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  1. From this week’s the firsherman magazine New Jersey, Delaware bay fishing report on YouTube
  2. Here’s a summary of what happened. “Bucks County health officials said Sunday that a leak late Friday evening at the Trinseo Altuglas chemical facility in Bristol Township spilled between 8,100 and 12,000 gallons of a water-based latex finishing solution into the river. Officials said it is non-toxic to humans and no known adverse health effects have been reported in the county.” I guess I won’t be eating the catfish now!!! Lol
  4. This should be great for the striper run!!!
  5. Would a St. Croix Seage 10’6 medium light match up with a Penn spinfisher 5500LC? Or is to big/ heavy for that rod?
  6. Just to double check these Regs. Everyone fishing in New Jersey on the Delaware River at a very popular spot near the commodore barry bridge after April 1is illegally targeting striped bass?
  7. I’m in the market for new studded wading boots. In warm weather I use Tingley over boots I received from an old job when I’m fishing the rocks. They work great!! I highly recommend them. I never used korkers or simms studded boots before. I had a Cabela’s pair of studded boots for freshwater I used. The inside heel wore out and wore a hole in my waders. So the question is do I go cheap and use the Tingley over boot or pay up for a pair of korkers or simms. I have a cheap pair of felt boots I could use with the over boot but I think they would become heavy with sand being trapped. I never used the over boots with waders. So would I run into the same issue of them becoming heavy. I’m probably just overthinking the whole thing and should get the right tool for the job but simms seems to be running a shortage in studs and korkers look like they might feel like im wearing a ski boot!
  8. I feel like south Jersey is tougher fishing than most places in Jersey. It’s a tough code to crack but ever outing is a learning experience. I should really keep a log but I feel that I fish when I have the time. I don’t have the luxury of the time and conditions so I don’t have control of many variables just how I can fish them. With that I have a small window for success but that produces a lot of skunks. Last time out I had a run in with a coyote. I wasn’t aware coyotes were attracted to skunks
  9. Gotcha. I understand exactly where. Especially one that will require a far walk. I appreciate all the help
  10. Yea I have a 12 foot ocean master (pool cue) for situations like this.
  11. As per usual I got a few days off work to fish this upcoming weekend and the gods provide a big blow. I should change my screen name to IBringTheBlow. Lol. I try to fish in the wind but never have any luck. I’ll be fishing the CMC area. So if anyone can give some pointers it would be much appreciated. I’m open for any suggestions such as. Floating bloods in the back bay for weakfish. Clams or plugging on the beach or del bay. I’m just wondering what the guys who fish in a big blow do that have success!
  12. Bait! For the April May run in the Delaware River, Wilmington to Philadelphia area.
  13. I fish the Big D in the spring and was wondering if it would be worth it to keep a few shad for the spring?
  14. Out front CMC. Ocean is calm. Offshore wind and outgoing. From 5:30 to 7:30 I threw rapala X-rap, super strike little neck, and swim shad. Not a tap.
  15. Working on my night moves!!! Hopefully some well lit bridges and south side jetties will be rewarding