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  1. Awesome collection. Any additions to it since you posted this??
  2. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  3. Spread them out so we can see each color.
  4. Yes Pat it is and one of the rarest Long A 15a colors.
  5. Yes, to some degree. But most of mine were bought without the box. And one that did have boxes, didn't match the color on the box. If I had started collecting back in the 80s, my collection would look different and with boxes, but they take up a lot more room. There's not many are collecting Bomber Long A's as there was back then. The value of the baits depend on how many are after it. Today, there's not much difference between open or in the original packaging. I've seen a lot of wire tails in slide boxes and only screw tails were sold in slide boxes.
  6. Thanks to your collection, I had a base of colors I didn't have until now. Thank you for posting your awesome collection!
  7. Brahahahahaha!
  8. Here are a few colors I am hunting for. I've been told I am still missing a 100+ just in the screw tail colors. I have several that long time collectors haven't seen before. Unfortunately not all of mine are mint. Bomber provided special colors for Canada, Ireland, Japan markets not sold in America.
  9. It's been a while since I post this and add a few more baits to my collection. These are the Coach Dog and Paint Drip if found to date. I have many more to post.
  10. How about these? I know I am missing 5-6 more, at least. I need a new pick of my tigers.
  11. * I hope that once I get all the way through here *
  12. I'm from Missouri, Northeast corner of the state that is and wondering is there any more like me here. I fish for large mouth bass and walleye mostly, but bream and crappie are welcome too. Who was that masked man? Son, that's the lone Fisherman! Sorry, I fry in the sun! I'm a newbie here, but it doesn't matter where you get your line at, fishermen are full of knowledge, just waiting to share!
  13. The guys at the river that fish for big cats, use balloons a bobbers. The make a humming sound when it runs across the surface and sets the hook with it POPS. Amazing to see!
  14. Rules are rules, at some point, everyone here was a newbie and they posted 15 times, why shouldn't we?
  15. Such a purdy bait!
  16. Those Long A's are incredible! I have few you don't have and I like wise!