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  1. So I got the TA clips Thanks for all the info. As for adding another reel and some more tackle I have to go slow and steady so I don’t upset the wife Do you guys use any trailers? I saw uncle josh was the way to go but everyone says they stopped production.
  2. Thanks for the info. I’m located in Suffolk Long Island. Was gonna go after strippers. I have a 9’ Penn Prevail and an 11’ ugly stick both with the Okuma 65 reel. Using 20# mono and see what happens. I’ll check out the thread too
  3. I’m new to surf fishing. Wanted to start fishing with bucktails. How should I attach them. I have 20# mono on the reel. Should I add a barrel swivel and leader or put it straight on the 20# mono? Also should I tie it on with a knot (which one). Or attach it with a snap swivel? Thanks in advance