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  1. Thanks for the information, we had contemplating cancelling but already had the cottage rented by Blind Pass and figured if the fishing was a bummer we could check out the touristy stuff inland. If it is slow, then I hope It will be better in the Keys. I will definitely report back. --Bill
  2. We will be heading to Sanibel Saturday for a week, then down to Key Largo for another week. Hopefully something survived the Red Tide. --Bill
  3. We will been spending a week on Sanibel, then heading south east for another week. We will definitely keep our options open. Thanks, --Bill
  4. Hopefully it dissipates before my trip in November. --Bill
  5. I keep a pair of these on the boat and with my Tiger gear, Don't know how they would stand up to the saltwater though. --Bill
  6. Thanks, fun is what we are after. --Bill
  7. Hello, I've been pouring through the archives learning everything I can about fall fishing from Captiva south to Key West. My Wife and I will be spending a week by Blind Pass in November then spending a week fishing and eating down through the Keys. We have Okuma Nomad travel rods in M/ML and M/MH set up with Penn 3000 and 4000 series and a Quantum Cabo 5000. The Nomads are Moderate action and I'm starting to question that I should get something with a faster action, will the Nomads be sufficient all around? I may also be getting a rod more suitable for Tarpon in case we find some still lurking in the keys. Thanks, --Bill Back to search the archives some more...
  8. We like it here, just have to travel to fish. --Bill
  9. I used to love spring on the Merrimack, I was actually late for my HS graduation because the run was great that day. Been 30 years since I fished it. --Bill
  10. That's cool, nothing like that here. We will be going out for Walleye and Smallmouth bass this weekend. Maybe even feed some fiberglass to a carp or two. --Bill
  11. Living in Los Alamos just north of Santa Fe in the Jemez Mountains. --Bill
  12. Why does a cow wear a bell???? Because the horns don't work.. --Bill
  13. Hello, I was born in MA and went to HS in Andover been living in NM since 1988 and miss the surf fishing back east. My Wife and I try to travel and fish as much as possible, so far to Shell Beach LA, Long Island Bahamas, Space coast of FL, Andaman Sea off Thailand and lots of inland freshwater in the US. We are looking at more fishing in FL, Bahamas and perhaps Costa Rica. Anyways I look forward to reading through the forums. --Bill Gorman