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  1. Excellent Start!
  2. appreciate the info guys. Sitting on my deck drinking beers gonna grill soon. this is where u find answers lol
  3. thanks for the info guys. Should I be cranking this sp or should I use it like a rapala? couple jerks let it float then repeat.
  4. I thought you meant throwing a soft plastic on the front treble of the SP minnow. So your saying just tie something above the lure to make a bit more movement and **** for them to see?
  5. something like a 1-2 inch grub?
  6. nah never owned any flies =\ They can really notice a fly if i am cranking the SP?
  7. Well.. I went down this morning for 3 hours to break in my new lure. Ive never fished for stripers with a lure before so to say my shoulder is sore is an understatement. It cast like a missile and i love the way it looks in the water. Ill keep trying, eventually ill get something.
  8. anyone fishing the Merrimack River? Just picked up an SP Minnow looking to go this week.
  9. Woooo! Lets go B's
  10. Looking forward to chucking this thing. Hope it works.
  11. Blsck Purple ? Bone? what do u guys think? Gonna grab one tomorrow.
  12. I'm gonna have to call it, I definitely need to regroup. What do you think would work for lures down here? 12 smallies all under a pound its a gorgeous day though.
  13. Definitely booted up to my knees. Still pretty disgusting though that u gotta keep your eyes open for crap like that.
  14. Just loss something decent. using those powerbait shads.
  15. almost low tide and still cant move around on the shoreline. Tough fishing from the cliffs lol. Caught a couple small mouth so far. But ive seen some big fish jump.