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  1. This may or may not sound like a stupid question, but what are the chances that with the abundance of bait decent water temps that these schoolies may end up being hold overs? Is it still to early to tell?
  2. First year with a boat. First time fishing for blackfish on Sunday. Good steady wind in the morning with 2’-3’ early close in set that seemed to relax as the morning went on. Fished the reef in the morning with catching on to a couple sea bass. Decided to go to a rocky bottom further out about 50’-60’ of water and it was slower then the previous days reported where it seemed to be fish after fish... all in all ended up with 5 keepers and about 7 smalls. Funny thing that happened 3 times is that I felt the blackfish hook up and almost immediately after I was stuck on the bottom. One time snapping my line. Those fish definitely knew what they were doing diving back into the rocks! Came home around 2pm and excited because it too was the first time ever having eaten blackfish, made a delicious chowder!
  3. Hahahahaha! Yup cheese doodles no good, I tried smartfood popcorn and then it clicked, cheeze its
  4. Wow that is wicked cool! I love the color! That boat has many memories I am sure you cherish!
  5. Yes this little one loves it! She comes with me late night early morning doesn’t matter when! And you caught me on my chum methods .... shhhhhhh....
  6. The entire year and for years to come! I meet some great people at the dock and they have given some tips and pointers but the thing that has been great of all is trying to find those holes and spots that you can call your own and those places that you love to go because they don’t tend to disappoint when the tides a certain way or the wind.
  7. Hey all! Allow me to re-introduce myself! My name is Kevin I joined a couple years ago and fell of the fish wagon, this year I finally went ahead and purchased a boat! I am new to Rhode Island (about 5 years now) and now new to Narragansett Bay. So after buying my first boat I have been venturing out and about trying to get caught up on the catch! And let me say that this year between learning the waters and learning the more on the species of fish has turned out to be epic! More days of hooking up then not and today was no different! Probably the best day of catching schoolies my 8 year old and I have had! We have put in lots of hours learning the tides the currents the depths etc.... and as the season comes to a close we are trying to make the best of it! Today we fished in upper bay the swarms off birds the chilly air and the 2nd chop definitely made today’s 16, 23”-26” schoolies worth while! Along with 2 blues in the mix. We hit 2 caught on lighter color sp‘s 2 lost on the sp’s and 14 on umbrella rigs doubled up 3 times! Depths ranged from 40’-20’. All fish were released to see another day!
  8. Thanks Gents! Spent the other early evening at the same spot, thought I had caught the tide perfectly and skunks it was. Going to hit a different spot this week. Now may I ask, again new to RI, where is the transition from the providence river to Narragansett bay? And when referred to “the bay” is that strictly the bay? Or right up to providence?
  9. Thank you!
  10. Caught our first fish of 2018! Nice schoolie in the bay! Caught with clam.
  11. Have you heard the story of the 3 beautiful blondes who decided to go ice fishing on Winipasauke? Yea they decided to get all the ice fishing gear and licenses necessary. The next day they got up at the crack ass of dawn and headed down to the lake. One blonde looks at the other and said I think this is the spot, all agreed so they started to get set up in hopes to snag that big fish. 12 hours go by and they were tired beat and fishless. So they decided to go home after they had finished cutting a big enough hole to fit their boat!
  12. Good afternoon Gentlemen, My name is Kevin, long time amatuer salt water recreational hobbiest. New to RI, looking forward to venturing out and finding my own hot spots. I have been out a couple times this past week with no luck yet. That’s why it’s fishing not catching! Looking forward to contribute and share as I can. Happy fishing! Very Respectfully, Kevin