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  1. Condolences to everyone involved.
  2. Penn 209 or 9 are everywhere. Bigbox store might have a knockoff cheaper that's good enough for sabiki jigging.
  3. I see what you did there.
  4. I only cast heavy stuff with a spinner, never been cut by 80lb braid. I don't know if that would be too slick for a conventional/baitcaster.
  5. That would be relying on the good intentions of whoever is doing the checking. I have locking straps, maybe I can fix the pads in place with them. With all the other opaque and dunderheaded regulations, I have no real confidence that a kayak would be considered a boat for this purpose anyway.
  6. True, but all the lots are now designated for boaters only, how would they distinguish a cartopping kayaker from a rando? I just use foam pads on the roof rack, no kayak mounts.
  7. I was looking for any access, preferably where I could put in a kayak, but I had rods in the car and the tide was coming in, so I would have jumped out for a few casts if I could. The only fishing pier I know of on the North Shore is Lynn.
  8. Took a drive from Swampscott to Revere... also checked out Beverly... doesn't really matter if the beaches are open if you can't park. 15min-2hours within sight of the water, then a layer of resident-only. A handful of sections lift the restrictions after 6pm, I saw a street that was posted no parking from 6am-10am, and a bit that was resident only Monday-Saturday. I guess I could throw the kayak in at a boat launch, but that strikes me as a waste of a resource for someone else.
  9. Now I'm thinking the new straps may have contributed. They would certainly have less stretch that the nylon ones, and that pressure has to go somewhere.
  10. I'm confused myself, as I mentioned, I was out in hot weather last year too. I can't imagine the Steelworks straps have more leverage than the non locking versions I was using, but that's the only difference. Maybe I'm fatter, and therefore bringing more force, but I'm visually aiming for a slight compression of the foam.
  11. I had put purpose-made rack cushions on my crossbars, hull still caved.
  12. I just got inside after squashing a temporary dent into my Prowler with Steelworks locking straps, which are in essence locking straps. I have dished crossbar pads as well. Guess I need to back way off on the tension when it's warm. I simply put it back in the garage on its side, and the dent popped back out. Odd, I got the thing in the height of the hot weather last year, took it out for the first time in the low 90s, didn't see any collasping.
  13. Update: I was wrong, only one of my connectors is remotely round, and it's inside the hull. I have have some heat moldable plastic, I'm thinking of cooking up something.