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  1. They have talked about saltwater stocking for years on long Island. Nothing ever comes of it. Dom
  2. This does make sense, however, NJ, CT and RI can still fish for them from 4-1 to 12-31 and I believe we still have a commercial season here in NY no. Most of the fish markets here on LI advertise Fresh local Flounder. 1) Why don't they just shut down all of it? 2) Why don't all States in the same waters have to follow the same rules? Dom
  3. Why does NYS have a shorter winter flounder season then both NJ and CT? I can't really find and info on ASMF web site. Not that it searches well. Thanks for any info. Dom
  4. Nice Reel, Doesn't have any cast controls. I had the 300 in my hands and very smooth. I am curious to see how it casts. Dom
  5. Hello all, I would like to know if anyone here would be interested is hold there fishing club meetings / Seminars at the South Country Library in Bellport. It would have to be open to the public of course, but you would also get more members. It could possibly be a regular thing or just a one-off. Anything that deals with fishing and the like. We would love to offer more services and programs to the public, and I know that other libraries have done this. Message me and let me know if your interested and maybe we can make this happen. Dom
  6. It would be really nice if they dredged that inlet as well and rocked it up. I know they can't by law but that part of the bay is much cleaner than most of the bays around it. We need more inlets. Dom
  7. SeaPro 219 Deep Vee or the 228 bay Series. Zuki 150 to 200hp.
  8. Penn, Please for the love of casting, Add an easier to access cast control system to the Fathom 2 non-level line. I know I am not the only one. Maybe even a spool tensioner. Dom
  9. That's fair.
  10. I just found this. Looks similar to an Okuma. It's the Tica Titan Claw. Dom
  11. Boom!
  12. Do people really eat these fish?
  13. What is with the spinner kick at Penn. How about upgrading the Fathom line or some new model bait casters. Not holding my breath.
  14. Sounds like a real Jim Gillmore move. This guy is a POS. P.S Who eats Blue fish? Is there really a market for them?
  15. 26 more days. No hints yet.