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    Fishing for big fish, buying gear, buying gear, buying gear and always looking for the best deal.
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    Retired USAF

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  1. Marty, I've noticed you've also fished the VR Van Staal, Penn and now the IRTs. Do you feel the IRT is superior? I know you said the shaft got bent on the VR and Penn, on some fish you hooked up on. Just wondering if you've gotten hooked up to that same kind of fish with the IRT?
  2. Respectfully offer $20 shipped, pp.
  3. ksong, will the 600 work for land base shark fishing or should i go with the 800
  4. Hey Marty, now that it's been over 6 months, curious what your thoughts are now on the IRTs now that you've had time to use and abuse them without washing and lubing?
  5. i'll take it. pm coming
  6. Respectfully offer $60 shipped.
  7. payment sent
  8. Respectfully offer 700 shipped/pp
  9. i'll take it. pm me and we can go from there.
  10. respectfully offer $200 shipped
  11. are you selling 3 different items? pix?
  12. offer still stands at $120 shipped
  13. ok, sounds good. so are we good on the 120 to include shipping?