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  1. I don't know what to think. I'm 36, been fishing since I was 2 and stopped when I was in my mid 20s. Started again in the past few years. I don't think I even saw a striper until I was 16, forget some of the monsters being caught now. I still haven't gotten one! When I was younger we caught blues, fluke, winter flounder, and black fish. Now it seems like people catch sea bass, false albies, stripers regularly. Fluke are slow, blues seem to still be around but not like they used to be. Winter flounder suck.
  2. On the Striker 4 it is the same transducer, just comes with a foam pad that hollows out to stick to the floor of the kayak. I mounted mine through the scupper hole with a piece of pvc and it has worked out really well.
  3. I fish from a kayak for budget reasons. If I had $2500 for a decent paddle kayak, I would probably wait a little longer and get a cheap boat (especially for freshwater). That being said, there is a lot about fishing a kayak I love. Usually when I’m fishing freshwater (bass), I’m standing casting to cover. Peddle wouldn’t do much good there
  4. Why not wear sunscreen? It’s one extra step before you go out. I use a hooded rash guard, face buff, guide gloves and a hat. Would like to find some decent breathable long pants to wear too
  5. Anyone have tips on how to clean these guys? I tried the cutting the spine and pull it all off method this weekend with terrible results.
  6. Got a 24” fluke this am out on the yak. In only 12’ of water too....
  7. Thanks for the help guys. Got out and caught some nice fish, including a 24” fluke today!
  8. I dont have PMs either yet. As long it isn't the launch, I'm not going to worry about it.
  9. Thanks for the info. Going to check it out this weekend in West Haven. Can you enlighten me to which lot has the broken kiosks? Im planning on going to the April Street launch and using the kiosk there...
  10. My previous vehicle didnt have crossbars. I used 4 tie down straps, two through pool noodles to make racks and two around the yak, through the car to tie it down. Worked fine, never had any problems. I don't tie down in the front or back. Depends on the yak though, how big is the one your moving?
  11. I've been fishing saltwater from boats since I was born essentially, but haven't been able to afford one yet as an adult. I purchased a Perception Striker 11.5 last year and started doing some freshwater fishing, love it. This year I am planning on getting out from some saltwater action (CT based). I am looking to launch around New Haven or Bridgeport. What are some limits in terms of where you will and won't go in a kayak? Obviously, high traffic channels are no goes, but how far do you guys push it off the shore? How do you set limits?
  12. Thanks Pete. It looks like the west haven launch has fees though according to the coastal access guide. Might try blackrock harbor this weekend
  13. Thanks. Right now I am thinking of launching from Sherwood Island State Park. Penfield Reef looks like it has some access as well. I have a cart so I can roll the kayak, although it isnt the greatest.
  14. Caught a couple just short out of New London Saturday in around 25'
  15. I have caught plenty with gulp shrimp on a jighead.