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  1. fishing the upper merrimack which worm would produce better? Sea or Blood worms
  2. I wanna set up a rod with worms while I use another for lures. What do you think is better for up river Sand Worms or Blood?
  3. Well no luck for me today, didn't spend much time though. Lost those sand eels lol.. But they swim really good. The water is also getting lower, you can stand by the water now. Thunderstorms should be here within the hour.
  4. Nice thank you, I have a 2 pack. Guess tomorrow is the day. Hit the mack in the area and go all in with those and and the sp. Was gonna go today but between the weather and something else came up. Hope to report back some good news.
  5. Cool, thanks for the report.
  6. Nice fish man. Gonna try the river tomorrow with my new blurple
  7. Do schoolies eat the sp minnow or is that more for bigger fish? Also what about these savage gear eels?
  8. anyone having any luck up river yet?
  9. Agreed, even at low tide there's not a dry spot.
  10. oh no im not going to that specific spot (dunno anything about it) plus it doesn't sound to safe with what the above poster said. there's a nice clean quiet spot in groveland i like going to.
  11. Always on alert when i am down at the river. Hear the slightest movements in the woods behind ya always got me looking over my shoulder. Pretty sad.
  12. Martha from Surfland said that schoolie reports
  13. Pretty pumped just landed my first ever shad almost lost it to! When i brought it to shore it came off and i am standing on like a 10ft ledge. Let me tell ya, i am muddy but i needed that picture or it doesn't count It smashed a 3/4oz red eye shad (Sexy Shad) was fishing for smallies or really anything. When i saw that silver i was like damnnnn. I wish i could of cleaned off the leaves for a better photo but i wasn't getting down to the water and back up. Had to be atleast 2lbs 15-16 inches
  14. how long do they usually spend in the haverhill/lawrence stretch of the merrimack once they come thru?