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  1. I would still try to use chunk bait for striped bass. You could hit the fishing piers at the charles river locks and castle island or fish the sugar bowl outflows.
  2. I am planning to fish tomorrow night. Just fishing my first season too, but if you want to join, shoot me a mail:
  3. I might go later today/tonight. Send me an email if you are still planning to go, assuming you didn't go already:
  4. Watch the video carefully. You can see that the guy doesn't use the ladder vertically, because the same thing you described would happen. Instead he directs the force from his leg to the front of the kayak which I guess is meant by the 45 degree angle mentioned in the video.
  5. Anybody up to go fishing this weekend?
  6. * I like to do it this way. FG knot, alternating half hitches over mainline and leader, alternating half hitches just over mainline and rizzuto finish. Last tip: Half hitch on the mainline tag to keep it from fraying. And as mentioned before, tighten the knot after the first half hitch. The whole knot has to discolor to not fail over time. If it doesn't discolor all the way, you either need to tighten it more or you need to redo the knot with less turns.
  7. Thank you for your insight! Honestly, I have no idea what the bass are eating, because I have never seen bait or bass feeding in an significant amount while shore fishing...
  8. I am new to saltwater fly fishing but since I am out there during the night with my spinning gear anyway, I plan to bring my fly rod. If you fish for stripers at night, do you need those big big flies I see so often on this forum? How much lower are the chances to catch anything on a typical clouser? Haven't thrown any of those big flies, I imagine those not being to easy to cast for a newbie.
  9. It's not just you, I have the same problem. My solution for now: Google: InsertSearchTerm
  10. I ended up buying an older but new Sage VXP 10wt. The rod I actually like the most after casting some rods (Sage Salt, Orvis Helios 3, NRX and a couple more) was the Winston Boron III Plus. That will be my option to upgrade in the future. For now I will play around with my cheaper alternative.
  11. That is an option, but from my experience that is a fairly weak knot. Maybe an Alberto-knot with a long tag end could work too. But I guess that could get screwed by a double header.
  12. Do you have an elegant way to fish a teaser, if the normal setup is braid connected to fluorocarbon using the FG knot? I don't really like the idea of adding a swivel or solid ring just for the teaser, but maybe there is no better choice.
  13. Thank you all for the great information provided in this thread. How do you rate using flies as teasers in comparison to rubber like the red gill?
  14. Short update: Even though the shop showed the Recon 7’11 #10 in stock, it wasn't. I probably drive down to the Bearsden on Saturday and see if I can try out a few rods. I will take all of your recommendations into consideration.
  15. Unfortunately, this rod seems to be discontinued. I called a bunch of stores but nobody seems to have it in stock at least in MA. I took the plunge and ordered the rod online. Recon 7’11 #10, AirFlo Depth Finder 400gr and a Danielsson LW8twelve will be my new saltwater combo.