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  1. I've been kinda curious about this myself.
  2. I know this would likely be better posted in the NC forum, but I'd rather not soak bait all day. I'm heading down tomorrow and coming back on Tuesday, thinking about renting a kayak as well. Anyone have any advice? Thanks, Chris
  3. Got out at sunrise until about 10am, hit a few jetties north of Shark River. Hooked into a decent blue until a knot in my leader failed. Best I’ve done in a bunch of trips up here.
  4. Using a fly rod, hoping to get out early tomorrow.
  5. Going to be in Eatontown Sunday morning, is it a wash with the storm rolling though? The reports posted have seemed pretty solid.
  6. I've gotten a few stripers on the fly around DC, haven't hit the bay.
  7. Thill, any more intel on that Kent Narrows comment? I'm in DC and looking to get into some stripers in the salt.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys, hoping to make a trip later this summer if not early this fall.
  9. I just picked one up, been out once so far. First impression is solid, it’ll cast a country mile without much effort and it’s not too heavy to carry around. That being said I’ve never had a Sage/Orvis higher end rod. So FWIW.
  10. Haven’t gotten any Mr. Pajama Pants yet, but a few other of the bass related fish on the fly. Currently waiting on the Potomac to drop back to fishable levels after an entire month of rain
  11. This is awful, be safe everyone.
  12. Thanks Ed. I’ll post up after the next trip north, smallie season down here in Maryland is here.
  13. Thanks for the tips, do the schoolies hang around all summer or this about it?
  14. So, new guy here so be easy. The in-laws live about 10 minuntes from the ocean in Monmouth county, right off 36. I’ve been trying the past few trips, started fishing Shark River inlet, the jetty’s near it and the beaches around it with no luck. Throwing Clouser minnows and some white baitfish patterns on sinking as well as floating lines. Figured I’d break down and ask the internet. Assuming this would be better off in the Fly Fishing section, if so admins feel free the delete and or move it. Not asking for specific spots just some advice and I don’t have a spinning outfit, I’m just odd like that. Thanks, Chris