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  1. Academy has these for $95 + Tax. 50% off retail. @scoobydoo - I don't know if you get affiliate bonus for other sites, but figured I should give you a shout if you can.
  2. Philly North Suburb Thanks Capt, I was looking at spiral wrap discussions and also looked at my spiral wrapped tsunami for reference and saw builders seemed to use single foot guides on the underside like a spinning rod. Also, was asking if I should order an extra size 8 (tube size) in ring size 8 since the rod spec says "7.5*" nominal and vary by blank? or just a 7.5 tube size in size 8 ring size?
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the help in advance! I decided on building a tog rod on XC 732 blank, but have a few questions regarding components and wanted to check with you guys to make sure I am buying the right stuff. Blank: Rodgeeks XC732 from rodgeeks Components from mudhole: Reel Seat: Fuji DPMS size 20 Handle: Foregrip - 6 inch tapered, inside diameter 0.5inches (next size up is 5/8"), Rear grip - 14inch straight, inside diameter 0.5inches (next size up 5/8") Guides for Spiral Wrap - Fuji Black Alconite Guides - double foot BKWAG 16, 12, 10, 8, single foot BLAG 8, 8, 8, tip BFAT 8 tube size 7.5 Questions 1. Diameter of the blank is 15.2mm - 14.88mm (0-24 inches from the butt) or approx 0.6 inchees or 3/5" which is pretty close to 5/8", should I just get the 5/8" or hand ream the handles to fit? 2. Is there a recommended butt cap? 3. tip per rodgeeks is 7.5, assuming this is tube size, should I order a size 8 also? 3. Are my components reasonable? This will be my first build so I have been just reading and reading but I see more commentary around freshwater fishing than saltwater online.
  4. Gents, trying to gather some info. What are the recommended light spinner blank with sensitivity for a blackfish jig spinner? I was thinking Rodgeeks XC 730, or Rodgeeks C4 (like SCIV). I am familiar with SCIV blanks on SC legend tourney and SCIII blank on AVID inshore and knowing these are graphite blanks vs XC730 being a blend, I wasn't sure how it would compare?
  5. I've been absorbing all of the info on this forum and others as well. Initially, I wanted to just repair few rod guides but then I saw the prices of higher end blanks and figured as a diy guy this is right up my alley. But I am still researching. My initial goal is to build a tog rod on a Rodgeeks XC 732 or a 733 as posts and videos by billy40 across the internet inspired me to look into the rod but the $350 entry price is preventing me from ordering it directly from him. I am putting together an order list for a tog rod but the components are a whole new beast - choice of guides, reel seat size, handle configuration. The turnkey musky kit comes with a MHX musky blank that they sell for $120, but they discount it like 60% for the kit so I was wondering how this would work as a tog rod for first build as i've been seeing sharpies use musky rods for tog as well. I appreciate all of the replies! I think I've found something I will definitely enjoy. My interest in making/poring my own jigs quickly went sideways due to the health risks associated with lead and having 3 little kids running around the house.
  6. All, I am considering on purchasing a Turnkey set from mudhole for $199, as it seems to a steep discount, specifically the MHX musky rod version. It is a 8' MH rod, but I was thinking of getting saltwater components as my first build. Any recommendations on the handle (that handles rod clamp) and guides (budget guides) for use for Tog? Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Ahhhh my credit card!!!!
  8. I "heard' that this past Sunday, Mimi IV had a $2500 blackfish tourney with 20+ anglers, result - 6 keepers total.... blackfish gone for the season? I was hoping to get out one more time due to missing so many weekends due to awful weather.
  9. Not to be on either side: while in the military, I've been stationed/visited in/to countries around the world. Namely, European and Asian countries seems to have better social services, employee protection, pension, health care, all the while higher cost of living and taxes. They don't seem to cater to freeloaders, but citizens seem to have a greater appreciation for being a better citizen. Free loaders suck. But let's not act like all Americans are given a fair chance to succeed either. Inner city kids rarely have a shot at escaping poverty stricken area they grew up in because everyone around them drags them down. And when they do get out, they still fail because they still struggle against the competition of employment from the well-educated middle/high income households.
  10. It's pretty fun reading these comments. I've seen captain/mates who give all their fish away because they don't eat them. o.O It kills me when I see people fry up a Blackfish/Fluke when these are prime Sashimi fish. But these guys can't handle canned tuna either.
  11. i think its the 2500 on sale, I'd keep the 3000 for the surf
  12. when pics show without the brand logo on the item, I wouldn't trust it. 2 good 2 b tru
  13. I finally went out this past Sunday on a 6pack for my 3rd ever blackfishing trip, and the bite was so scratchy that I missed so much. I brought a 3lber up in the first drop and then caught a couple more shorts and a ton of dog fish. I could have been a dog fish champ. My buddy caught 6 good size keepers, nothing to write home about, but the him and cap got the coolers full for our dinner. I was frustrated, disappointed and contemplated selling all my blackfish gear. I understand fluke/sea bass bites and how easy it is to catch them in the right conditions, but blackfishing in the colder months with these nonsense bites is terribly frustrating. What is the technique on these scratchy bites? do I just swing at the first hint of fish? even my buddy with 6 keepers told me the bites were similar. I waited for the right bite like I was told here/youtube and it never came. Maybe it's the bait presentation?
  14. seriously, can't believe people would buy this.
  15. trevala 66mh is a good fit or something in the 10+oz range. I tried on a 4-7 oz rod and feel it's is the reel is too heavy for the rod.