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  1. @Jerseypride badass fish! You deserve this one! Also, hell of a job on the release!
  2. Moco our back this morning. Caught a couple shorts. Sure glad to get the skunk off me. Also met another SOLer while getting breakfast on the way home.
  3. Hey Gillster, just wanted to let you know I received the reel. Item was as described and I am pleased with the transaction. Thank you. Tex
  4. Thank you, I am excited to get the item. Gillster, the payment was sent this morning.
  5. Scott I was more so talking about a compression plate. I like the Shaw wings. They surround the whole outboard and hold the water around the lower unit. The dolphin tale is more so just to help with bow control and less to help with ventilation when the engine is jacked up higher.
  6. Gotcha, I want it. Pm me the details for PayPal. I am I jersey for shipping 07735.
  7. Are there any mechanical issues with the reel? Has it been recently serviced? I am interested at $450, I am assuming this includes all fees and shipping per the Forum rules.
  8. Had a 4500 spinfisher live liner and it was a nice reel. I traded it to a buddy for a different reel. The only complaint was it was heavy for its size.
  9. I wouldn’t expect sea foam to help much if anything. One thing to also consider is the age of your fuel lines. Especially if they are not alcohol resistant. Also, a good raycor canister water fuel separator is a must for outboards. It will save you headaches for sure. Also leave the engine in the lower position for winter, run it out of fuel on the hose before putting her up for the season. I had had an old Mercury I left trimmed up for the winter and found a nicely cracked lower unint in the spring. Some leaves feel into the hub and blocked the drains allowing water to freeze the lower unit.
  10. 1) bone spook 2) chrome blue rattle trap 3) silver spoon 4) white bucktail 5) SP
  11. Good info. Was wondering this myself. Sticking with the blue!
  12. One feature on the new Silverado I like is the app that can unlock the truck or remote start it. I use it to lock the truck when in the waders so I don’t have to take off my wade belt to get my keys out of my pants pocket.
  13. Congrats on a nice fish and an epic story! I can see how that is addicting as well. Bucket list fish for me for sure!
  14. You may just setup your outboard you have now to run skinny. You will loose some handling but nothing too noticeable. A good compression plate will help you from blowing out while in turns it will also help hold water to the pickups on the lower unit.
  15. I agree with the post about just cutting it up and putting it in the dumpster you are most likely going to have on site anyways. Some places will not take boats without proof of ownership. To bypass this we would always cut them into 1/3. We had to deal with boats left at our shop regularly.