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  1. I can just imagine you talking my be like a herd of cattle passing gas all at the same time.....i pity you
  2. ^^^That's funny
  3. That was a gamble that they took. Kinda like a scratch ticket....sorry no refund. On another note, with the biomass of fish in such bad shape why would a conscious sportsman try and profit from a declining run of fish.......greed, do they really need the money or just makes them feel warm and fuzzy in side to get a check for 2 fish?
  4. Highly unlikely
  5. Why, there are so many other places to go and fish
  6. In a bucket with seaweed........then you put them into a small mesh draw string dive bag that you can hang from your wader belt. Then wade to a rock , work a eel to the top of the bag, with hook in hand just let his head out of the draw string top. Instantly hook it up from the bottom of the jaw and out 1 ready slide the rest of the eel out of the bag and begin casting to avoid the dreadful eel knot.....good luck and tight lines
  7. Wow looks like I actually told you guys this weeks ago, oh and remember when I said the 1000 ft zone, a few FOOLs here mocked me..........hahaha no more commercial fishing in the ditch glad it’s in writing.......
  8. Its the 13% of the population that is constantly being a issue in this country. Why is everyone afraid to admit this...they comit 50% of violent crimes and 60% of robberies..letting them riot is just perfecting there craft....