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  1. if it says "farm" anywhere on it you should just assume it is not worth eating anyway. No matter where it is from and for various reasons
  2. Tuna is one of the worst species out there to consume due to mercury etc and yet they are probably the most popular fish in the world for consumption. I don't think it will make a difference but one can hope.
  3. would love to do that
  4. thanks for everyone that posted, I did manage to tie a few flies to take down with me and had some success but ironically mostly with tarpon. I don't have pics because I left the fly down south but it was a black and purple baitfish pattern and we had about 3-4 hookups on Tarpon. Too bad the line slipped out of my hands and the fish had too much slack and got off but there was a lot of tarpon action in the morning. My wife did catch a redfish but not on one i tied. I managed to land a couple black drum on the fly which apparently isn't that common, haha. all in all it was a success but I didn't get the red I wanted. oh well.
  5. nice fly I will tie something like it today, thank you
  6. thanks, we do have a guide booked so I'm sure we'll have a chance.
  7. thanks for the feedback!
  8. fluoro is known for sinking more than mono so I would start with mono and since you're targeting sunfish I would go light to keep it from dragging the popper down. No need for a long leader either
  9. when i go in the rain I just get wet. Man, my luck is crap
  10. I thought that was an odd comparison too. Maybe more like a barracuda haha. A permit comp would be carp if you go fresh water, very spooky fish.
  11. well, I've never fished there before but I booked a guide down there. I do know that Redfish can be caught year round and Tarpon are usually best around now. If you fish for stripers I would think many of the same approaches will work with Redfish as well. I do know that the grass flats are a popular spot to get them while they are feeding on the bottom and "tailing" but they can be had in the surf too. I will try to post any results when we get back!
  12. i'm no stranger to frustration but this guy sounds like he's gone overboard
  13. I'm going to charleston this week and I'm wondering what flies some of you guys down there like to use for tarpon and reds. Also what colors are best? I'm going to tie a few to bring. Thanks
  14. everyone here seems to have the topic covered. I just want to add that if there is any chance of you hooking something bigger in the surf like a bull red etc. then you may want to be prepared for that possibility but I wouldn't go nuts. I typically lean towards a heavier rod than needed in salt just because I know the day I bring a 6wt is the day I hook a 40 pound cow striper and lose it.
  15. I may be wrong but I thought I saw the same rod on their website for the same price. They may just be doing away with it due to a lack of sales. I just picked up a 9ft 9wt in dedham at regular price so it's def not a sale on all of them.