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  1. It's been a while since I post this and add a few more baits to my collection. These are the Coach Dog and Paint Drip if found to date. I have many more to post.
  2. How about these? I know I am missing 5-6 more, at least. I need a new pick of my tigers.
  3. * I hope that once I get all the way through here *
  4. The guys at the river that fish for big cats, use balloons a bobbers. The make a humming sound when it runs across the surface and sets the hook with it POPS. Amazing to see!
  5. Rules are rules, at some point, everyone here was a newbie and they posted 15 times, why shouldn't we?
  6. I'm from Missouri, Northeast corner of the state that is and wondering is there any more like me here. I fish for large mouth bass and walleye mostly, but bream and crappie are welcome too. Who was that masked man? Son, that's the lone Fisherman! Sorry, I fry in the sun! I'm a newbie here, but it doesn't matter where you get your line at, fishermen are full of knowledge, just waiting to share!
  7. Such a purdy bait!
  8. Those Long A's are incredible! I have few you don't have and I like wise!
  9. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.