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  1. Look at the basket from Take, it is a firm rubber. Which means it travels easy and when I fall over it is a smooth landing onto the rocks.
  2. Appreciate the comments....I think an 8 8 is in my future. The Opal is TH OH rod, it is throws between 350 to 500 grains or about a 10wt.
  3. Looks like a new rod is in my future ! Curious about your thoughts on the Winston...
  4. Appreciate the comments! The Opal is a cannon but at 11 feet it can be a pest on the boat.
  5. I have been fly fishing for striper in the Boston Harbor from a center console with an Opal Surf 7/8. It is a great rod but a bit long. Have been thinking about a short single hand. What are your thoughts? I am considering the short 10w Scott Heliply.
  6. I am not a jetty guy and certainly would of never ever of thought of using spey in that way. My surf spey efforts have been what I think have been hampered by the anchor but I take the earlier point that bad form could be a likely factor. My single hand game in rivers and lakes has been opened up by using a single hand spey at times so I am open to trying different casts.
  7. I just watched the video of the spey off the rocks, wow! So I take you point, I have not speyed in the surf since I tried it and have many many more hours of spey now. So it might be worth another shot. Also very appreciative of the thoughtful suggestions. When I did it, I was wet wading in the CA surf. Thanks again
  8. So, I have long thought it could work but when I tried it I found out that it is really hard to set a water anchor, the wash does not really provide a good stick, and waves/current moves around where you place it. I did get it work when the conditions were calm. It did require a lot of focus to time the sets and when I would place the anchor. My TH Opal is amazing and blasts the line.
  9. Many thanks for the know how!
  10. I am heading to Sanibel Island, Florida in mid-February, how is the surf fishing then? Any recommendations? I am hoping to DIY. Tight lines!
  11. Here is a link to the greatest DC fly fishing spot! Yes it is spot burning but.... https://www.npca.org/articles/1922-front-lawn-fishing
  12. Go find Rob Snowhite, the fly fishing consultant he is a great urban dc guide and works by the hour. The tidal basin and 4 mile run are great places that can fish well late in the season.
  13. It's a ton of fun....you can always go for surf perch. Check out the blogs at Lost Coast Outfitters, they have great thoughts about the California game.
  14. Thanks all for the thoughtful comments, now I am more curious than ever about how they cast.
  15. Does any one have experience with these rods/blanks: http://advancedfishing-usa.com/fly-rods/ On the conventional side, they seem to be quite good. I am starting to think about a new SH for the surf.