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  1. I love Christmas time, can't wait
  2. You guys ever smelled the stuff that gets under the sides of your big toe nail? That stuff
  3. That means that pos Rick just got a lot more change in his pockets
  4. won't stop people from smoking dope
  5. Hex nah, Bombay forever
  6. Some people are just cursed with a bad metabolism and busted faces, not saying thsts the case with you...just listing possible options
  7. what kind of music is this that you speak of
  8. I always liked the shoe string method
  9. sounds like a real good time, wish I was closer
  10. What the hell is going on here?
  11. Yes, yes they do
  12. `sweetie` is even worse, I just tell them to call me big daddy instead
  13. One Bump, then off to Craigslist. PRICE DROP, I will take 190$ for it shipped
  14. O down kind of close to the coast? Should be nice. If you still have a couple of the rods when you get here, I will deff buy some. I would probably have got one of the reels too, but I just bought a few reels off of here. Keep in touch though.
  15. I was in Wellington in 2016, right next to West Palm Beach. I would say that just around a 30 mile radius, there was 15-20 centers, and that's whole centers. Each one could have hundred or more patients, and that was just in Wellington and close by.