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  1. New - Zeal Optics Crowley Desert Rose Never worn. Don't have the original box. Just the case and drawstring bag. New $149. Will sell for $75. Ben
  2. Crazy steal. Please put me next in line if for some reason. Thx!
  3. What is the name of the company you go with? I can't go at that time but am looking into Panama yellowfin trips. Thanks!
  4. I don't know about SoCal. He's got a pretty long list for custom rods from around the Bay Area.
  5. I picked up a pair this past season and they worked out well.
  6. Try Khanh at Khanh Customs. He's in San Jose. You can reach him through FB. Not sure how backed up he is though.
  7. Nice! I wondered the same. It was beautiful out on the coast. My resuls were the inverse of yours unfortunately.
  8. Very nice!
  9. Of course you post something like this then go out and get nothing but small ones. Seven, lil ones. Not even pic worthy.
  10. Happy New Year SOL! I've been surfperch fishing for about a year now. Seems like the perch are much bigger now than what I was catching this summer. Saw a guy post up a 3.2 lb slab! Definitely not as many small ones around. Not that I'm complaining. Do you find this to be the case? Are they coming close to spawn? Any thoughts? I generally throw a c-rig with gulp sandworms. Do you change tactics when the big uns are around? TIA, Ben
  11. I recently went from an Okuma Nomad Surf Jetty bag to a North Coyote Hiking Backpack Cooler Bag. The Okuma bag worked well but I kept stuffing it and it got heavy and felt awkward slung over the shoulder. I like the backpack. I feel more balanced and can carry a ton of stuff. Figure the cooler section will come in handy if I start taking home some fish.
  12. Has anyone used the Grundéns Neptune Thermo Jacket? Like it?