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  1. Add in the following - belt when you are wadiing and better yet never wade alone or in area you haven't pre-scouted preferably very recently at preceeding tide
  2. Hey team I live in Marshfield/Duxbury and have a simple 16 foot center console rigged in minimal way on a trailer. Looking for mooring in duxbury kingston area. Have money and would be interested in trying month season whatever. Sharing? With right relationship would be happy to give person unlimited access and or fish together. Anyone interested ... Boat is older but needs nothing more than gas. Thanks in advance.
  3. Need advice on making a plexiglass windshield for a old bay boat itching to get on fish. I live in Marshfield. I took off boat and have in hand. Looks like 1/4 thick and something like 57" by 21" with two rounded/squared sides to wrap center console. I am thinking on trying myself but patience with waiting on getting a sheet and faith in skills (cutting and bending) Anywhere on south shore could work and happy to pay and exchange favor for anything I can offer.