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  1. The commodore Barry bridge area... southeast pa/Delco... I’m fishing from the bank so there’s not a lot of spots.
  2. When does everyone think it’s a good time to hit the river for stripers this year? I’d assume the biggest factors are water temperature, bait and salinity? I don’t have a lot of time to fish but I also don’t want to miss opportunities so I have to pick and choose my time wisely. Any input would be great as I’m new to fishing for stripers in the Delaware.
  3. Stripers in the river!!! Let me get my hat!! Lol j/k hopefully sooner than later.
  4. Great information!!! I recently started fishing in North Wildwood. After fishing out front for a whole season with minimal results I ventured outback last year. I think the float rig will let me cover more water in my search for quality spots. You should write a book on South Jersey back bay fishing tactics.
  5. I recently saw a video on casting chunks and the guy in the video was using a Sputnik sinker, he was attaching the hook/chunk to the arm of the Sputnik. I couldn’t see how he did this. Not sure if the arm went through the hook eye or some type of loop on the tag end. Does anyone else use this technique that could clarify?
  6. When I initially spoke with the service rep they said “they would check in the back for me” it didn’t sound promising. Last week I received an email that was a shipping confirmation that had no information on it other than an order number and the part description that said miscellaneous. When came home from vacation there was a package with a drag cap free of charge. Big thank you to the woman I spoke with and quantum/ZebcoBrands.
  7. Bought a smoke inshore SL50PTS about 5-8 years ago. Never had any problems with it before until a friend of mine was tightening the drag and it “popped.” It appears the drag cap it stripped out. I called quantum/and they don’t have the part. They offered me a discounted newer model. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. It seems like a common part how do you not have it. Why change the engineering of main shaft or drag cap on the newer models? So instead of a $30 drag cap it will cost me $110 for new smoke 50. Not sure if I should get a penn, shimano or re-invest in quantum?
  8. Answered!!! Also added a comment to stop beach replenishment programs. Develop a long term solution for erosion such as jetties, groins etc.
  9. Thanks for your input fellas. I’m just getting frustrated like most people who aren’t catching. The blame is my own as I haven’t really adjusted tactics. I keep fishing the same waters that are close to my place at the shore with the same dirty water no matter what elements are. I started fishing for stripers of the jetties at IRI Delaware with success. I consider myself new to surfcasting because I have never used chunks or thrown lures from an open beach. Im also new to fishing in Jersey specifically CMC. These factors combined have given me a good skunking. I will take your advise and ask help locating good conditions. I use google to locate structure on the beach. Nothing beats the word of a person who just walked off the beach in this regard.
  10. Long time lurking. First time posting. I was recently on google earth. I noticed the satellite must have refreshed the images of the coastline on the east coast. You can really notice the mud line in the ocean. I wish this was done sooner as it might have helped people this fall find cleaner water. It’s disheartening to read negative surf fishing reports as I’m new to surfcasting. Hopefully something changes with the striper migration pattern because I’m not interested in fishing for skates. Here’s some numbers of what people are spending for recreational fishing in New Jersey.