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  1. Thanks for the quick responses, appreciate the insight brother
  2. Ohh alright thanks! You still think there might be a way of making the larger VR drag louder?
  3. Really like my VR150 but been having the same issue with the silent drag. Can't seem to figure it out, directions seem super simple from BeachGlass Guru's post but I tried and can't even find that tensioner. Really wish I could figure this out. If there's any way you could post some pics or a video of how you did it that would be awesome man! Would definitely help a lot of guys, thanks, brother!
  4. Finally found the post ThirstyOwl III thanks for that comment!!!
  5. Hey BeachGlassGrur, I had a question about silent drag and heard you did a video or a post on how to reverse silent drag on the Van Staal VR to make the clicker and drag louder but couldn't find the thread. Look forward to hearing from you soon, thanks!
  6. I'm thinking of getting the VSX150 but the reel seems a bit small for my 11' CTS VaporTrail (1-3oz). Also the issues I have the reel is the stock arm that it comes with is too small, and the power knob for the VS150 is also very small compared to the VR150 power knob. Is it possible to add a VSX200 arm and Powerknob on the VSX150, or with the extended VSX150 arm can I add a larger Power knob? Pics added below of a pic I found online of an extended Arm and of the size comparisons of the reel with a VR150. Looking forward to all the replies and suggestions, thanks!
  7. Had my VR150 for a little over 7 months now and love the reel along with the Power Knob. The only issue I've had is that the drag when line goes out seems to be very silent. Is there any ways of modifying the drag so it's louder? I would ideally like to sound like the VSX drag but not sure how that would happen. Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say, thanks!
  8. This very light! Looks awesome too, is it an 11' or 10'?
  9. Thanks for all the help brother, will definitely keep all this in mind when building the next rod.
  10. I'm used to throwing a shorter 9oz Lamiglas so maybe thats why it seemed a little heavier, but will definitely work on casting more with this rod so I get used to it.
  11. I'm using a VR150 on it
  12. I just had my 11' CTS VT (1-3oz) completed a few weeks ago and the rod felt a little heavier than what I expected. The rod has the Fuji Alkenite guides, size 20 fuji reel seat, and 1 layer of cork tape wrapped in a spiral with X wrap at the bottom end. The rod comes out to be around 12oz altogether and I was wondering if this might be considered heavy for a CTS or is 12oz a good weight for a spinning surf rod for casting plugs and bucktails.