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  1. Very nice
  2. As far as Stripers I got to fish with a Marine Biologist over the last few years . He studies the stock of fish in Delmarva. All fish have a slim coating on them to protect from several things . The big one is infection. Over the last several years a lot of bass caught in this area have had ( Rock rash ) not the scientific name but common name . They as the Marine Biologists think this is caused from a few things one spawning. Since it eliminates a lot of the slime . So bringing or dragging a fish through sand cannot be good for fish . So I try to release the fish in at least 1 ft of water if possible. Hope this helps . I’m sure some people will chim in with some negative comments but I’m only trying to help
  3. Heard of some 30-32 inch bluefish at pier this Am and yesterday at pier
  4. The mark on the edge of the spool were the line would be in contact with . Is that just cosmetic or more like a scratch in the spool.
  5. Now why would you ask such a question ? Why would I be triggered at all . I just sit back and enjoy the tickets they get .
  6. * And I have spend many of days in both of those countries in the Army. So I have my opinion of these countries the way they treated there waters, environment and oceans . I’m not trying to be racist either don’t bark up that tree. I just go with the numbers and percentages. Hope this helps your paper
  7. You did the right thing , chances are they were Vietnamese. In 1 day I called the law on 3 groups Tog fishing they all got tickets. I don’t have no pity on them . That’s why there Countries are the way they are . It’s not worth going to jail over someone who don’t care about anything. What do they have to loose .
  8. I will take it .
  9. But don’t hold me to this it was a conversation over the phone with a tackle shop in NJ . Very good tackle shop but some of the younger help there is like talking to a bag of wet rags really not good for nothing.
  10. I was told they are coming out in May or June .
  11. The reason I say 4000 , I have made this mistake before and have seen it made a lot . Thinking the smaller size reel will work fine . Plus if you Striper Fish more it holds more braid . The reel is light and very expensive for its size . So you really can’t go wrong with the 4000 . Just me 2 cents
  12. 4000
  13. When in doubt use a Crimp simple and stronger then any knot
  14. Go to West Marine get 5200. Just a suggestion
  15. So please enlighten me when you say tell the builder to compensate for 1.2oz on a rod build. That’s the difference between a Van Staal 200-250.