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  1. Boga or boga-like devices have prices all over the place. Linesideslayer, any one brand you would recommend? TIA, Ben
  2. Thanks SF. Dimensions help a lot to narrow something down!
  3. Stonefish, what kind of net do you have? Thanks! Ben
  4. I appreciate the info. I'll evolve faster because of it! I thought releasing the fish were helpful but didn't even think about mortality from mishandling them. I think it's similar to what I see on the rockfish grounds. People tossing back the small ones for whatever reason and seeing them floating around getting their eyes pecked out by the gulls. I like the idea of a net.
  5. Thanks, you too!
  6. Thanks Kil. No tuna,.we'll.do that on the 3 day portion. Ben
  7. Would the 6' 8" be a good rod for an 8 hour inshore trip with Danny Osuna? Would you recommend a different rod that could put more pressure on the fish? Thanks for any recs! Ben
  8. Thank you all for the information and advice you provide. Was able to put it together and get my first bass from the surf and PB perch. Both returned to fight another day.
  9. Luv2na it was my fault. My apologies SOL, I didn't realize what hijacking.was. Ben
  10. We dont allow hijacking here. Its explained in the rules.
  11. Thanks! PayPal sent
  12. Hello, If you still have it, I'll take it. Ben
  14. I noticed that trying to reel it right out of the box. It was fine on the rod.
  15. Sorry, this is off topic. What are the inches per turn on the high gear ratio IRT reels? I couldn't find any info.