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  1. Drifting: down through a nostril, into the mouth, back up and out through the opposite eye socket in front of the eye. Free swimming or under a float: behind the dorsal, hooked deep without hitting the spine, angling the hook so the hangnail point is directed towards the back of the fish. I prefer this when conditions allow, as the hook will always be fully in the mouth upon the take, and you can immediately retrieve confident the hook will land. No futzing around trying to judge when the bait is engulfed, with its corresponding higher risk of a miss or a swallowed hook. Either way you need to ensure the hook can't swing freely, or it will invert over the bait, and the hook point will bury itself. In that orientation, it's essentially impossible to hook-up.
  2. That's pretty much what this was, I didn't see a big chance of getting fish, I just wanted to try working the thing. From the boat I could get a good look at it.
  3. Sonofa... they have them in stock at Tomo's. I was in there before starting this thread, I just didn't see/recognize them. I think I remember seeing them and thinking they were cedar plugs. Should have asked.
  4. Ah, I had the tip low, but quite a bit of slack. Second part, you're saying it would work better against the tide/current?
  5. Hi again, I bought your Mojo a while back. My work schedule is loaded and unpredictable, in fact, I've yet to wet my bucket this year. Still, if you're thinking of heading out, feel free to shoot me a PM. I'd be glad to tag along if I'm available. I'm old and paddling an OK Prowler 13, so I won't be racing anybody.
  6. Zero today. None, nada, zilch. No pogies to be seen either. Soft plastics kept the day productive, but a lack of baitfish can't be promising for the coming weeks.
  7. Seems closer to On the Water to me.
  8. I brought the bunker colored X-Walk on my friend's boat today, but the bunker didn't make an appearance. I threw it around some anyway. It seems to like a fairly quick retrieve, checking an online click counter, I'd like to run at about 100bpm, but the zig-zagging doesn't really start until 125-130. Once it gets going, the action is impressively erratic. It will hop out of the water, sometimes dive a half foot momentarily, sometimes stay down a second or two. I can't figure how to exactly control it, or if wave/wind is inducing it. This particular color has a remarkable level of flash as well, and combined with its extensive rattle collection, I could envision it drawing in interest from a distance. In 12 or so feet of water, a schoolie maybe triple the plug's length chased it doggedly, almost pressing its nose to the rear hook, but it wouldn't commit. Still, seems like it will do the trick if there is surface feeding afoot.
  9. I have a bigger problem with the advertisers having no ability whatsoever to discern what appeals to human beings. I can only watch TV streaming or DVRed, I can't take it any more.
  10. We got several fish letting the hooked bunker lag well behind the school, including the big one of the day. Maybe the pack under the schools were too distracted, while the ones on the peripheries welcomed an easy snack? Wish I had brought a spook though.
  11. Mackerel suuuucked for us today. Got two in four hours. Figured we'd throw artificials, then found big, coherent schools of bunker. Bass were all over them and aggressive, if you missed snagging a bunker somehow, one or two bass would chase the treble right to the boat. Couldn't get one to take an SP though, so I stopped monkeying around and livelined exclusively. Half the fish were over or under the slot, but plenty of action either way.
  12. I've been going with Tsunami Shield models, with the idea they can handle some dunking without real maintenance, and vintage Penn Zs, as they can be fully disassembled, cleaned, and regreased in a few minutes if they go swimming. Also, either are priced such that if they get away it's not a tragedy. A lot of people's gut reaction is to go with a short rod, but that can bite you if you need to steer a fish around the bow or stern. I'm in a 13', so a 7' rod gives me enough reach for that purpose. You will want shortish butt sections. A rod with an inshore style butt can be a full wrestling match to get out of a holder with a fish on.
  13. Might be the Summer of the Weakfish. I won't keep any more, and regretted taking it about an hour after I put it on ice. This would be a fantastic recreational resource if allowed to rebound.
  14. A child got spanked, nothing of value was lost.
  15. I don't know of any, but you could search the BST periodically, and sort by time of posting.