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  1. I said with warranty. I didn't need a lecture. Sorry if that was vague. I never sent warranty cards in, they still honor the warranty and fix the rod. My 9 wt had the handle worn to the blank in one spot. They replaced the whole butt section under warranty after I asked about getting a new one. That was pre-Classic designation, though. I can have my wife drop Orvis rods off, as she works down the street from the rod shop. I get a discount there and fixes are free. I still like my XP's, though.
  2. I have 5,8, and 9 Xp's that I bought in 99/00. Only the 5 is 2 pc. , 8 and 9 are 4. Still fishing them hard. They cast for distance, are strong fish fighters, and aren't brittle. That guy may not get his 500, but they are replaced by rods that are a grand, new. They were re-introduced for a year , maybe 2014? I think they were around 650 then. Sage is like 75.00 for a fix with warranty. Throwing shooting heads with power and a fast stroke loosens up your ferrules. They move an 1/8 th" and they are severely compromised for strength. Use ferrule wax, parrafin, or tape the ferrules like the two handers do. I check mine every 30-40 casts.
  3. I had 80 in cash , had spent a 20 and forgot after a trip on the Green a few weeks ago and the guide was very happy with it. 100 is generous. You sound like a great client, you did well.
  4. None, really. An ER doctor might scrape something up, but they don't have time to fish, so what do they know?
  5. Ticket absolutely to the maximum, getting out a gun and being aggressive, reacting to her, no. Maybe even make her stop driving after an evaluation.
  6. The cop was exemplary. Her shaking hands and demeanor say maybe bi-polar, maybe a med change. The cop kept his cool and read the situation. Not everything is as cut and dry as it appears..
  7. If you go into IBSP from Beach Haven, you could stop at the iconic Betty and Nick's already mentioned in this thread. It's a hub, has great, great food and a shop. Not many flies, but info as to what's happening. Though I've carried a fly rod for fifty years, I'm still a fishermen first and have no problem fishing with surfcasters (nor they, me) and talking shop. B and N's has a website with reports and a surfcam. I may have to throw my SOT in the truck and head down to the bay. Thanks for the thread and best of luck. Make sure you have some quick sinkers for the inlets if you fish them.
  8. I've only gone down and fished in late Nov. . The first time , twenty years ago, I employed a 1/2 day wade guide provided by the aforementioned Jim Freda's guide service. I didn't learn anything new technique wise, but the young guy gave me some spots which turned out to be gold. I did , surprise, surprise, find out low light was best, and tide mattered. The wade guide deal may shorten things up considerably. I haven't read his book, I'm sure it has much good info. He is a good guy. Fly anglers are not as prevalent as they are on Cape Cod, I see low numbers on the N. Shore of Ma., and they are clustered on a few spots. NJ is the same. Expect some pizzed off looks when you drag in a keeper from the hardware chuckers. They get more upset when it swims away with all that expensive meat still intact.
  9. Since Orvis owns them I guess I must like them as I use Orvis lines. Some I really like. The Depth Charge has been a go to for lots of people over the years, I'm glad to get them at discount in their outlets. The Access Int. has been good to me. I haven't bought any SA'a for a good while, but I assume coatings, durability, quality control, all are the same as Orvis. I'll venture longevity seems pretty good with these lines.
  10. Here's a trick for swapping spools in mid river or in a yak. I cut 20' of old fly line and attached a small snap via nail knot and a short piece of 15#. When I reel up I attach my tippet to the snap and reel it through the guides. Swap spools, tie to the leader and pull back through. I keep it coiled in a small leader wallet. I would avoid changes in my yak until I figured this out. Avoids putting your hat on the wet sand or mud, too, let alone your reel.
  11. I've often put the rod tip under water and walked upstream, leading them like a puppy. It helps . I've landed some big salmon and steel using that trick . For a little bit, they lack leverage on you.
  12. I put a reel and spool on for what I know I want to do first, but carry a whole reel and a spare spool for one of the other. I normally fish a 350 integrated or shooting head/running line, an intermediate, and a floater. 8 and 9 singlehand. I'm not real fussy with line weights. I take some pretty long walks, sometimes incorporating my bike, some up to 7-8 mile rt's, so I carry a spare rod in a case, too. Fortunately my wife often goes with me and carries a large day pack , so transit is easier than it could be.
  13. Lead core.
  14. I've been using Rio Powerflex Bite Tippet in 30#. I try to compromise and only only use about 8". Seems to work. Much better than the Cortland Tyger Wire I use to use. Bout that time for pike to head to the shallows.