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  1. Personally, when it comes to early season small soft plastics, I go with white 3-5” zoom super flukes or equivalents with 1/4-1/2 oz jig heads, and use an ultralight setup. The key is in matching the jig head to the plastic, then figuring out how to fish it in the depth and current that you’re target fish are sitting in. Knowing where to cast, how long to let it sink relative to the current and depth, and maintaining an idea of what your bait is actually doing without being able to see it will come with time. There’s always been a lot of hype around new products but 99% of them aren’t offering anything new.
  2. It was a good year in my book.
  3. You can go in one of two very different directions. “Match the hatch” with baits like those previously suggested, personally my favorite is a very small Sebile swim shad direct tied to a lighter leader for that. But then you’re hoping a bass picks your lure out of thousands of baits, so you really need to make it look like an easy target. The other option (which I prefer) is throwing something much larger that might mimick a shad, mack, big mullet, etc. especially when I know those lower tier predator fish are around. If there is small bait flooding the area, species like shad and macks will also be trying to feed on them if they’re also in the area, and stripers (both large and small) will jump at the chance to strike that bigger target if you make it look like an injured straggler out of sheer economy of energy use (strike once and be good for the day or chase around a million peanuts). The “go big” approach can be a total flop if those larger bait species aren’t around inshore, but I’ve found it to be pretty effective in that scenario.
  4. I gently rinse off all my gear after every outing so that isn’t the issue. Just haven’t had great luck with the newer slammers which is really disappointing since I love Penn.
  5. Still plenty of macks around, jig one up and drop it down on a 3 way rig. I usually throw plugs but it has been been kind of irresistible to keep a live lining rig at the ready when on the boat. 40+# fish doing that the past two weekends.
  6. Palomar 100%, never had a braid to metal one fail.
  7. I know this is an old post revival, but I’ve been putting a beating on a SSVI 2500 with 15# super slick v2 on an 8’ one piece ultralight over two years and it never breaks a sweat. It’s handled multiple 20-30# stripers in current without having to play them for too long (albeit some “hand drag” had to be applied at times) and still works good as new. Thoroughly impressed. I’m currently testing out a 4500 slammer IV and honestly it already feels a little compromised after a few slot fish… idk, maybe a dud? My last slammer also wore out quickly, all bought from a reputable shop. My SSVI5500LC is also super solid after multiple big fish too. Idk why but I seem to have better luck with spinfishers.
  8. They started showing up here in the SC shores of RI in the mid 20” range around early to mid May last year. Looking forward to the action.
  9. Blurple SS Bottle plug. Some people might walk away from a heavy surf/high wind situation at night but if you’ve got one in your bag, you can capitalize on the situation (and the real estate opened up by people leaving).
  10. I’ve been reading his blog as part of my research, I think I’m just going to give it a shot going on instinct when it comes to local spots. There are some very slow moving winding sections of the Pawcatuck River that I’ve got my eye on.
  11. I’m a big fan of the Star Stellar Light Fast Taper rods, great sensitivity but the backbone kicks in when you need it if you wind up getting on a better fish with your light setup. I use my 8’ 1 piece for anything from trout to bones and schoolies. It’s a great little combo paired with a 2500 Spinfisher VI and 10-20# braid. And it won’t break the bank.
  12. I’m primarily a surfcaster now that I’ve been living in South County RI for about 7 years, but used to primarily fish for LMB and Pike growing up in the Northwest corner of CT. After seeing the Carp runs in the Housatonic River near Great Barrington MA and at Bartholemew’s Cobble (and being ill equipped to target them), I’ve always wanted to give carp fishing a real shot. But that’s a hike for me now and I’d like to start closer to my new home. Does anybody in South County RI or Eastern CT have some helpful local knowledge to help out a newcomer? I’ve pieced together what I think should be the appropriate gear from my surf setups, and have researched the rigs and tactics. But it seems like most carp fishermen in the area heavily focus on the very productive and well-known spots around Providence and Coventry. I’d rather keep it closer to home, not looking to catch any monsters, just learn the technique. There have to be some Carp-filled sections of the Pawcatuck River where it slows down and meanders down here. I’m also thinking that the slow river sections around the old mills in Norwich could be great areas for carp. Any guidance is much appreciated, I’m not looking for people to burn spots, just a decent heading on what to aim for and what tactics to use. I just think that it would be fun to learn a new approach to fishing while the stripers aren’t around. Obviously it’s a C&R effort and I’ll bring a big net and wetted towel to do that responsibly. Thanks!
  13. I loved my Smith Outliers with chromapop polarized lenses, perfect for cutting surface glare on the kayak, but the lenses scuffed pretty quickly (dropped them once and now they’re garbage). I wound up getting prescription Costa reeftons which are even better but am paranoid about the lenses scuffing or wearing due to salt spray since they’re way too expensive to replace (had to use hsa money for those). Might just get cheap polarized lense replacements for the smiths and only use the Costas in low wear situations.
  14. Will they be allowing any fishing there or kayak launches before it’s completed or will the whole road be blocked off? Anybody know what the worksite currently looks like?
  15. Tim, although I don’t know you personally, I am currently going through a similar situation with my grandfather (I know it’s different, but similar). After going through this experience with losing friends and family members multiple times, my main solace has always been that everything good about them has imprinted something on me in one way or another, and learning from both their triumphs and follies has made me a better person. And that gets passed on. I hope that you find some solace in that same sense with your father. Condolences.