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  1. Tired of enough skunks on the belt pursuing stripers and blues on SS open and back bays after 10+ outings. Was desperate to get a bent rod and the fishing god answered my calls. I hope this will continue until bass/blue moves east. I tried first time this season N.S. for porgy yesterday and got two. Also saw a huge crowd on the beach, almost 40+ fisherman.
  2. Long island pick up. Willing to buy an inshore spinning rod which can throw from 1/2 oz to 2 oz.
  3. wow. very nice pic.
  4. Saturday evening 6 to 7.30 - south shore Nass county, open beach. Thrown frozen herrings, got a couple of skates. Sunday evening 4.30 to 6.30 - south shore, N.C., back bays Thrown frozen herrings, got skunked.
  5. highly doubt test center comes to Field #2, as the usable space is limited with all constructions going down there.
  6. New York state is looking to open up another drive-through coronavirus testing facility, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a press call this morning. “We’re looking at Jones Beach on Long Island as a possible site. We need a large, open area. Jones Beach has large open parking lots that are available. So we’re looking at Jones Beach literally this morning as a possible location for the next drive-through,” Cuomo said. Do we lose access to all fields including West End if they setup test center? Or the govt will allow fishermen to pass through/access the fields? If the govt allows, how many of us will get the courage to go fishing in that area?
  7. When the gate to work dock is supposed to open for the season? march 1st or april 1st?
  8. Came across these pics in FB which was taken on 2/22 in long island south shore. my questions are, what kind of fish is this seal munching on? if shad, blue, striper or whatever fish, etc, is it possible these moved into our water already or residential ones?
  9. Look at the timeline of a proposal to become a final rule. 4 years???
  10. wow to see a huge crowd at not a much-advertised flea market. VID_20200202_095104.mp4
  11. Appreciate it if someone shares event address and timings. Also, when we go to the flea market, is it normal to negotiate/ bargain with the seller?
  12. A small world Thanks again for offering a snap
  13. lol. tried my best not to get spot burn complaint. so, left little bread crumbs and you nailed it
  14. Herrings run still going good, though the fish size getting smaller and smaller. This weekend catch on one trip with a friend.
  15. Herrings is another option.. usually hit any piers or inlets after Dec 1st till March..