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  1. Haven't tried it yet (but have one ready to go this weekend), but have heard guys say the TFO Bug Launcher, which is geared towards kids, is actually a really nice brook rod. I can see that, and it's $89.
  2. Only ever caught one, and years ago. Tastes a lot like lobster. Very cool looking fish.
  3. Haven't seen a reason to switch to braid on the trout rods. So I haven't. Braid on everything else, though.
  4. Area generally not known for LMB. If you'd want to do SMB, I'd recommend any of the on-water motels on Lake George. Tons of guides--read up on it. Some really nice SMB fishing at that time.
  5. Used to do it quite a bit. I liked the Saltiga star drag (they're making them again after being discontinued for awhile) 50 with 65 or 80 lb braid. Tried a Penn Torque once and hated it. The Saltiga served double-duty for deep dropping and tuna jigging. Still have it somewhere.
  6. Thank you. But how did this end up in the Outpost??
  7. Daiwa SS Tournament SS700 has served me well for decades; fantastic drag, FWIW.
  8. Thanks for mentioning the Solitude reels--I took a look and they seem great, and the price is not crazy. Very cool for type III anodizing.
  9. Now you're talkin'. But how about the 9700 Bluewater?
  10. Just sent you a PM regarding a possible source. On a different note, the Hg (mercury) loaded Redfins will eventually leak. I hope no one is still using them--our environment has enough issues as it is. Good luck on your search.
  11. Those Haydens were something else, weren't they? Wish he was still making them. Heck, wish TFO were still making the Hayden model.
  12. Agreed, the specs on the Nautilus are pretty impressive.
  13. Wigeon, after watching that video, I'm re-thinking going smeltin'. Thanks for the laugh.
  14. Agreed, the Saracione reels are beautiful.
  15. That would be pretty cool. I'd add a Seamaster to the list as well.