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  1. Thanks unfortunately no military ID but looks like some good options
  2. Thanks everyone this is great info... and greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Thanks TimS, they basically said it wasn’t a great place to crab. Love that shop though they are my go to spot every time we are here and they are very helpful. Just picked up a new Avet SX reel from them on Saturday Thanks again for the response. Long time reader/stalker of this forum and certainly have learned a lot, just don’t normally have much to post from GA.
  4. Sorry didn’t realize that kids crabbing would fall into that category about posting specific spots.. my bad.. thanks for the advice. I know those tackle shop and stopped in today, not much help. But took the kids fishing out front and caught a few sharks which was plenty of excitement for them.
  5. Hi I am looking for a good place to take my kids (5 & 10 yrs old) crabbing. Ideally somewhere they can crab and fish. We are in the Belmar area. Thanks for the help!
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. Hi I have been reading this thread every day, but this is my first ever post. I lived in northern NJ for 16yrs but a few years back moved to Atlanta. Since moving I have taken up fishing and it’s become a regular family activity/obsession for the kids and me. I will be in Ocean Grove this weekend and plan to fish Friday/Saturday & hopefully Sunday. This will be my first-time surf fishing in NJ. I’m bringing my 9’ St. Croix travel rod, a few SP Minnows, and some plastic swim bait. I have a few questions: -The area I will be in is obviously crowded. I am planning on early in the AM. I only have 2/3 days for this trip and I would like to be as efficient as possible. I don’t want anyone to spot burn, but walking distance from Ocean Grove am I in a decent area or wasting my time? -When you refer to “Bugs” that is the same as a Sand Flea? And when you fish them, it’s as basic as a 3’ leader 5/0 and then float them? -Any other tips would be appreciated! Thank you all in advance. Keep up the posts, it’s been very educational!