get the crimps?