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  1. I don't have a prescription, but my arms are too short to tie knots in most conditions these days. I got a pair of Costa cheaters last year, and they are great. The magnified portion is low enough that I don't notice it, but for working up close my gaze falls through them without conscious effort. Im on the hunt for cheater safety glasses for night fishing.
  2. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. A couple seconds of Google found several posted rules against braid at several piers. Edit: commercial links Plus any number of discussion board threads referencing braid bans on public fishing piers.
  3. No problem, this thread just reminded me to buy up a few.
  4. Google "osprey custom lures pork rind trailers"
  5. I use a Home Depot store brand pump sprayer, which has handily outlasted the name brand version I bought first, and has a better pressure relief valve. They are like $10, and will hold enough water for sevral trips. I'm all for rinsing salt residue and/or goo before it sets.
  6. I haven't been, but I can see one of the traditional spots from my commute, and it's been abandoned for days.
  7. They wouldn't have built a 2.6 billion dollar casino in Everett if average people were good at risk assessment.
  8. It's fine. There seem to be incrementally more adverse reactions, and it's slightly less effective, but it's also one and done. All things being equal, I'd prefer a mRNA vaccine, but it's more important to me to get as many people dosed as quickly as possible.
  9. DCR = Don't Consider Recreation.
  10. Check your local laws. I only keep up with Massachusetts.
  11. Suckers. Show 'em a worm with just enough weight to touch bottom and a small hook on UL tackle. Great sport.
  12. In Massachusetts you may target striped bass with a baited jig.
  13. The 37 came on my lightest rod that day, A Cabela's Predator 1 3/4 TC model, basically a 15lb line class rod. I couldn't sat as far as I wanted with that rod, the hookup was dumb luck, but we had chummed manaically to bring them in and hold them, so to some extent it was work paying off as well. It was on a broad flat, so I could wade a bit, fortunately. The rod was bending right through the reel seat. Carp are omnivorous opportunists, so they will mill about, and graze when hungry. "When hungry" is going to be affected by temperature and atmoshperic conditions, stress/pressure, and so on. So, you might expect to see a feed at dawn, a slowdown after, maybe a mid-day bite, an evening and/or dusk bite, another flurry or two throughout the night, and repeat. In low temperatures, the early and night bites might not happen (or at least, not in shallow enough water to locate them from shore). In hot weather, the night and dawn may be the whole shebang. If there is a ton of traffic and fishing during the day, you'll see more action at night as well.
  14. If I'm fishing freswater species, it's rare that I'm not after carp, unless I'm thinking about dinner. Brookline Reservoir on Boylston St in Brookline MA is the first place in the US where carp were stocked, there was still a population there as of last year, hopefully they survived the drain-down to repair the dam. I caught my first one on accident targeting channels as a kid, fishing with huge yellow grasshoppers I'd been capturing from the bushes. I thought I was into a mammoth cat, turned out to be a carp of a couple or three pounds that I'd now consider tiny. The first one I caught on purpose, I sight casted a 1" white Mt Twister at, having spotted it cruising around while fishing from an observation platform for panfish. After that, I began targeting them, working on my bait and rigs, fishing after dark mostly, when the wary critters let their guard down a bit. I eventually discovered the European techniques after stumbling upon Carp Anglers Group in the late 90s or early 2000s. That's when the real trouble started. My best so far was 37 lbs 6oz from Alexandria VA, in the Potomac. That fish was caught three or four other times leading up to my turn, and my previous biggest of 27lbs 10oz was later caught twice by friends of mine. They do get more cautious once targeted, but they are still, ultimately, fish. I've caught carp with a fresh, bleeding hook wound at tournaments, at least once I'm pretty sure I watched the guy to my left hook one and lose it, then caught it myself, the hook had caught too little lip skin, and puuled free. Boilies get expensive, fast, I mostly stick to field corn and packbait/method. Last year was a dud, time-wise. I'd like to get rolling again soon.
  15. People have been in the usual spots towards the dam, but I haven't checked if they're catching. As mentioned, I'd be surprised if they were.