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  1. I found 30lb I Airflo Ridge running line to. 35$ Venmo would ship to CA. PM for payment info if you are interested. Just ignore it if not.
  2. Hello, I will be in Montauk next week- for a week- and I will tie a few flies this week. Usual small stuff for Albies- if I am lucky -_ I assume. Generally, I am not a believer in hatch matching for stripers, but heard about some finicky Fall stripers. So since I am traveling form opposite coast and do not have any friendly first hand info, can anyone let me know what is going on NOW as far as bait SIZE-TYPE is considered? Yes, silversides, standard 2 to 3 inch I guess. But is bigger bunker approaching the M point yet? Peanut bunker? Size of sand eels now? Any info appreciated.
  3. what weight line do you need? For what rod? I have some Airlfo lines, including their best 40+ TH Beach Special, maybe Striper Ridge- old stock light blue.
  4. Offer no longer available. Offer withdrawn. Admin, please delete.
  5. I apologize for late response. Line is sold. My fault, of course! Enjoy the surf!!!
  6. Sale pending- Bassadana first.
  7. ok. Send a message for payment info please.
  8. so far talking.. PM for payment please.
  9. I am on opposite coast now but shipping is included. PM for payment info, please.
  10. NEW, NEW, NEW!!! RIO OUTBOUND WF9F/H/I see pictures $65 (full) shipped USPS. Venmo preferable. Paypal ok Pm me if you want to buy it. Thank you for checking.
  11. I have -by mistake-, never spooled/unspooled, never "tested" and so on.. Just NEW perfect line: SA Sonar Full Int WF9I Blue/Pale Green Want to sale one. $60 (full) shipped USPS. Venmo preferable. Paypal..ok.. Pm me if you want to buy it. Thank you for checking.
  12. $150- lowered