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  1. I took this beauty on a topwater last week. It went 20lbs. 2 oz.
  2. From the album Catman Stan

    I took this beauty on a topwater last week. It went 20lbs. 2 oz.
  3. I wish! No I'm in east TN. I have a Facebook group I just started called Tennessee Stripers, Catfish and Carp from the bank. Look me up and send some photos of fish from that area.
  4. Ya, I do that up to 4oz. But that gets heavy after awhile. Got a new rod and reel on its way. Airwave elite 10ft.6in. 3/4-3oz. Paired with a Shimano ultegra 5500xtd I think it is. I will gain more speed and fully load the rod.....I hope lol.
  5. What does tfo stand for.
  6. Lol I just bought a new hat that says shut up and fish. Thanks for your input I am working on my tec.
  7. I'm working on my casting tec. and have improved about ten yards. I'm now trying to figure out what kind of rod to buy. I'm throwing a 2oz jig 80 percent of the time. I'm not sure what kind of action to get now, a fast or medium fast. I think I'm using a heavy with fast action tip airwave rod. My rod has straight guides and now I'm also looking at the angled guides.
  8. I'm fishing very heavy current.
  9. I wish we had a good dealer here, it's all bass fishing around here and nobody has surf rods lol.
  10. I'm using an 11-foot heavy action AirWave rated 3-6 ounce with 20-40 pound line. I'm using super8slick 20lb. line. At present, I would guess that I am casting about 90-100 yards. I'm after stripers right at the dam. They only open the far gate to spill water and that is about 150 yards away. If I can get to the edge of the rapid water I can get more fish as that's where others are constantly producing good catches. I am looking at another rod but unsure if I need a fast action or medium fast and really don't want to go more than 11-12 feet. So a new rod and reel are in order but as I said this will probably be my last splurge so to speak. Thanks for your input!
  11. I'm on a fixed-income so buying a new reel under $500.00 is very important. I already own the Penn 7500lc. I need something that will get me another 30 yards. I fish freshwater stripes with a 2oz. bucktail 90 percent of the time. The average weight fish is about 10 to 15 pounds. I don't have much strength as I'm older now. I'm really looking at my last rod and reel setup so I need some sound advice.