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  1. Snagging technique? Sure. I used to do it a bunch when it was legal to take herring; every May was spent at the foot of a dam. I didn't use a weighted treble, but a standard 1/0 or 2/0 treble snelled with a 1-2oz bank or bell sinker 24-36" below it on the tag. I concur on casting over the school, allowing the rig to sink, and then sweeping up into the pod. Last time I was snagging was earlier this year, we were out after black sea bass, and tight pods of bunker were all around. I figured I'd take a few for bait, but didn't have a treble, so I just used the jighead and rubber body I had ready for sight casting. Worked at least half the casts, so I'd say the technique is more important than the terminal tackle,
  2. Crap. I saw this thread before, but I thought the prices said eight something, and figured "meh." LOL @ me.
  3. Gotcha. I'm just starting out, so I'm operating under the assumption I'll be upside down most of the time, and planning my gear accordingly. Either at least dunk-proof or easily serviced.
  4. I thought the BGs were not considered particularly splash-proof?
  5. I had to call them, it turned out they had somehow not entered me into their system after a number of emails. A few days after the call, they emailed back and said it was a manufacturing flaw, and they'd fix it if I ship the rod both ways.
  6. The front page of the site says shipping is screwed up. I guess they aren't kidding.
  7. What I mean is, if one is being oblivious and runs over a kayaker, and then claims there was sun glare, it's different than if one disregards reasonable precautions associated with sun glare, and then runs over a kayaker. Not really a meaningful distinction, I suppose, particularly to the kayaker.
  8. Now that you bring it up, I think there's a 8' Suzuki in the BST forum for well within the OP's budget if he can pick up in MA.
  9. Sure, but obliviousness and incompetence is a different explanation than sun glare, no?
  10. Yup, sounds like an excuse cooked up after the fact.
  11. I had a Tica TC2 that I stupidly lost (packing a brand new vehicle in a cloudbust) that I thought did a great job. I think it was 1/2 - 2?
  12. Eels at night work in the Merrimack.
  13. Owner makes a "Mosquito Circle Hook." I think they make them big enough for snappers, and the wire would be easy on small bait; i got them for ice fishing with 2-4" shiners. Slip float to the correct depth, hook lightly between the tail and dorsal. Kid can watch the bobber and just start reeling when it plunges.
  14. Alternate approach: get a rugged, simple, time tested design, that can be disassembled in a minute or two with a spork. Drown a Squidder or greenie to your heart's content, open it up and shake the water out before you fish, then disassemble, rinse and regrease when you get home. I don't have a greenie yet, but I could completely break down and rebuild a classic Penn conventional in about 10 minutes, and I'm no expert.
  15. Harpoon. I got the T-Pod up and running once I got home. Stupid password format: exactly eight characters. I have no idea what I would have done with that. Had to do a reset.