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  1. That is indeed a chain pickerel. A nice one at that!
  2. Is the entire surf-side of Delaware just trucks soaking boat? Went to Henlopen and couldn't find a single spot to surf cast. Small section of people swimming with trucks lined as far as the eye can see left and right, no gaps for me. Hour and 20 minute drive just to turn around and drive halfway home to fish the bay.
  3. What does that even mean? Did the stripers pull a gun on you and force the harvest or something?
  4. Oh I know. That's why I said your level of fitness helps maintain speed, not achieve it. Ultimately, I'm not sure what they can do with the drive, but a longer "stroke" with your feet would feel more comfortable for longevity of speed. The pedal motions are kinda short and "cramped". And if you try to stretch the legs and get a full motion, you end up kinda slamming it to the end of it's range every kick. Maybe if they left the fins the same length and everything the same, but changed the ratio of the chains to the fins or something so it would take a longer sweep to get the same motion, that would help and you might be able to go even faster.
  5. Really the whole speed cap doesn't come down to physical ability so much as the limit of the pedal system itself. I can hit 6 mph pushing it but again, that's basically pushing the drive to the point where I feel it could break if I tried any harder. Your athleticism will help you maintain that 5-6 mph, but you can't get much faster than me based off your athleticism just due to the drive's restrictions. Again, with wind and tide you can push 8 but it's gotta be a good scenario for it. If the current is working against you, it's hard to even hit 4mph. As for sails and what that could do for you, I have no idea. I have a revo 13 stock.
  6. Yup and you can't stress enough that you need the wind and tide. On slack tide with no wind I can pull 5.5-6 if I'm pushing it to the absolute max to the point where I'm afraid I'll break it. And that's only for a few seconds before my legs turn to jello lol
  7. I'd probably go with a screw and then cover it up with Marine Goop.
  8. Well if you find stripers pushing bait against the marsh banks, then I'll be happy for you... And I'll hate you all the same LOL. Good luck whatever you end up doin!
  9. I just think judging by what I saw on the fish finder, you might be better leavin the kayak at home and just hittin the inlet itself from the rocks.
  10. I yakked the IR bay Saturday and marked very little. No bites. Good luck.
  11. Exactly this. Out in Delaware I was in about 25' with water temps at 56. Second the tide turned around a bit the temps dropped down to 47. Stayed all the way through till outgoing and it was right back up to 56.
  12. I moved to Delaware over the winter and I'm quite sad lol. I miss the RB so much already. Spent all day out on Indian River in the yak. Marked maybe a total of 20 fish, no bites, saw no bait. Just disappointed. Have fun with all the good fishin up there guys!
  13. Number one successor for me having only started saltwater fishing a year ago has been paddletail swim shads and sluggos. Ive had success with bucktails/sp minnows/mag darters. Late in the year I did well with metals. But mostly swim shads have always done well. Its my start to every trip, then I go through the bag. If the whole bag fails, I go back to the shads again before switching spots lol. Good luck bud! Oh and as for swim shads, I like Bass Assassins and EliasV swim shads and a variety of jigheads depending on where im at and what the current is like.
  14. Well if you go check Elias's latest vid, you'll see the Hudson is doing very very well at the moment lol. I'm jealous. I just moved to Delaware, but I don't think the fishing will ever be the same here in the DE bay as I had it up in the Raritan Bay/NYC area