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  1. thanks for the info been trying to check the lift counts the past few weeks
  2. Makes sense
  3. I'm sure different brands hold up better I believe it was spyder wire that I was using
  4. Maybe the guy who cares what color his fishing line is doesn't really matter to me what color it is
  5. Willing to buy mike's dredge in new or used condition in any color thanks
  6. Gets dirty quick
  7. next week for me also
  8. they could come out the hudson and end up there i dont think a 6" bass would travel up to the holyoke dam 100 something miles in numbers and not be born in the area
  9. i live near the holyoke dam on the ct river and have caught small under 12" in the late summer and fall
  10. what size boot do you have i have some used hex head or carbide spike soles collecting dust
  11. closing thread plug purchased
  12. yup thats the one im looking for