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  1. Some 40'' ers I have met say yellow over white with a good hank of peacock herl for the back is tasty. Took me years to get them to really dance and have the right proportions, now I use them as my go to big fish fly. Lefty's never looked like much until they were in the water, where it counts.
  2. Clouser, epoxy sand eel, deceiver, crab, big gurgler.
  3. I had a pair of hybrid Simms years ago that had a an integrated velcro belt and the top was light and folded down easily into waist highs. They were great and lasted for a good 5 years. Still have then, but the booties untaped and leak a bit. They were great for long walks in and hot days. Like to see their like again.
  4. Thank you! This time of year I've always camped on the Merrimack or down in Naragannsett every chance I could. The drive over to the coast from the border of NY/Vt. . where I live isn't bad, but a little much for day trips. I have only a few spots to legally fish and nowhere to stay in these troubled times. I feel blessed to get to fish at all. May your fishing be great out on the island. 7 hrs one way for me.
  5. Up at 3. Coffee and chemo pills for breakfast. Drive 3 1/2 hrs. east. Slog through 1 1/2 miles of deep sand to get to this year's version of last years rip and mussle bar. Still looks good, despite this year's radical winter storm re-arrangement. Have 2 hrs. til the bottom of the outgoing. Start with int. and a long thin tan Clouser/ sand eel. I find the drop off the bar and sweep the fly into the hole. Tight for a dozen casts straight. I'm pleased with the good numbers of 5 to 7 year olds on the North Shore so far. Maybe because I'm more use to tusseling smallies and pike and trout, but I find mid-20 to 30" fish extremely fun on my now going on 15 year old 9 for a 9 b2x. Yeah, they're lousy rods. Mushy tips, no power, more designed for freshwater. I love it. It did slide a very fat 43" up on the grass last year with it. Maybe next week I'll repeat. BIG DECEIVERS are on the menu for next Thur. Change to floater and my standby 4/0 long shank 6" gurgler. Game on. Best fish of day, 4th legal of the year, flying torpedoes the fly after fast jerky strips flip it out of the water like a busted pogie a few times. That image will stick for awhile. Last week I drove home early, quitting after a surfeit of 20. This week I put in more time and lots more casts and brought 40+ to hand. Next week I'll try to beat up less on the rats. I love them all, but....... Til next Thur. I overdid my energy expenditure and dropped my blood pressure into the basement with being dehydrated. Hydration from now on. Something to remember, big C or not.
  6. I have an orvis hydros and a sa mastery salt. They are the same line. Both have running lines that sank right out of the box, are very stiff with lots of memory, though they cast ok. Seem to be designed as boat lines, they are tough to use without a stripping basket when wading. I don't use floaters often for stripers, likely to remain this way after buying these dogs.
  7. Had one of the best spates of smallie fishing in a few years this morning. Fished just below a few dams. At least 75 fish to hand. Twice got 10 fish in 10 casts. Lots of jumpers and dancers and the first fish of the year on topwater- stealth bombers I received from a friend in Tenn. Fishing for stripers, trout and bass has been excellent this week. Smallies best of all.
  8. Think marabou jig- works great for crappies. Soft hackle for bluegills. A minnow pattern for bass.
  9. That's a cool little skiff.
  10. You could try putting some more pop and disturbance in your retrieve, using flies with a larger hook gap and as sharp as possible. Movement and sound are triggers at night, hard to rattle their lateral if the fly is not doing much. I'm not saying a silhouette on the surface is pointless, just not as effective alone without putting off vibrations. I do expect more misses at night on top, though. I like sliders sometimes, too. Pop them for disturbance then rip them under for a just sub-surface retrieve. One of the best days I've ever had started off doing that at false dawn one morning wading on a flat on the Merrimack. Sounds counter intuitive, but I've even pinched a small shot on in front of a popper to get it to go under a little on a fast rip of the line. Stripes seem to be able to engulf a fly better when it's running at 6 inches than when it's right on the surface. I've also got some good stripers using heavy mono tippet and a Deceiver on a loop knot. I grease the tippet with floatant up to 12" from the fly to keep it running high. Worked best on nights with some moon. I actually use white instead of black for the surface when there is some visibility. With the parking situation this year, I'm hoping for fall night fishing MAYBE.
  11. I never worry too much about wind as I figure I can get 50 feet straight into 30 plus with a single hand 9 and a 350 head. The fish are usually at my feet then. I also have collected lots of spots to go in different wind conditions. I just can't bring myself to get excited over 2 hand rods unless I only wanted to target 20 lb. plus fish. I guess I'm happy with the hand full I may get in a year of striper fishing. If I fished the CCC I would be getting one, though. I do have a few for GL steelhead and salmon. I guess I'm stuck in old dog mode. Still catching fish and having fun, though.
  12. First stripes of the year. This strange one had us forgo our usual early trip to Rhode Island, so we started way up the north shore. I stopped at 20 to hand, as we were on a day trip with a 3 1/2 hour ride home. Sunny, northeast winds gusting to 20, top of the tide, none of it supposedly conducive to having a good day. Oh well, it was a great day. Yellow and chartreuse were the colors of choice. Mostly a clouser, but a deceiver got the better fish.
  13. I use to haul a canoe up to Aroostoock County and take logging roads to camp on various lakes. One of the best times I've ever had fishing topwater was during a very large dragonfly hatch. The smallies were leaping after them,and would attack anything that splatted on or even came near the surface of the water. I happened to have a dragon pattern made from a pipe cleaner and foam with clear plastic wings . They annihalated it. One of my best fishing memories ever. Best of luck if you go this year. I may try later in the summer to get up that way.
  14. I love the leopard spotted smallies. Yesterday, with the 80+ degree afternoon heat the fishing exploded. Lots of bronze, even hammering a fast stripped yellow white clouser. As a bonus fish got a 30" pike. A couple of cartwheels from the pike and some leaps and tailwalks from almost every smallmouth. An aerial day on the big river.
  15. Congrats. NO going back now. Stripes are incredible fly rod fish , well worth the addiction lol......