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  1. SS last night outgoing, weeds are back unfortunately and had to clean up rod tip for every cast. Among heavy weed, it was hard to present the lure and managed to land 6 fish up to 28".
  2. had a nice fish yesterday at SS.
  3. yesterday night outgoing, nothing on central SS for an hour, then moved west and hit a regular spot. wind and temperature were not terrible. a lot of weeds most of the cast. Got a couple of 26".
  4. SS, predawn to 8am, no rolling surf, water was ok. just a schoolie and a shad for the day.
  5. Selling my shield 6000 used for a season and done annual service. Just like new and not touched after it came from service. $100 for local pickup N.C. long island.
  6. Congrats Said! Way to go!
  7. The last three outings over a week to JB open beach area produced non-stop shad action.
  8. Awesome! Very good fish!
  9. very nice flies. How'd you get the glossy finish on top half of the body?
  10. got skunked this morning. saw a few gators landed.
  11. never caught an Albie. But plenty of macs caught. As said above, macs would hit if its just below the water surface. Also, let the jig drops for a few seconds and retrieve at different speeds when the jig hits the water.
  12. From shore or from boat,?
  13. Lot of action today N.C. SS. Saw and sight casted on blue blitzing caught 4 out of 4 casts. Had blue, fluke, Macs, robin and a bonus trigger!
  14. Finally got my first trigger today on squid, outgoing tide. Yippy!!