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  1. Only had spooling up Diawa reels. I just added one shim. And never had problems again
  2. Your reel should have come with a couple washers in ziplock bag. Should correct the problem.
  3. I would highly recommend the VS 200 casting, line capacity and leverage. If your fishing region with migrating Tarpon maybe VS 250. Hope this helps
  4. RIP
  5. I’m not offended at all you called me a moron You took this to a different level not me. I will debate anytime I feel a need too. Maybe I don’t type like a secretary. I worked outside for a living. Your kind is weak in my world. Have a great day
  6. Are you sure about that ??? I will prove you wrong instantly Mike Tyson !!!!
  7. Great be it up young buck I don’t use that word and it shouldn’t be used. You talk all tuff down in your moms basement. I promise you would say anything to my face.
  8. I agree it was wrong, however if the N wasn’t rd is so bad and horrible why does that community throw the word around like its nothing. Then expect when someone else uses N word to get hung out to dry. That’s my point. Kind of like the N that cries wolf. That’s all heck he didn’t beat the crap out of a female that’s seems to happen a lot in the NFL and NBA I often wonder why ???
  9. Anybody fishing with them yet ?? If so pros/cons ?? Thanks
  10. I’m wrong?? Seriously
  11. Your missing the entire point, everything you just posted Ray Charles can see. Late me break it down even easier for you. I have seen many interviews since the Corona Virus of Black business owners see we are helping especially the black community. If I White business owner would say that CNN would be rioting. If everyone is equal there actions don’t prove it
  12. Lol, so tuff behind a keyboard, one day when you grow up you will realize your freedom of speech is one sided
  13. Your missing the point completely
  14. You can’t see the double standard, you just find fault in Kyle Larson. So your part of the problem that’s your type
  15. My panties aren’t in a bunch, I don’t let your type bother me at all.