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  1. Sure , just let me cknow
  2. I’ll meet you half way @ $55. With postage and fees in all.
  3. Sparkle White with Red Eye ~ $60 shipped USPS priority mail and PayPal.
  4. Yes. Thank you. PM me payment details.
  5. I’ll take the green one if you split the lot. Thanks for your consideration. SteveG
  6. Correct RM SMITHS. , great lot to start and price.
  7. Great. I’ll PM you. Thx.
  8. Here is a “Natural Wood” one $55. Shipped/ PayPal
  9. Take it Marc ,, thx.
  10. Thx for the reply , yeah shipping is up there these days. I’ll have to pass On them.
  11. I can offer $50.shipped
  12. I’ll take the SS midnight Mack. Thx.
  13. Great. Thanks. I’ll Take them.
  14. Are these all 3 3/4” in length /size ? If so I’ll take them.
  15. Business card included or for sale separately?