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  1. That's the only pic I had on my phone of a hickory. In order to be picture worthy it was on the larger size. I thought that one was an American at first. On rare occasions I have caught Americans mixed in with the hickory shad. I still think our hickory shad run a bit bigger. The smallest hickory I've ever caught was maybe 13". Also, our bass tend to run a bit smaller on the north shore. We do runs down to Cape Cod and Boston and the consistency and size of the fish goes up. I've been trying to catch a bass with a live hickory since I was a kid. Not saying that a bass wouldn't eat it, I've just never had any luck doing it in my area. To the guy that asked if you can eat them. The answer is yes but they are bony. I've never eaten one. You can chunk them up but it's a lot of work with a standard bait knife. If you have something like a Bubba blade, that would probably work well. I've caught bass on chunked hickory.
  2. There was a year up here where these guys were everywhere. I think it was 2014. I literally saw them every week. Sometimes 5 or more in a day. Some of them were huge. I haven't seen one since.
  3. We have a really healthy run of shad where I live but I've personally never had a hit on one. I've tried it all different ways. Trolling them a mile or so offshore over ledges. Live living them in the rocks. Fishing them as yo-yo baits. They definitely troll really well. They don't seem to tire. I consistently have success fishing really big mackerel and pogies when we are fortunately enough to get them up here. I'll fish the biggest mac or pogy without hesitation. I've heard and read a lot of stories of people catching jumbos on live hickory shad but I've personally never seen it. This is more or less the size shad we have.
  4. The ones that I was catching had a full beak but the top half was shorter than the bottom.
  5. Subarus are for lesbians. Lesbaru. I vote get a new truck. F-150.
  6. Personally, I don't like ugly stiks. Not even the tiger rods. 5'10 is a small rod for cod jigging but it will still work. I like a 6'6" to 7' rod to get a high lift. Let it flutter down. They like to hit when it drops. High gear ratio reel. 65lb or 80lb braid. 8oz jig is good. I use 6oz when the current allows. 10oz or 12oz if it's ripping. With braided line the days of 20oz Norwegian jigs are long gone unless you are fishing really deep and drifting. A teaser above the jig helps. 80lb mono leader. 60lb is fine too.
  7. This explains a lot. I used to eat mushrooms frequently. Then when I was 18 I went to the It Phish festival. We waited in line for like 15 hours to get in. At one point the traffic stopped for like an hour. My buddy feel asleep while in park and we woke up to the cops tapping on the window. Car reeked of bud, somehow we didn't get arrested. Then we picked up a Japanese hitchhiker that didn't speak any English. The first day I shroomed and wandered around cartoon world. I ate like a quarter of left over stems that my friend gave me. We gave the Japanese guy a bunch of shrooms too. He went crazy and started rolling around in the mud. The next day I was determined to take a hit of acid. I found this guy and tried to offer him some money but he just handed me a white sheet and told me to eat it. I have no idea how many hits were on it. It was all white with no markings. I'm guessing that it was 4 hits. I tripped for like a day and a half, saw a supernova in the sky when the fireworks went off. For like a year after, whenever I went scuba diving I would get very mild flashbacks. I never did a hallucinogen again after that. Decided it wasn't worth the risk. Plus mushrooms always made my stomach really hurt.
  8. Halfbeaks are around almost every year at this time. They look like ballyhoo.
  9. We get a big run of hickory shad up here. I catch them every year. They will hit any type of small fly, small soft plastics, sabiki rig, small kastmaster, small hopkins, etc. They are easy to catch when they are around. They are frequently referred to as "poor man's tarpon". They put up a really good fight for their size. Jump out of the water. I haven't really found a good purpose for them besides catch and release. Up here they are all really big. Never had any luck live lining them for bass. Some guys catch them inshore and live line them for tuna. They are certainly hard swimmers but it's an unnatural presentation in my opinion. They are a really fragile species to handle. Lot of scales get removed when you handle them. They are go crazy.
  10. Perhaps you could get away with, "we were targeting other sharks". I feel it's really a grey area though. I don't think you are allow to actually target whites, so you'd have to play dumb and claim it was by-catch. It's pretty obvious what you are up to though when you are geared up with a 14/0 + standup harness. Realistically, what species would you be trying to catch? I know it's illegal to target tuna from land. Some lefty nut would probably call the environment cops eventually.
  11. Don't worry about me. Every fish I get is bigger than all of your fish combined for the entire season. Have fun with those 4lb bass. I get it, you want to be validated. I will put a gold star above your name so you feel special.
  12. I think too much of anything is bad. Even if you were able to do it, you'd lose the passion. To truly appreciate something, you have to take breaks.
  13. Live line a seal. Best solution for everyone. The largest great white shark ever was caught on a live porpoise. I think at this point we should be allowed to fish for the whites. No retention but at least be able to target them for catch a release. Land based sharking Cape Cod style. Some people will probably get killed but you have to take risks sometimes to get that adrenaline rush.
  14. When you fish for macs on a kayak, make sure you cut the sabiki in half. You really don't want 6 small hooks loaded with macs going crazy down between your legs. Two sabiki files and a jig below works well. If you have pogies around, you can just do snag and drop. I like to use the small weighted trebles.