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  1. That's what my thought was, I don't have wire but I have plenty of 10s for my guitars and I can save the high e string next time I change them.
  2. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, I've never seen this technique before and I'll probably experiment on the next reel I spool. The fly line connection is the only knot I really take serious because if my leader fails big deal I just tie on another fly etc. If the line knot fails as I experienced then my $80 line as well as my fishing day are gone. Although I do always carry a backup reel.
  3. I usually do this not sure if I missed it this time
  4. you make a good point about the materials because I use albright knots on my leader end and they work great. I think the mono bites better on the fly line. The backing material maybe just isn't good for it, IDK. I just redid my primary reels with a bimini twist loop on the backing and a triple nailless nail knot to create a running line loop plus super glue to seal it. If that fails then I think I need to buy better quality materials haha.
  5. I bet my tag was too short on it and didn't even realize it. The reinforced version seems like it would help though. Thanks all for sharing
  6. So I'm fighting a big King salmon a few days ago at the Salmon River in NY and I end up in my backing (third time in my backing on the trip) and the albright knot that I tied decides to give way. I thought the fish just broke off but then realized I reeled in everything and there was no fly line. I look up and see it being dragged down stream and luckily someone grabbed it and broke the fish off so I got the line back. After an hour on the bank untangling and tying a new knot I was ready to go again but the memory was still fresh of almost losing it all. I got to thinking that if that happened on a striper in the ocean then I'm not getting it back. I've always used albright knots of at least 10 turns or more and have never had an issue but then again I don't end up in the backing much. My question is for the lines that have a back end welded loop do you guys trust it more than something like a triple nail knot or an albright knot? I'm thinking of redoing all of my larger reels with a bimini twist on the backing and a triple nail on the fly line to make a loop to loop. Any thoughts? BTW I landed about 20 big kings and hooked up about 60-70 times in 3 days so I was pretty pleased all things considered.
  7. That's a good thought thanks for sharing
  8. Thank you! I'll be happy if I can even see them. My luck lately has been where I go the fish aren't
  9. thanks! I have an Orvis reel that really hasn't been tested too much in terms of drag but I think I can trust it.
  10. I would be using a 9wt with clousers and yes it would be from shore, all I can afford to do time wise and money wise, haha
  11. thanks again, sounds like i have some pretty good gear then for the job. I just have to find a good time to go.
  12. Good info, thanks to all who have responded. Any thoughts on gear? I plan to just use my striper setup but I know these guys can fly
  13. I've never attempted to go for either before and I would like to catch one or both on a fly. Any tips or pointers? I am in MA Thanks
  14. Wow that's pretty bad. Makes me think there's definitely a lot of poaching going on. Thanks for the info
  15. This just sounds like an Albright knot which is what I do. Seems strong to me