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  1. Sounds good thanks for the reply’s
  2. Just took a ride to their office to get the permit and they are closed. Any one else try lately. The phone rings off the hook. Was wondering if they had special hours right now?
  3. Water temperature is getting colder. How much time you guys think the season has left
  4. Uncle Charlie’s bait and tackle 1498 Montauk Hwy mastic.
  5. Ugly stick gx2 spin combos are good. $40 a piece. I bought one for each of my kids they love em
  6. I’m into fresh. I always waited until April 1 for opening day. I’m just getting stir crazy like most guys in here
  7. I’m pretty new to the surf also. How’s the month of March to start getting out there and fishing? What types of fish are around that time of the season?
  8. So I got the TA clips Thanks for all the info. As for adding another reel and some more tackle I have to go slow and steady so I don’t upset the wife Do you guys use any trailers? I saw uncle josh was the way to go but everyone says they stopped production.
  9. Thanks for the info. I’m located in Suffolk Long Island. Was gonna go after strippers. I have a 9’ Penn Prevail and an 11’ ugly stick both with the Okuma 65 reel. Using 20# mono and see what happens. I’ll check out the thread too
  10. I’m new to surf fishing. Wanted to start fishing with bucktails. How should I attach them. I have 20# mono on the reel. Should I add a barrel swivel and leader or put it straight on the 20# mono? Also should I tie it on with a knot (which one). Or attach it with a snap swivel? Thanks in advance