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  1. And you’re quite a creep, I surf around all sorts of stripers online threads when I get bored because usually people have interesting things to say and different points of view to consider. In this case, you’re just being a weird troll so your avatar suites you well. Say whatever you want to (we’re all entitled to that) but I’m not humoring you with any more responses.
  2. I just looked at this thread a few minutes ago to see what kind of hell would be unleashed on gamers... Didn’t post anything. How the hell do you know what I’m looking at?... stalker. Also wtf is “incel”?
  3. My 30$ made in USA Buck folding knive because it’s never failed me and I’ve kept it sharp for the past ten years. I know that timeframe isn’t impressive but it accounts for a third of my life.
  4. I always thought that was marketed more towards people targeting tuna. The high speed versions come within the same price range from time to time but that retrieve rate isn’t ideal for s surf setup, especially if you like darters. Amazon is weird, every once in a while there’s a crazy deal on something and a day later it’s back to msrp. At one point Saragossa SW 18000 and 20000’s could be had in the the 175 area (the slammers were on sale for similarly discounted prices at the same time). This time it’s just the slammer 6500 so I’m assuming it’s an overstock deal from a tertiary party or something more clever. Either way the 6500 is a great size for surfcasting with a 10-11’ m or mh rod. And the price is right
  5. Sounds about right haha. I’ve had similar experiences. I usually have one around my neck just in case I need it, there’s no downside to having it available. The cheesy patterns on some of them are dumb but it doesn’t matter what pattern’s on it when the alternative is to inhale a bunch of insects or turn around and not fish a good spot.
  6. I have to agree with some of the previous posts. Chances are that you’ve got a crack somewhere if it’s a floater and noticed this sudden change without changing anything else in your setup. Does it work differently during the first few casts than when you’ve been fishing it for a while? Another thing to look for is whether your snap clip is catching on the lip of the popper. Personally I prefer the sinking ss poppers. Once you get used to them they are great. But have experienced similar problems before and realized the ta clip at the end of my leader was catching and sticking on the popper lip from time to time. Any dings on the lip can make this happen more frequently. Just my experience, hope it helps.
  7. Had similar thoughts before, it isn’t worth it. Riding in soft sand is a tough go as it is no matter how fancy the bike is. And then you have another maintenance project on your hands on top of all of your reels, gear, etc. Better to hoof it. I don’t mean to be a buzz kill, it’s just my 2 cents.
  8. Also, growing up snowboarding I always used a bandanna in a similar way if it was sleeting or extra cold/windy. These work much better (no ****ing around with knots if they come loose)
  9. Although I feel like a tool for wearing them from time to time (no cheesy designs for me, just blue), if you’re as pasty as I am it works as a great alternative to sunblock and is nice in high winds or cold weather. I hate putting a handful of spf 50 on my face, it’s greasy and drips into your eyes when you sweat. Also, it’s great for when you wade through or hike past an area with a swarm of sand flies. I feel like a lot of people wear them because it’s trendy or think it looks cool but it’s a cheap, lightweight, utilitarian tool when you need it.
  10. True, and it’s worth taking a look at those videos, but he isn’t doing the sort of fishing that would test it in the way that most of us are sitting on the edges of our seats about. Most of us are wondering if it’s truly going to be capable of being fished like a vs or vsx is designed to for about half the price. Personally I don’t need to reel underwater, but there are times that I’d like to be able to dunk or swim with my reel to reach the perfect rock. If it can handle that without constant servicing and tsunami supports warranty claims regarding early release issues, this could be a game changer and fill a part of the market that’s currently void.
  11. Can’t argue with that, I usually start with an SP minnow (blurple at night and bone in the sunshine) just because they cast better to cover more ground. Then if a minnow lire is still the best option, bombers for sure (in the same color scheme night/day).
  12. Thanks for the tip codfish! I’ve seen some cool videos of people fishing the Thames in the middle of the winter slamming schoolies, cool stuff. I have an ultralight setup that I’m dying to test against some stripers, might be a good opportunity.
  13. Just as a place to start, SP minnows are great as a searchbait to figure out where fish are feeding, after that, adapting to the forage and conditions with a more specified approach can give better results.
  14. I love the ssv 7500 lc for the price. It’s been my main reel for the past 2 years and has served me very well although the CNC gears on the VI and brass CNC machined gears on the slammer are much nicer and smoother with less play (recently got an ssvi2500 for an ultralight setup and a slammer iii 6500 and am impressed). I believe the 6500 and up ssvi’s have CNC machined brass main gears and they’re sealed better than the ssv. If the smoothness in my little ssvi2500 is the same or better in the 6500+ ssvi longcasters, I can only imagine that they’d be great surf reels for the $. A lot of people complain about the line lay on penns but my ssv7500lc has always been superb in that aspect with 40-50# power pro. My best guess is that an ssvi 6500 or 7500 lc would be a great reel (smoother and better sealed than my ssv 7500lc that I like so much) and a good pairing on an 11’ mh surf rod. With that said, I think you can still get the Slammer iii 6500 for 175$ on Amazon right now. That might be a better choice if an lc reel isn’t a must. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Good idea, could do the same thing with a buck tail. Larger sabiki rigs for larger species is an interesting idea but I feel like bycatch might be a big issue.