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  1. I have something like Sharklobster's drybag/case, but it comes with a hook and loop armband and a lanyard, so it's tethered to an arm at all times. I got it from Amazon, but it seems to be unavailable now, unfortunately.
  2. The huge stuff I'm using definitely sinks less than what I'm used to, but that might be true of any braid of that diameter. When I'm shoulder to shoulder on a head boat, the difference in the line bow from the other patrons is obvious.
  3. The only problem is that it's less dense(?) than most other braid, so it floats in the water column more, and isn't quite as sensitive. With 80lb PP, I can tell if my weight is just touching the bottom, or laying on it's side, in 250 ft of water. Not hyperbole.
  4. Why not replace the guide? Steelhead rod of some sort should work out.
  5. If you want thicker and stronger, just buy the diameter you want from whatever manufacturer, and it will end up more than strong enough. I do use the green/white Gorilla Braid on my "cod" rig (made parenthetical by recent regulation changes), exactly due to the diameter. I encountered a couple of boats that banned braid, so off with the 80lb Power Pro I prefer, and on with the 120 or whatever GB, which looks enough like 30lb or so Dacron that I don't get harassed.
  6. Yep, for different situations, that's what I was doing. Fishing from shore, freelined or under a large float, I'd hook them like nicknot said (only I go behind the dorsal, to make the drag more in line with the movement of the bait, and center the hook on it), and at least half the time, the hook would hinge around and rebury in the side of the bait, making a hookup impossible. I improved very slightly by hooking diagonally, and a little deeper, which prevented hinging, but the hook can still thread through until the point can get into the bait. Same thing applies to chunks if they're big enough for the hook point to reach it in more than one place. Less of a problem drifting, but it still happens, hooked through the nostrils, both lips, one lip, you name it. I guess whenever there's slack; if the boat turns, the bait darts and catches up with the drift, the hook can turn and bury. And the very end of last year, I was experimenting with delicately threading the hook into the nostril, and out the front of the eye socket, missing the eye. This seemed to freeze the hook pretty well. That said, it's way easier just to jab in a kahle type hook, or if your drifting, you can use any good sharp hook if you keep the rod handy. I had best results keeping the rod in hand, in freespool. I'd release on the hit, then close it up after a two count. Would Mutu hooks make the cut? They are basically semi-kahle/wide gaps with the point turned to the shank, and work pretty well. Heavy though.
  7. I like circle hooks a lot, but I have miserable luck with them burying the point on live baits or bigger chunks. I much prefer the wide gap/kahle patterns. I fish them pretty much the same as circles, they self set and don't end up deeply hooked any faster than a circle does. For bigger saltwater applications, I like the Gamakatsu Big River pattern, I guess originally made for sturgeon. OTOH, if anybody has tips for successfully live-lining with circles, I'm all ears.
  8. Well, that was almost incredibly wrong.
  9. I wondered about that going in. He had two good performances post season, but he had a couple stinkers earlier in the year, so it was a matter of whether BB could replicate those games on defense.
  10. I've been exasperated by the almost total lack of defense brought on by rules protecting QBs and receivers, and juicing scoring to keep the fantasy football fanbois engaged. I missed teams like the Ravens of a few years back, much less those terrors from the 70s and 80s. People have been whining about the last team with the ball winning, now they whine about a tense brawl.
  11. Two outstanding defensive performances all but silenced two excellent offenses, leaving the game seemingly in the hands of the next team to score, for almost four hours. A decision to try to extend a drive instead of taking a field goal attempt looked like it could be the difference until less than four minutes of game remained. Three crucial turnovers bounced away safely instead of into the clutches of a defender. If that bores you... maybe Maroon 5 is more your speed.
  12. I'm fine with cusk, but I don't get excited about it. I'm glad there are people that will trade haddock for them sometimes. Parasites can be incredibly specific about their hosts. Obvious and extreme example is head lice and pubic lice won't even bother with the other end of their own host.
  13. Cook the fish, worms are dead. I was eating worm infested cusk for years before I realized what they were. i had assumed they were little blood clots pooled in the meat until they got comically full of the things one season. Now if i spot them, I pluck them out with a tiny crochet hook. If I don't spot 'em, I don't know any different.
  14. I just did this, no special techniques required. Put a half inch of water in a pot with a pasta insert. Put the heads in the insert, and steam until they come apart with a little prodding. Let them cool, pull the heads apart, pick out the meat. Retain the stock from the pot. Presence of blood and gills in the heads was of no consequence, other than discarding a couple pinches of brown meat.
  15. Hooks are about 1000% more important than the stuff we all spend 100s of dollars on.