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  1. Haha, I wouldn't have understood the level truth in this statement prior to the seminar that I watched. It was my first Pickering presentation. He was very informative and seems like a fantastic guy, but yes, he does seem to potentially exaggerate a bit....but hey, he's a fisherman, shouldn't we expect that?
  2. Respectfully offer $30 shipped to CT cheapest way possible.
  3. I know that this is an old topic, but I just recently learned of this bait at a Dave Pickering presentation. As I thought more about it, why this bait? It's really just a paddle tail swimbait. Is it some sort of cajun voodoo that they throw into the mix or is literally just that this one of the first to hit the streets so everyone stuck with them?
  4. Flats fishing the keys will change your life.
  5. Ok, I'll do $50, shoot me a PM with the details. Thanks!
  6. Respectfully offer $45 shipped cheapest way possible to CT for the lot.
  7. I just looked closer at the pics. Looks like they are 165F. If so, I'll take them for $20. Shoot me a PM, I see that you're in CT too. If you're local maybe I can meet up so that you don't have to pay shipping. Just let me know.
  8. Say what?!?!?! There are three tips for the 10'6" rods? What's the other one rated? I was only aware of the 3/4-4 and 2-6. Now I'm excited lol.
  9. After hearing about the potential to swap Mojo tips effectively having a lighter and heavy rod for not much extra money I decided to email St Croix to get the skinny on this. Here's what I received. I wonder if it this is just the "official stance". Which current rods have people successfully made the tip swap with? I'm looking at the 10'-6" with 2-6 oz rating for Canal use, but the lighter 3/4-4oz tip would be handy for most of my other fishing which utilizes lighter lures. Thanks for any info.
  10. which size are these? i may be interested!
  11. It seems like I'm always asking "vs" questions and I apologize. I learn so much from them and I think that they inspire fun conversation/debate. So here goes another. This weekend I attended a surfcasting day at a local tackle shop on the CT coast. I watched a great demo by Toby Lapinski showing his two techniques for rigging deal eels. He did a great job demonstrating and had tremendous patience with questions. On the ride home I was left with a gnawing question that I wish I had thought of during the demo: When do you decide to fish eels vs plugs? I'm so new to this game that I don't have a good methodolgy on making this selection, but I'm sure that some of you guys have a wealth of info on the topic. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  12. Has anyone had any luck fishing a small paddle tail on them with a light jig head? It seems like it would be dy-no-mite when they’re on small bait.
  13. Is that the Do-It flat head? It looks like it would get to the bottom in a hurry!
  14. I'm in, thanks for doing this.
  15. I'll edit my post...I'm talking about the head shape only, ignore the back half.