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  1. Great post Grey Gables but in all reality never work . Listen to what the Head of Police said Cook County Illinois. Convinced felons picked up with new gun charges get out in a few hours with 500.00 bail . This is happening all across the country. System is broke . I think we all can agree. The only real solution is to shut down Striper fishing C&R only .
  2. You got me joke on the post ?? Lol
  3. VanDam you have know idea what your talking about as far as circle hooks. Gets some more hands on using them on multiple species . Get back to forum in 20 years and tells us what the results are .
  4. Sorry for your loss Tim
  5. I’m sure the next time the Deer are blitzing. He will send you a shot of his hunting spot . Rambo , but can your Prius make it to the woods . Lmao
  6. Like I said Keyboard Cowboys talking out of there asses. All tuff behind the keyboard. But won’t get to the real problem.
  7. LIsurf631 don’t feed into the Keyboard Cowboys BS . Glad you had a great trip and practice catch and release. These fools think they know the mortality rate of Stripers release. Nobody does or ever will. It’s a coming from National Marine fisheries . It’s like saying I’m from the Government I’m here to help you . I hope they shut it all down for a few years personally
  8. So I see the Wimpering has not stopped. Back to my question what did more damage a picture with a bridge in background. Or the information you can get online even on this site about the canal in specific detail about what tackle to use times to go and tides . Spot burning is a term of the past if you really think about it like VHS . Everyone has phones now days there are no real secrets to the canal anymore. I believe everyone on this site truly enjoys the sport of fishing. But why not work together to fix some of the major problems then bash minor ones . Just my 2 cents . I’m sure some of you will sit down with your partners and drink a Latte and Bash me for this . But enough is enough
  9. Glad you had a great trip to the Canal . It’s Amazing to me the Hypocrites on this site will say something about spot burning on this site about the canal . There are more pictures and videos on YouTube showing every 10 feet of this canal. The same people giving you static. Are some of the ones telling others what to use . As far as gear lures, rods , reels , tides, moon phase and time of year . And your post are right here proving my point .
  10. Is this still for sale ??
  11. He never left the area not more then 15 ft from his stuff .
  12. Hunter123, good God you have know idea what your even talking about . Grow up you must be a Liberal . I wil explain it to you simple and easy okay Cookie . The 3 of them there only 3 rods tackle bag, bucket and lantern. Do you comprehend this so far . The entire bulkhead was empty . This group set up right next to them . So would it be better to go lock up all your stuff just because a certain race fishes next to you . I don’t understand why you can’t get the point. He trusted his stuff to be safe and it was stolen . Hope this helps you understand Hunter123.
  13. A comedian not sure of his name said , You Can’t Fix Stupid . Perfect example here . All I was trying to say in the start is to really watch your gear everyone. That’s all Nothing more . It’s a shame when you can’t even describe the thieves in any with out the ****** getting mad . Enjoy the day and Tight Lines
  14. Wow some people on here are really that simple minded . First, nothing of mine was stolen. Second, the 2 rods were stole at night if you would read the post so it is very easy not to see them at night . Third, the one rod taken was daytime why would I be paying attention to someone else’s gear. Referencing the comment on paying attention. Fourth, If you had children it’s very easy to get distracted for a few minutes every now and then. Fifth, Asians took the rods period end of conversation only people around in the short time frame they were taken. Unless you think a Seal borrowed them.
  15. How can a fish drag them in if they were not being used at the time . But would be interesting to see that happen . Lol