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  1. But does it create parking stickers for the local town you found the fishy looking spot?
  2. Does anyone know what the state laws in Massachusetts are for public beach access? I have heard as long as you don’t venture above the high tide mark you are fine. I always turned around or avoided beaches that are marked “private”
  3. I hope sarcasm, I apologize in advance if it was
  4. Would you say a Striper is more of a stationary ambush its food predator or does it prefer to hunt for its food?
  5. I’ll be there
  6. There is a pretty cool app called Sharktivity that is worth checking out
  7. I’ve noticed more Robins sticking around here for the Winter over the past 5 years. Usually see them near berry bushes
  8. Only if it was an black assault truck with a muffler that made it silent and had a 36 gallon gas tank
  9. Never fails!
  10. That’s encouraging. I have caught nothing but schoolies over the years on said Jetty
  11. I think Surfland on PI services them
  12. A friend of mine actually targets them in the Potomac River and has caught quite a few of them this year
  13. Highly unlikely, too far North and too cold
  14. You guys should try fishing some of NY tribs during the Salmon/Trout runs. You would have a whole new appreciation of how good you have it at the Canal