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  1. Great advice! I appreciate the advice.
  2. I will be in a staying a few days a week in downtown Boston, a lot, starting in a few weeks. Most of my saltwater time is in California. Any ideas for before work, long lunch, and after dinner adventures.
  3. Typically I pack the entire kit in a large duffle and check it. The spey rod is a bit of challenge but it too fits. I do tend to pack the rods and reels in the middle sandwiched with waders, jackets and hoodies. My boots are at the ends of the bag. The cases are really tough, so I don’t worry too much. I do this about 6x a year. If you think the airlines are rough, try sending your kit up on a mule train. That is rough but my gear made it.
  4. Sometimes there are too many things attached to me. it would be great to think about something that brought together 1. Wading belt 2. Stripping basket 3. Bag front or back bag with wet and dry compartments 4. Tons of mollie so I could use the tactical community accessory market 5. Load carrying design
  5. I tried the OPST and the serum with my Opal 7/8. The serum is perfect for that rod. I get 90 feet OH with the serum but the OPST was closer to the 50-70 range The OPST works but I would not recommend it for that rod. I have been having great luck with mixing spey and OH when I fish the surf. There are lots of times spey casts aren’t going to happen. You really need to watch the sets and time it. Also if it it is too foamy, the line sticks in a weird way (not surprisingly).
  6. I could not agree more about the Opal. I brought spey into my trout game and it really opened up a lot of water. I think the same should be true with surf.
  7. THOH is the goto cast for the surf. I tried my OPST with my Opal 7/8 (not a great combo but is fishable) on a shallow beach with 2ft surf in CA. Snap t/c and perry poke work well if you can time it with reading what the surf is doing. Even during sets, there can be good water to spey. It adds layers of timing to the game. The part that is trickier is the water stiction between wash and flat. The line sticks differently in the wash. There is a place for spey in the surf but is underpinned by OH.
  8. Heading to Tampa next week, what beaches would people recommend for an early morning fish?
  9. Nice fish!
  10. I fish pre sunrise and post sunset in CA and have to agree it is a spectacular experience. I have not fished a graveyard shift yet but that is on my list. It is a different game. Have not been locked in yet but it is worth the squeeze...
  11. I just got a Danielsson and really like the reel, if that helps.
  12. Check out tpfr.org, it is a good regional resource for tidal fly fishing in the DC area. Sandy Point State Park is a good wadable spot. Gravely Point is a good spot but isn’t really legally wadable.
  13. My practice was much better ( and fun) when I used some of my trashed flies, leaders and tippets. I had a few with broken off hooks. It was noticeably better than yarn. It is much easier to watch the loop roll out.
  14. I did not consider the freshwater backup..,that sounds like fun. I appreciate the ideas, hugely helpful!
  15. Thank you for the comments so far. He is 13, can overhead 25 to 40 feet on a 5wt, has caught several fish from sight casting on a mellow river, and is definetly moviated to catch fish versus the experience. Funny thing is that he has never has spin cast. He has trolled and mooched but mostly he has been on the fresh water with a fly.