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  1. Cant be worse then the waders or other gear I have in the back of the suv. At least the rod can go on a roof rack and be aired out. To be honest this stuff is kinda rubbery (not really a cloth type material) and if you rinse off your gear when you get home it doesn't seem to retain any fishy smell.
  2. I use a similar self cling product called camo form wrap. It helps on these freezing mornings. Easy to take off at the end of the season and doesn't leave a residue. One roll lasts several seasons and its pretty inexpensive. It comes in several different colors. I'm not a big fan of gloves but when I do wear them - its the old wool army issue gloves. Cut the tips off the thumb and index finger so I can have some dexterity to swap out plugs/tie knots etc. Wool will still insulate even when wet. But when you get in the 20's or teens there not much you can do to keep your hands warm.
  3. Price reduced - $250 The outside dimensions of the table are 76" x 44". The actual playing surface has a length twice the width (which is standard). A six foot table could easily fit in a space with dimensions 15' 3" x 12' 8" (using a standard 58" cue) It could work with smaller rooms if shorter cues are used.
  4. Selling a 6' slate pool table and accessories. Table is slate and is a 6' table. Included is what you see on the table. Need to make room in my basement for some other items and the table has not been used in years. Felt is in great shape (no tears) and the bumpers are in perfect condition. Table has always been covered in the basement to keep any dust etc off of it. Selling for $300 and would have to have someone pick it up. I live in Monmouth Cty (close to Long Branch).
  5. I'll take a pair at asking price - I think there is one left. PM to follow
  6. Grabbed one for each car. Nice peace of mind. Hopefully don't need to use them much. But at work there are times when someone needs a jump and they are parked in - so this could be handy.
  7. I'll check out the weego's as well. Has anyone used them successfully on their vehicles?
  8. Saw one of these devices in the store the other day and was curious how well they worked. Anyone have any experience with them? Would be nice to keep one in each car for a few reasons: 1. If no other vehicle is around the jumper cables in trunk don't help 2. Don't always want to wait for AAA to come an jump 3. Should be easy enough for my wife to use if she had to. 4. Had issue where grandfather's battery died while car parked head first in garage. Couldn't get jumpers to reach ... We have two cars and one car is a small sedan (Nissan Sentra) and the other a Forester. What concerns me is the cables appear to be 8 or 6 gauge wire. Specs on the unit stated: High Output Jump Starter 2 USB Ports for Fast Charging of Mobile Devices 8000mAh High Capacity Power Bank 200-350 Start Up - Amps 3 Mode Flashlight If it works its nice piece of mind for $50 - but if it doesn't I don't need a an expensive device to power the kids iphone or itouch.
  9. I'm no lawyer - but residents and the borrow of Deal really play on the words to get around things .... Taken literally "No Action will be taken" at the Friday meeting could mean they discuss and listen to the ordnance and just not take action (i.e. not vote on it tomorrow). Then vote it up or down at a later meeting.
  10. Be observant of the parking in that area. Not sure if you can park on Norwood Ave. No sense getting a parking ticket while trying t fight for parking access Roseld has a funky intersection (so I wouldn't park on that street between Norwood and the RR tracks) so best to park on a side street such as Richmond Ave.
  11. According to Deal's website (http://www.dealborough.com): Meetings are: Commissioner meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 9:00AM. Planning/Zoning meetings are held the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:30PM.
  12. If its tabled - then one would want to know when it will be tabled to? It will be brought back up at an undisclosed town meeting in the dead of winter under the section tilted "Old or Unfinished Business"...
  13. Everyone who planned to go to the Deal ordnance meeting should go and park on the 5 or 6 streets. Hopefully the homeowners who started this are not back in NY and can see all the fishing and surf vehicles legally parked on the streets...
  14. If this goes through - then its a matter of time before Deal Esplanade and Darlington are closed...
  15. Agree 1000% on the last statement. This last summer Roosevelt was lined with cars using that beach for sunbathing/swimming/surfing/fishing - so I'm sure that is why the homeowner on Roosevelt has his nose out of joint. Several times I went to take a look at the surf this summer and couldn't find a spot on the street. In years past on the most crowded surfing or fishing days, that street didn't have as many cars on it as this past summer due to the beach replenishment precluding people getting on the beaches a mile south...