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  1. Cool, thanks! Anybody have specific recommendations other than LL Bean?
  2. Most of my fishing lately is the result of keeping a rod and a little tackle in the car, to take advantage of the hour hear or there that I'm near water without responsibilities. It's worked out OK, but I'd like to be able to wade some, and one time I did get smoked on the walk back by a wave rebounding from a sea wall when I misjudged the tide. Spent the day drenched. So, I'd like waterproof outerwear that's easily packable and storable, no insulation since it will be used throughout the summer. If I need warmth I can add fleece underneath. I'm looking for lower cost options, preferably $300 ish for the ensemble. I'm not going to spend a mortgage payment here. I'm thinking waist waders for mobility, breathable for comfort, maybe stockingfoot plus wade boots. As for a top, would Weather Watch be OK? There's a splash top from NRS or something that's inexpensive, but no hood. Not a deal breaker, as I could towel off my head. Extra credit if they're suitable for boat rides. Welcome any experiences or suggestions.
  3. Okuma and Tica are good in that range. Had my hands on an Ugly Stik G2 or something the other day, it wasn't disastrous. Doesn't Piscifun sell rods too?
  4. I'm talking about the physical and emotional experience of pain as it relates to animal cruelty. I'm quite certain fish experience "this isn't good, I must stop it," but given how far removed their physiology is, I just think it's a mistake to conclude their experience is close enough to ours to declare a parallel. It's an unknowable, but again, if the structure you and I use to interpret pain isn't present in fish, I don't know how one could reach that conclusion. I caught the same largemouth three times in less than 24 hours once, it wasn't getting the message. Plenty of forage in that pond, so it wasn't starving. Conditioning isn't necessarily learning. It's dodgy enough to attribute human-like characteristics to other mammals, let alone fish.
  6. I've already seen that. The studies are all being performed with the assumption that behavior is evidence of the experience. I could explain why that's not necessarily true, but you don't understand that overfishing means "too much fishing," so it wouldn't be time well spent.
  7. I didn't say there wasn't discomfort or that any reaction to it was reflexive. I said it was unlikely it was directly analogous to human pain.
  8. Which is contradicted by Rose, et al. The parts of the brain where mammals experience pain are not present or extremely poorly developed in fish. Obviously, they have the capacity to experience injury or other negative stimuli, and will avoid the same. Concluding this is an analogous experience to human pin is at best presumptuous. Just based on my own angling experience, I've never once seen a fish shy from hook pressure, and in fact, a reliable technique to steer a large fish from snags is to try to pull it into the structure; they will invariably pull directly against the hook. Therefore, the experience of having its movement restricted is far more noxious than the injury of the hook wound.
  9. I've put much more than a minute of thought to the topic over the years, and found there's not a compelling arguement supporting your position.
  10. Gotcha. Skimmed a couple of articles. That's dumb.
  11. Never heard of that, what countries and species? Kind of makes sense for fragile salmonids or what have you.
  12. True enough, although there pitfalls there too. I fish for carp with guys from Europe, and if you want to see somebody get militant about fish care...
  13. I wrote "the fishery," not "fish."
  14. You may be right, but the only reference to release technique I remember was specific to Atlantic sturgeon, which used to require cutting the line immediately upon identification. Might be something vague like "released unharmed," but there are certainly people spending five minutes taking photos, and those fishing bait with trebles. I've talked to strangers aboit both of those things. No punches yet. I agree the goal should always be education and not confrontation. Edit: Massachusetts saltwater regs. I'm not going to download the whole mess to my phone right now.