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  1. If they ever make one, I want credit. Dom
  2. This is just a wish of mine but thought it would be an interesting conversation for anyone that loves conventional reels. I would love to see Penn make some smaller fathom II's say a 10 and 8 size. These reels would be close to the same drag power and 1 to 2.5 oz lighter for use on the new types of light gigging rods. Maybe a large Low Profile fathom model with and without clickers. What would you like to see? Dom
  3. There doesn't seem to be to many options for the fathom 12 on the lighter boat rod end.
  4. What's a good jigging rod Penn fathom ll stardrag? Sized 12. Dom
  5. Check out tailwalk reels. They are the identical to the komodo 300 and 400. Dom
  6. As much as I want to love the Fathom Star Drag reels. They are heavy for their size. The Fathom II's are even heaver. On a newer slow pitch jigging rod, they are just too unbalanced. Rod always looking to rotate to the right. It would be really cool if they came out with a Fathom LP baitcaster. Dom
  7. Ben, I have been testing some reel and most of the time I have to test them with 60 lb mono or 80lb braid as the thinner braid lines for max drag testing dig into the spool then snap. I did test a fathom 15 version 1 and got 24+ lb of drag. So I would say it's spot on. These tests are for me to learn not for practical use. Dom
  8. Here is what I am learning so far. At least this is the info I am finding online. Most Max drag ratings on a reel are tested in a factor using a mostly empty spool. This does make sense but is this correct? Reel manufacturers probably won't admit to this. If anyone has more knowledge please share. Dom
  9. I am asking because I am really curious how it is done. How do reel manufacturers come up with Max drag on reels? Dom
  10. I have to admit when I am wrong or a little too hard on anyone or any product in this case. I was in J and H this weekend and was talking to a gentleman that was having a Clash serviced. I think it was a 3000 model, not sure. He has been beating it up for two years and even dropped it in the water and had to fish it out of the ocean. It had just a regular cleaning and lube as to what he was told by J and H, after 2 years and it was a smooth as I could have ever felt in a reel. I may have to buy one. I just thought I would share. Dom
  11. Still waiting to hear if anyone has fished them. Are they comfortable on the new lighter rods? Dom
  12. I have been researching this reel. The 6.1 gear ratio is not available to US customers. Most people have no use for the 7.2 version. Almost all the new reals made by TICA are not available to the US market. It's a shame. Dom
  13. If thats the case, How do boats get to the ramp? Dom
  14. There is a bridge. It looks pretty low too. That's why I asked. Dom
  15. Does anyone ever launch their boat out of Heckscher? How do I get my boat there? Can I trailer my boat on the Heckser parkway? It's 219 cc with radar dome. How can I figure if it will fit under the bridge I have to pass on the parkway? Dom