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  1. My apologies, pic didn’t go through. Here it is. These are similar to what I ordered.
  2. I just wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to Charlie at Choopy Lures. He was very helpful and prompt in answering questions that I had about his products and I’m now the proud owner of 2 of his stubby needlefish. They look excellent, I can’t wait to get them wet. Money well spent! (pic is a stock photo from his website)
  3. spro bronze eye frog....done and done!
  4. Yep, you'd think so. I know if I bought a container full of plug bags with short straps I'd certainly be getting my money back and sending the crap back to China. My guess is that FJ Neil didn't fully detail out strap length in the order and thus had no way to complain. This is pure speculation, but I can't imagine why they else they'd tolerate this. I'm doing some searching on amazon and naturally I will have to buy way more strap material is necessary to make a new strap. Once I order, I'll put up a post offering straps for anyone that wants them with my leftover material. Cost to the buyer will be minimal to cover my material cost and shipping. Otherwise just I'll end up throwing out 23 yards of strap material.
  5. That stinks. I followed up with J&H and they said "there's nothing that we can do, call FJ Neil." I called FJ Neil and they were extremely polite, but their response was ludicrous, in my opinion. They stated (and I'm paraphrasing): The latest order that we received had straps that were too short, we are aware of it, this was the first time that ever happened in all the years that we ordered from them. We still have a supply of them that will last another year or so. If you aren't happy with the strap length, there is nothing that we can do, please return it to J&H. If there was a way for us to order a bunch of straps and distribute them, we would, but since it's sewn on, we can't do that. [this is utter BS, see my solution in the paragraph below] I was polite, but extremely disappointed. First of all, they are placing the entire burden on the customer and retailer. If FJ Neil was indeed interested in standing by their product, they could send consumers a length of proper nylon webbing and 2 tri-glides which could replace the existing strap (after the old one is cut off) with a strap that is functional, effective, and strong. This could be done very inexpensively if they purchased in bulk. Instead, the consumer must now go out and buy the materials on their own. This is just another reason to avoid lower priced goods and buy the top of the line...I should have learned my lesson by now. Thanks for letting me vent lol.
  6. haha, no, my guess is that a cnc lathe in a chinese sweatshop, I mean factory, makes them.
  7. I hear you on that. For anyone familiar with freshwater tournament bass fishing, you have probably heard of the legendary David Fritts. He speaks very openly about finding those "special" crankbaits that are just a little bit different. I believe that his theory was that of all the baits made during the week, the best ones were built at 11 am on a wednesday when the workers did their best work. Clearly he was joking, but his point about wooden plugs is very valid. He would sort out plugs that would run a bit deeper or shallower and exploit those attributes as Puppet has said.
  8. Understood, but I would think that a needlefish, which is likely turned on a CNC Lathe in China would be fairly uniform. Of course, wood density, grain pattern, etc would provide for some "under the hood" variation that gives wood plugs their uniqueness, but the overally shapes/size should be quite similar. Everything has a manufacturing tolerance, I understand that, I was just hoping that Tsunami would be able to do better for $19. I'll just spend a couple bucks more on a locally produced, higher quality product that gives me more enjoyment.
  9. I always tell people that tarpon fishing is life changing. I’ve only done it twice, but oh my god. I’m literally getting the chills just thinking about it. Tarpon are amazing.
  10. Ok, I got impatient. It’s a 1 hour drive for me to BPS, but I was nearby Cabela’s today, They only had the 7.5” needles, but I took a peek anyways. I easily found 2 blurples that were clearly different. While these were definitely different diameters, the variation was not nearly as much as with the previously mentioned 6.5” models. I ended up buying 4 plugs for measuring purposes (likely to be returned because I’m not impressed with the quality as one already had a chipped finish). Here are the numbers from the two blurples for your viewing pleasure. Do any plug builders out there have any input about these tolerances? Are these within the expected range of variation or are they garbage?
  11. Ok, that makes me feel better that I didn’t get a reject. I’ll try to call J&H this week to see what they say about it and if they’ve received this feedback from anyone else.
  12. It sounds like the strap length is all over the place. I just measured mine and it’s 40” (10 tube version) when fully extended. What is the length on everyone else’s? This is such a simple/cheap issue for the mfg to fix by adding 4-5” of strap at the time of construction, it’s disappointing. I will likely just find someone local to add strap to it. I enjoy the bag, otherwise.
  13. My wife gave me this bag earlier in the season. I love it, expect one important feature....strap length. Am I the only one having this issue? I'm on the portly side, but this strap seems too short for all but the shortest, skinniest surfcaster. It makes me wonder if they are all that short or perhaps I got one that had a shorter than normal strap.
  14. Roddy and Redfin, I too was suspicious of optical illusion, but the pics don't do it justice. Side by side the white is definitely significantly larger than blurple. Olive/white was middle of the road. The pics definitely don't show the whole story, I was just throwing them in to break up the boredom of a post with only text. I'm guessing it's the waste issue that Roddy pointed out. The next time I get back to the store I'll bring my calipers with me and get a measurement on these guys. It'll make for interesting discussion.
  15. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feels this way. I haven’t fished the CCC, but based on the pics, it seems like people are just trying to kill as many as possible. If they’re doing everything legally, then it’s their right to keep, but why keep the cows? I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s my bass tournament background, but C&R always seemed like the best course of action. I always love the look of disgust on the face of meat fishermen when you release a fish, it makes me smile every single time!