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  1. So I have a 8 foot tsunami air wave and 4000 BG, great for surfcasting and I basically used it for all everything this year. Fluking wasn’t that fun on it, so I went to an ultralight trout rod which was very, very fun but I lost a 25 incher at the bank while I was measuring and couldn’t get a picture. Anyways, I was thinking as a new setup for inshore AND freshwater a 2500 stradic and a medium st croix. Does the stradic have enough line on it? I think it’s 145 yards of 15 pound powerpro. And would a medium rod overpower? Like I really want it to use for the fall and spring striper runs too. Basically for everything including bottom fishing from a boat occasionally. (And all freshwater.) is the stradic 2500 big enough for schoolie striped bass, and would a medium rod over power freshwater species?
  2. Stripers blues and the occasional dogfish will bite
  3. Can I cast a bunker chunk and 2 oz weight from a pier with my rod being weighted to 3oz? It’s a tsunami airwave 8 foot 2 piece. Really not wanting to buy another rod and reel JUST to cast chunks. Thanks.
  4. Long Island sound. Big stripers and blues, but fluking etc
  5. Can anyone help me make up my mind on a saltwater spinning reel? Looking at ~ $150 reels and so far the spinfisher and BG have come to mind of course, as well as the tsunami shield. Penn conflict looks nice too, but can it handle big game? Thanks
  6. I’m a 3 minute walk from a marina
  7. True, plus I am on a 15 yr old budget
  8. Good to know, thanks
  9. Thank you!! Sounds like fun
  10. I'm 15, should i get a 12" tracker jon boat and a 6-7 hp outboard or a kayak for long island sound fishing? I like the idea of bringing others out on the boat and have fun/playing music etc. kayak is half the price, yet slower with only room for one, and even fishing kayaks seem awkward to fish from too me. No budget for a Hobie.
  11. Yeah, transportation is not an issue for me, the marina is a football field or two away for me. I love standing up when fishing, for some reason sitting down feels unnatural
  12. $250 rather, as you said
  13. Those sundolphins for saltwater? Also where would I find a $200 aluminum boat?
  14. True, I have experience with kayaking as well
  15. Thank you, sounds like a good plan