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  1. SeaPro 219 Deep Vee or the 228 bay Series. Zuki 150 to 200hp.
  2. Penn, Please for the love of casting, Add an easier to access cast control system to the Fathom 2 non-level line. I know I am not the only one. Maybe even a spool tensioner. Dom
  3. That's fair.
  4. I just found this. Looks similar to an Okuma. It's the Tica Titan Claw. Dom
  5. Boom!
  6. Do people really eat these fish?
  7. What is with the spinner kick at Penn. How about upgrading the Fathom line or some new model bait casters. Not holding my breath.
  8. Sounds like a real Jim Gillmore move. This guy is a POS. P.S Who eats Blue fish? Is there really a market for them?
  9. 26 more days. No hints yet.
  10. I am hoping I am not disappointed this year, but I won't hold my breath. Dom
  11. The Andros does not have a thrust bearing. It would be great if it did. I don't know how well they cast or how smooth the drag is. It would also be a great addition if Penn would add some external cast controls to all the Fathoms. At least the 15 and 25n LD's and 12 to 25 Star drag reels. I know you can mag them or get them magged, but this should have already been done by Penn. Dom
  12. 36 more days, I wonder how long we will have to wait for some hints? Dom
  13. 39 more days until icast 2018.
  14. I own a battle II and a fierce BR. They are brand new and they are not the smoothest reel by far that I've owned. These are the cheaper of the peen spinners and to be honest, they are not as smooth as say a Diawa or Shimaino, Lews, quantum etc..... for the same price point. The Penn's seem to be built well and that's probably their strong point. My best friend had issues with an SSV's loosing its smoothness and I had to replace all bearings and the Crank gear to get it back to its original smoothness. Dom
  15. I spoke with my buddy, and he can do what he likes. Thank again. Dom