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  1. You made me laugh. I'll give you that. It's a bad analogy though. It's like driving through NYC in a Ferrari. No guarantees of success but you have something that stands out. Excuses for people who need excuses.
  2. Pollock are really common in the Gulf of ME. Drop a sabiki on the bottom literally anywhere and you can catch an unlimited amount. All year. Harbor pollock are juveniles. They move offshore when they get bigger. Btw, pollock spay diarrhea all over the place, it's nasty. Squeeze them, see what happens.
  3. I use this thing called live bait and a boat...... The snowflakes go insane....... This one time a guy told me my fish don't count.
  4. I don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes. You asked for conspiracy so I gave you conspiracy. I don't think there is anything in particular that he couldn't have done himself but in this day and age I feel anything is possible. That incident that happened in New Mexico has me convinced that, at the very least, the liberals turns a blind eye to anything that assists their agenda. Why else would they fight to release a man who was training children to shoot up schools and is quoted stating, "white people are devils"......
  5. When you trade in a phone, the first move is to reset it to factory defaults. A spoofed email isn't actually being sent from your account. It's a trick that disguise the address of the sender. If you had Ransomware, your phone would likely be totally hijacked. You'd likely have a small window with a countdown timer sending you obnoxious warnings. You'd know. You can try to flag the emails as junk or spam, that might prevent them from showing up. If it really bothers you, just get a new email address.
  6. The conspiracy is that far-left globalists are fighting tooth and nail to subvert and undermine all forms of conservatism. Especially nationalism. It all goes back to the aftermath of WWII. The plan was to create the New World Order. In other words, a global nanny state devoid of borders, religion, race, gender, identity, status, or wealth. The method is to create chaos so that western civilization falls. When things get really bad, we will all beg to suck on the government's tit. The global elite will then have achieved ultimate power to restructure the world as it sees fit. The subversion is accomplished by flooding the border with unskilled migrants that don't speak the language and cause problems. By blurring the lines of sexual identity so that the new generation doesn't even know what gender is. By claiming that race does not exist and is actually a "social construct". By infiltrating the public school system and teaching children a biased view of history. By creating a national debt that is impossible to pay back. By squandering America's wealth. By labeling all men as sex obsessed rapist pigs. The conspiracy people believe that this subversion goes up to the highest levels. Deep state operatives, gov't officials, politicians, CEOs of fortune 500 companies. How this ties into the Vegas shootings/all modern shootings is that deep state operatives are possibly pulling strings behind the scenes. Everything from MK-Ultra 2.0, to planting the idea, to supplying the goods. If they can convince the public that conservatives and guns are evil then they win. You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.
  7. Great thanks
  8. I'll take this
  9. The migrants are all good people just like CNN has claimed. Mostly women and children that need a second chance. Here's proof.
  10. Guys who are the real deal use one of these. It's called a "gaff".
  11. It sounds like you are reading an email. If so, you are probably fine. Never even open questionable emails. Ransomware hijacks your operating system. Typically encrypting your files until you pay ransom. It will give you limited access of the machine with obnoxious messages. You pay and it may or may not actually decrypt your files. Even if it does, you should probably repartition the drive because you never know what could be left behind. Botnet? If your drive does become infected, best move is to run Dban. It writes random 1s and 0s. Always keep everything backed up on an external. Always run an adblocker in your browser. Always keep your system patched. If you want to visit shady sites, aka porn, always use linux.
  12. I sent you a PM. I was just busting your balls. I apologize if I took it too far. That goes for everyone except for Slack Tidings.
  13. This guy really can't take a joke.....
  14. Careful, if you keep it up I'm going to have to write TimS a PM explaining in detail how you were being an offensive dick.........
  15. The mob can think whatever it wants.