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  1. Thanks for the advice! I guess I have overdone it in the past resulting in a very potent stock (which I like for adding to sauces or pasta dishes as well). I’ll try it this way and stretch it into 2 batches, one highly concentrated and one “normal”.
  2. No doubt about that! I actually like to make sashimi out of striper belly. Collars and cheeks are great too. I’m just a little concerned because it’s about 4 whole fish carcasses being broken down into one batch of stock with all of the fatty parts included and getting rendered down, so I’d imagine whatever pcb’s etc. that were in them are being concentrated in the final product.
  3. If you’re just starting off, don’t worry too much about the rod and reel so much as getting out there and fishing. Save a few bucks on the rod and reel and invest that savings on some go-to plugs, a headlamp and korkers. I can’t stress the importance of korkers enough if you plan on fishing jetty’s or rocks. The best thing you can do for rod selection is to go to a shop and handle a few. Determine your budget and leave room for korkers and plugs. Make sure the lure weight range fits with what you want to throw (bait rods are a whole different beast than plugging rods). If you want to chuck bunker chunks, aim for something that falls within the range of 6-16 oz. A good cheap option for that is the 12’ penn prevail or ugly stick. If you’re plugging, a 10 or 11’ MH rod is a good all around performer if it’s rating covers at least 1-3 oz, if you can find a deal on the lamiglas insane surf or tsunami airwaves rods in that size at MH, they’re great budget options for all around plugging. When you handle them in the shop, make sure you can pass it from hand to hand with your rod hand in the right position (rod stem between pinky and ring finger) without the butt of the rod hitting your chest/stomach. If 10-11’ rods are uncomfortable look at 9’ options.
  4. So I always save the heads and skeletons from my striped bass keepers to make stock with for late fall/winter chowders. But I’ve been wondering about PCBs and other pollutants that bioacumulate in the fattier parts of the fish which I usually include in my stock recipe. Does skimming off the fat make it safer? Should I just be throwing the bellies back into the surf? How do you do it? I’ve been thinking of smoking the carcasses first to render off some of that fat first and add flavor, has anybody tried this? Thanks for any input!
  5. I got thoughourly twisted one night and tried to do Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver at a bar on kereoke night. That was the beginning and end of my short lived kareoke career. Probably got 25% of the lyrics in there.
  6. Got skunked on the NW wind yesterday night too, couldn’t get out tonight but I’m going to try to fish some outgoing flow at a breachway tomorrow night.
  7. I don’t notice too big of a difference between the two but Cary a few sinking SP’s in the truck for when surf is heavier. They do dig in just a little better which is key when using one as a search bait in heavier surf.
  8. I love SP minnows but mainly use them as a search bait to figure out where fish are set up in pockets in the current. Then I usually switch over to different plugs to better match the bait that’s around, give a bigger presentation, or maintain better action throughout the whole retrieve if conditions are rough.
  9. Another good eye, California olive oil is great. It’s fresher than imports, supports US farms, and you don’t have to worry about being scammed by importers.
  10. Thanks, and good eye Kooky haha. I usually go straight for double IPA’s but when hand eye coordination and sharp knives are involved I go for a good ole Pabst. My cheap lighter beer of choice since before the government allowed me to indulge. Sharp knives + strong beer = (see below) Tried to hydrogen peroxide and electrical tape it, no dice. Needed stitches. Fun times
  11. Not trying to massage my own ego here, I was just excited about turning a so-so night into a good one by adjusting and adapting. Went out again tonight for a couple hours knowing the winds were unfavorable for the spot but hoping that the heavy surf would still drive enough bait in to draw in some fish. The surf wasn’t enough to do it, a few little hits and no fish landed. Skunked for the first time in a long time. I would’ve moved to another spot or waited it out but had other obligations. In hindsight I should’ve hit the west side of another jetty I like to fish. Still worth being there for the view.
  12. My local bait shop which was trying to unload some old stock, they only have a couple of shorter ones left in the clearance rack. It was a good purchase. I consistently throw 1.5-6 oz plugs with it. Loads up great, action feel is still good on lighter plugs and jigs, it isn’t a pool cue.
  13. I thought we were going to get some heavy surf and thunderstorms today in southern RI based on several forecasts. It was barely above normal. The good side of it is that I was the only one fishing a great spot!
  14. I accidentally posted this in the previous report thread so am re-posting here. It’s a good time to be fishing (much more room to move around and less company) I’ve been watching weather, wind, and swell forecasts in anticipation of the storm’s effect on south coast surfcasting and decided mid incoming tide tonight should be perfect for a bowl I like to fish on incoming tide with heavier surf. Showed up at around 8 and was the only one there the whole time. Threw a sinking ss popper around: nothing. Spread my casts around with an SP minnow: a few dinks, the location of hits clued me into a better position on the rocks so I moved and put on a black bomber: a few less dinky schoolies (22-24”). Thought the strike zone for larger fish might be further into the bowl and a bigger presentation might help so I put on a black ss bottle swimmer to get out there and really dig into the surf, 1st cast 35”. A few similar sized fish later and the lightning rolled in and I beat feet. A friend of mine asked me for fish so I kept the first keeper I got.
  15. I’ve been fishing the 11’ medium heavy all year and love it for the price point. Got it at 50% off, abused the hell out of it and caught a few hundred fish on it. All guides are in tact and after a couple of idiotic high sticking incidents, is still in 2 pieces. It loads up great compared to other rods in the 100-150$ range in my opinion. The tsunami airwaves might be comparable.