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  1. Fished out back hard today on the jet ski, caught many fish, over 20, with some good sized fish mixed in. Going to go to hit it again when the weather clears up.
  2. Thanks Sudsy, I will check his stuff out! I haven’t seen to many others on jet skis.
  3. The jet ski is nice. I have it setup about how I want it. A big plus is it’s cheap to operate for the day and you are one of the fastest people in the fleet!
  4. Lol, that would be my wife! I was waiting on someone to say that.
  5. Went out yesterday for the first trip of the year on the jet ski. Fished closed to home and landed 4 keepers in about two hours. Fish were all over but picky. Did set my New PB, no length or weight as she was tired and I wanted her back in the water after the quick pic. Glad she swam away strong to go lay her eggs! Hoping to get out tomorrow.
  6. Badasss job Joe! Nice fish!!!
  7. Moco, all over out back. Found schoolies and peanuts Saturday and Sunday. Still looking for some size.
  8. Completely agree that things are going to pick up once the transition time finishes up.
  9. Moco out back, again found the bass in top. Still have yet to find any real size but I will take the numbers. Once the bite out back turned off went out front and quickly turned around.
  10. Hit moco out back again this morning, water was clean to my surprise. Has a couple small blues and a just short of keeping size bass. All on top again. Will hit it again in the AM.
  11. Moco out back, got into a decent bite of 25” bass, all on poppers. Left them bitting. Still a bunch of mullet around.
  12. Pretty sure we fished together today. Was an epic afternoon! Glad that a IT problem at work allow me to enjoy the best fishing of my life.
  13. Finally broke my skunk for the year! Monmouth county in the back. Also my new PB. Only bite for the year and it was a good one!
  14. Hit outback moco, only fished a little over an hour. Strong wind, off color water. Lots of bait, no fish.
  15. fished out back today, couldnt resist, caught the skunk. I am getting excited for spring to show its face!