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  1. My daughter picked me up some worms today thinking I was going fishing in the morning. Turns out I cant go for a day or 2. How long can I expect the sand worms to stay alive in the fridge? Aassuming my wife doesn't toss them out on me!
  2. It is a bit tricky though. I’ve lost quite a few in th rocks. You cant be afraid of getting wet and getting right out there on the crashing waves against the rocks. The early morning incoming tide is the best time for this.
  3. I nust use a Daddy Mac sand eel lure. I catch one on almost every cast. Not sure of the weight but I think its the second one up from the smallest.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I’ve been catching 8-10” pollack so I’m not sure if those are a little big for shore fishing.. I’m not sure though as I havent been much of a live bait user.
  5. Just curious if pollack are a decent alternative to mackerel? I can catch a bucketfull of small pollack easily on the rocky shore. I wanted to try chunking for stripers (fishing from shore) but can only get frozen macks.
  6. Just curious.. When using a hi-lo rig aroung the rocks, are you using much weight? I’ve tried a bit and always end up losing a lot of rigs. Would using a balloon be better? Thanks!
  7. Sorry.. It looks like my post was edited because I had specific locations in it so you didnt see my entire post. My comments about fishing from the kayak was more of an introduction on what I've been doing so far. I have a 12 ft sit in kayak (Field and Stream Eagle Run 12) which has worked well in small lakes and ponds but I have little experience in salt water. I want to spend a day at a local spot with my family and fish from the rocks directly on the ocean (not an inlet). We plan on hanging out there for the day and I wanted us to catch some fish.
  8. Hey guys. I'm new to the forum and have already learned a lot from reading all the posts. I just started getting into saltwater fishing this year and this board is a great resource, thanks! I've been freshwater fishing all over with my kayak and want to do more saltwater but fishing from the yak is a little more challenging, especially in the rivers. I fished up into the Scarborough river * the other day but I ended up just fighting the current most of the time. Not easy to stay in one spot in the kayak. I have an anchor but it rarely holds. I did manage to catch a few smaller schoolies which was fun on light tackle. What I'd like to do is fish the rocks * but I'm not sure what to use or how to fish there. Honestly, since I plan to spend a day with my family and fish, I'd be happy catching just about anything (not just stripers). If anyone can offer any tips on how to fish around the rocks and what bait will catch us some fish, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!