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    Newbie to the fishing game!
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    travel, fishing, cooking, soccer etc
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  1. You are beautiful. Looked.at your profile. Is it correct regarding you have your gender as male ?


    Asking for a friend.

  2. This is the direct contact # of a DEC officer who I had in touch last year to report violations last year. Simons: 631-205-0470
  3. In for Scabelly !
  4. PP transferred.
  5. I'll take this lot for $35.
  6. I'll take it if come to the middle $70
  7. Interested in Starter Lot. would you accept $60
  8. need to be $100 USD or more for free shipping to the US address
  9. How come a country becomes friendly after threatening with nukes just few months ago.? I hope our country is making safe move at NK.
  10. I love that movie
  11. Where can I buy new permit now ??
  12. You need separate Camp Hero Parking Permit obtained from NY state. (unfortunately new passes not issued till fall'18)
  13. Your information is very helpful. thank you!
  14. This is a lot of information about squid catching.. thank you for sharing.
  15. Jones Beach or any state park office.