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  1. Any recommendations for private charters in the area? Cheers, Max
  2. nice catch!!
  3. Wathcing Ovi hoist the cup over his head was an incredible sports moment. One of the best goal scorers we will ever see. NHL is in a good spot with their young talent...let's just hope their marketing of ELITE players gets better..can't get much worse than MLB, if Mike Trout walked into a bar 95% of people wouldn't know who he was
  4. Thanks @Kle230! Are there any places that you don't recommended? Ex: to rocky, people swimming? I'm guessing Carson Beach is not a great spot, don't see many people out there fishing.
  5. I've always been told high tide is the best time to go...but after reading this my approach may have changed!
  6. good feedback, thanks everyone!
  7. I've caught a few dogfish on the cape but never decided to use them as bait..interesting thread.
  8. A TON of great stuff here...looks like i found out how i'll be spending my lunch breaks
  9. great catch!
  10. great post with very beneficial info!
  11. similar to the other replies, I find that Columbia has the best stuff
  12. This forum is great, I really appreciate the replies! I'll DM those that reached out and are willing to help out more.
  13. makes sense @TimS, first time using this site and enjoying what I've been reading. Appreciate the quick responses regardless!
  14. Hello folks, Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback for me. Before I moved to Boston after college I was an avid fisherman with my dad, surfcasting and fresh water. Now that I have settled down in Boston I am looking for advice on good surfcasting spots. I live in South Boston and looking for locations nearby. Any tips would help! Cheers, TRB