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  1. Hey everyone I’m making a trip to lbi this coming weekend and have never fished there before. And was wondering if I could get some help on where to fish at. I don’t really care what I catch I just want to catch something! Would there even be any bass around right now? Thanks for the help! Tight lines!
  2. 4500 or 5500?
  3. So I’m am about to purchase the st croix triumph travel rod in 9 feet. I was gonna go with the tsunami shield 5000 or the penn spinfisher vi 4500 or 5500. Which do you think would be a nicer fit?
  4. Can anyone recommend a good striper charter boat out of cape May! Thanks for the help!!
  5. I’m planning on making a trip to the Kingston area the first weekend of May. Do you guys think they should be running heavy by then?
  6. Hey everyone I was wondering what everyone’s favorite bucktail colors and sizes are! I feel like the bucktail is one of the best year round lures to catch stripers!? What do you guys think?
  7. Hey all I have a trip planned out of raritain bay on April 13th I just wanted to see if most of you thjnkbtje stripers should be around in good numbers by then!? Thanks for the help
  8. Rod and reel
  9. St croix has a combo for 250!?
  10. Plugging
  11. Looking into getting a new surf rod and am on a budget so what combo would you guys go with for plugging for $250 at the top end of things?! Rod and reel combined.
  12. Hey everyone my in laws just bought a beach home in the villas of cape May. And I was down this weekend and doing a little scouting and the fishing looks great! I was wondering if someone could kind of point me in the right direction on where to fish I don’t need like any direct locations just a idea of some good areas over the cape! I appreciate and aall help! If someone would like to link up and fish together sometime I would be down for that! Thanks
  13. Well if you guys like the okuma just as much i might go with it if I can’t save that much money! What reel are you guys using on the okuma and the SC?
  14. I was thinking about purchasing this rod and was wondering you guys thoughts on it? And would you go with the 9 or 10 footer?
  15. What’s everyone’s striper fly rod setup and what’s your favorite flyline and flies of chose to use?