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  1. Rubber maid brilliance does the trick for me. But I also put it in a separate lunch bag, that fits inside my tackle bag so an additional layer of protection.
  2. Lami rods have a lifetime warranty, right? This instance is putting an unnecessary dent to their warranty reputation. I would be turned off of future purchases if this is their warranty response. This sounds like it could/should have been handled much better/faster by Lami.
  3. Seigler recommends WD40 on their reels, I haven't seen any other that recommends it though.
  4. As title reads, I'd imagine most are carrying 1-3 rods/person on a typical boat fluke trip 50-100ft, what setups are you bringing?
  5. all, I have 10lb 15lb test setups, if I were to bring a third, would it be a 30lb or a 20lb setup for fluke? Only thing holding me back is I would use the third for togging so 30lb braid would be better, but I wasn't sure if it would make sense to even bring the setup if it had 30lb braid. 30lb seems too heavy for fluke but 20lb seems too light for tog? Any insight or am I over thinking this?
  6. You guys are giving me conflicting opinions here. Recommend the best rods/reels/line but skimp out on bait? I thought the consensus was stock up on Gulp when on sale so we don't pay full price? I keep reading that Gulp is best and alternatives don't produce - at least for fluke.
  7. yeah, boat use only.
  8. I see some Uncle Josh's Swing Hook Bucktails on sale 67% off online for $2 of 2oz and $3 for 3-4oz. I've only used fixed hook bucktails (minnow/ball/Banana) and see that there is a john skinner swing hook s&s for $7 for the same 2-4 oz. Are these worth for boat use? Only posts I see are from waaaay back 2012. I saw those posts mentioning hook upgrades to VMC Permasteel siwash hooks. I fish NJ waters, if that matters.
  9. 8/13/19. Weather looks good for Wednesday. We will be leaving between 5:30 and 6am. Fishing was good yesterday, but remember you have to fish for them. The fish are not going to be handed to you. Please bring your spinners and jigs and gulp. The power pro on the spinner makes it 100% better. See you in the am. This was a FB announcement from my frequent party boat out of Belmar. What to make of this? I would ask on FB, but for the sake of anonymity, I decided against it. While I do bring a light tack spinner, I also bring a light tackle baitcaster. Previously the boat said to leave your bait rods at home. So I'm sort of guessing they mean heavy bait rig rod/reels?
  10. IMHO, these slow pitch rods are really far from noodly, very lightweight with good action. noodly is more like ugly sticks. I am not using this for fluking as I prefer lighter setups for bucktailing/jigheads. Do you have rod recommendations? I've been looking for a rod but I have trouble paying so much for a rod when the slow pitch rod gets me 80% there with the weight and strength of the rod at 1/3 of the price of the higher end rods. I wasn't even considering this reel as i was thinking more of a $150 range for the reel, but somehow I ended up with a reel $75 higher than I wanted to (more like fathom 12 @ $150 + tax ~ $160 or lexa 300hd @ $170-180), but the fathom at 15oz seemed heavy. then I considered the avet sxj then saw the SGN at a little bit more. So I justified it with the lifetime warranty I would use this mainly for tog and sea bass with bait bottom fishing, and wouldn't be a setup I would use for fluke. I was even skeptical of the slimwave at first but I was sold after seeing Jigging Jerkz videos. And after using it on multiple trips, these are far from the noodly rods that slow pitch rods I thought to be.
  11. Thanks all for your inputs. I was going to pull the trigger on the Avet SXJ G2, but then saw Seigler SGN w/ 10% off w/ lifetime warranty and ordered one for $225. Going to pair with a Tsunami slow pitch 7'XH. Can't wait to get it! Hopefully, the lever drag doesn't become an issue. But it seems like a reel with very easy maintenance.
  12. All looking to get a party boat setup for tog. I have a Tsunami slimwave 7'H + Daiwa Costal TWS 200 that I use for fluke w/ 20lb line that I could use for jigs. So I was looking for a setup for a conventional reel setup for a 40-50lb braid with heavy leader for those currents requiring 6+ oz sinkers on a nj party boat togging. I like the lightweight rod/reel setup but all of the conventions recommended pre-2018 searching through seem like the heavier reels. I was considering a level wind reel as I was pretty terrible with the line laying the penn jigmaster that I rented and bunched up the spool. So I was considering the lexa/tranx or a lw conventional reel. Any updated recommendations for 2019?
  13. Hahaha Troll post of the quarter!
  14. Sounds like you'd be a good instagram account to follow.
  15. Can you elaborate? looking to get one right now.