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  1. It helps to learn to cast with short, fast double hauls. I made a shallow stripping basket out of pipe insulation and a contractor garbage bag to keep the line from migrating. I put a leash on it. Can get very, very frustrating, but sometimes the rewards are great.
  2. Speaking of warm decks and running lines, The Cortland Sink 8 Coldwater failed miserably on the boat and did marginally better out of the stripping basket. The dark blue running line tangles easy, worse line of the year, so far. It failed at all temps. A friend who is a highly respected guide got some given to him. They're on auction........ Excellent service from the Orvis DC albeit not the newest iteration, and a Rio Coastal Quickshooter Intermediate. Beat the wind, beat the temp changes, best of all beat up slot and above stripers. Long casts help from spooking the bigger fish this year, at least from the boat. Covering water wading, longer is better, too.
  3. Lamson/Waterworks has excellent customer service, provided me advice, parts and replacement. I'd contact them before buying another reel. That cap has very fine thread and is of a softer material than the more expensive, though same design models. It's easy to cross thread or not seat it properly. The price of economy. I do reel left, but the only time it happened to me, stripping line out on grass , I hadn't seated the cap all the way after a disassembly and cleaning.
  4. Don't know about the Sage , but the Liquid I have. The spool snaps on, the retainer is internal. To swap direction of the reel, you remove the gear from the center hub (should only be snugged finger tight) and reverse the one way roller bearing. Sometimes the bearing doesn't seat quite right when you put it back in and it holds the spool out a bit. I'd try that first. I've never had it happen on the water, and I have a lot of Lamsons with many good fish on all of them.
  5. You might try clipping the front taper back about 6" on the Wulff, first. Using a 50 or 60lb. leader butt, transitioning to 30lb. then some tippet . Keep the leader length as short as possible. Before the advent of the factory loop on almost every line, Royal Wulff would suggest trimming the front taper until you got what you wanted. It used to be a standard thing, google it for some lengthy explanation. The front taper is designed for dissipation of energy, not full transfer.
  6. Beetles, hoppers, and ants get washed in from bank vegetation and overhanging trees. Good time for foam terrestrials.
  7. I'm in like Flynn.
  8. No, Cary, he just got old. Happens to the best of us.
  9. Try a different knot, but cinch any slowly in light tippet, Forceps knot, Davy Knot, look up on youtube.
  10. They commonly prey on baitfish, are a by catch when stripers are after blueback herring. I caught many livelining bait in a reservoir when I was a young punk. My largest took a Deceiver with lots of grizzly tied to imitate a small crappie. I have a Colton 10 wt. Tradewinds XS, too. I use it for stripers off rocks and for big poppers at night. I don't know if I'd like it in an 8.
  11. Nearly same for me, except it's pike and channel cats to 20lbs. , also in a big river, and big smallies, though last Sat's 20"er has been the biggest so far this year. It took a 3/0 Deceiver wrapped with .030 lead. Congrats on the 23!
  12. I fish either my 22 year old Sage XP or the used Orvis Helios I bought last year. Both are great rods and the XP has caught literally tons of smallmouth and stripers to 40lbs. Both are 9' for an 8. I banged banks, stumps and overhanging trees with the XP for a great smallie day out my SOT , Memorial Day. Saw a lot of great acrobats. Sage charges a lot for repairing "classics" now, check their site if that's a factor. Good thing is the Clearwater's a good back-up. Both my 8's are a joy, light and powerful, would be a large upgrade from the CW. I've cast and fished Recons, but consider the Helios to be better. I have a 6 a 7, too. All good. Have fun!
  13. Sean worked for and succeeded my friend Pete Brown. What a great tyer Sean is. I saw some of the browns Sean got out of the Battenkill, we fished the same lies, for the same fish. I heard he went to Montana Fly after an Orvis executive stint in product development. I use to get Orvis to sponsor some diverse charities, and applauded their supporting some local food banks. I also got them to back Project Healing Waters trips I led. Sometime, I'll share an amazing story involving West Point Cadets and the walking wounded. In these strange times, it'll make you smile and be very proud to be an American.
  14. I used the Pro AR floater this past weekend for river smallmouth. It excelled at casts from 30 to 60 feet from the yak into stumps, brush and overhanging branches. The head easily powered side arm skip casts, running line ( didn't have a lot out, admittedly) didn't tangle on the deck1, had not the slightest problem picking up off the water and firing right back in with 2/0 Deceivers when I deemed the cast was just short. I overlined by two, but that was because , well, just who cares, I adjusted and wasn't going for distance. The box said 305gr. and was designated for a 10. I fish that on an 8, so I bought it for that and it works for me. I used the same line near the bottom of an outgoing for my best slot stripe so far, last weekend. Did well out of the basket, but had I actually used the rod it's rated for, I would have liked for more line. I typically leave 4- 10 wraps on the reel so I don't have to deal with backing , especially with non-runners like stripers that I can shut down quick. I picked this line up discounted at an outlet store, wish I had scored some different weights. The Hydros Int. oddly has a running line that is good in the chilly Spring estuaries, but the Camo front didn't straighten in cold RI waters. It was tolerable, but less than ideal when the water is still in the 50's. I have last iteration 100 foot models , both in the Depth Charge and the Int. It's annoying they are shortchanging the lengths. Corporate BS. Same with the sink rate on the DC as Cary pointed out. Less Tungsten = more profit. Hopefully some cow won't wrap me around a storm mooring or a crusty boulder. I'll go elsewhere after this . I'll go out on a limb and say they're targeting those who'll never see 75' of line out, in other words, many sometime salt warriors. Thanks for all the info, Cary, per my request. Only honest good review on these lines I've seen. They had a water dog jumping contest at the flagship store this past weekend. Had to pass through Manchester, so ran in to get some hooks. The fly section of the store is getting glitzier and glitzier , but carrying little. I had a good friend that ran that dept. for several decades. He wouldn't be caught dead in it, now. Sadly, he's physically incapable of fishing. It's hard to watch the best of the best of fishing buddies fall by the wayside. Orvis is trammeling my memories.
  15. I go there every Spring for my annual striper start. It's amazing the people I've met. I've met a few excellent people from your club, I'd join in a heartbeat if I lived about 200 miles closer. Good story.