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  1. Do you come into Queens if you do I will take it.
  2. How about 300 and you you post some pics? thanks joe
  3. Ok pm coming joe
  4. Would you do 50 shipped?
  5. I have a like new VR150 mechanically 10/10 appearance 9/10 or better just gave it a nine because it is used. I never registered the reel converted to bailess but I have the bail box and bag. 400 shipped
  6. No problem if you ever change your mind let me know
  7. Love to pick it up but I live in NY 675 is my max.
  8. Would you do 675 shipped?
  9. How much for the 200 spoil?
  10. Thanks for the offer but I just purchased a Van Staal from this site. i will close the thread
  11. If you will take 50 shipped for the two I will take both joe
  12. I will take one joe
  13. Could do 500 let me know joe
  14. If you would accept 475 I would buy the reel, let me know joe