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  1. Planning to wrap this from the top of the fore grip through the first guide. Obviously this is a trolling rod so it is a shorter distance to wrap but same concept as I am planning.
  2. I have all the parts (Finally) to build myself a Tuna Popping rod. Very new to rod building- have a few inshore rods under my belt. I am planning the wraps and getting the thread colors together- I have a question- What type of pattern is thies underwrap? is it a 4 point chevron fade? Any advice as to where I'd go to learn how to set it up- I have seen the mudhole videos. I can do a chevron- but its the fade/coloring part that i'm unsure of.
  3. Macs have been hard to get in the usual spots near the nh seacoast and southern Maine area all season.
  4. Yes! Caught a few on Saturday in southern Maine. I’ve been bit off a few times fishing the piggy schools over the past few weeks and finally confirmed on Sat. I was looking for bait like everyone else here, marked some, sent down the sabiki and felt the tug of a mackerel almost right away. I then immediately felt the Bam! Of a big hit followed by a light line and half a sabiki. Sent down a jig and pulled up a big really mad bluefish. We then switched over to wire and marked tons of them but couldn’t get them to bite! After some head scratching we. Figured out that they didn’t like the steel leader and switched over to the heaviest Fluor we had. Managed to get 2 more in the boat. epic and unforgettable day as I’ve heard of the days past of bluefish in Maine and happy I was able to enjoy their return. Hope they stick around.
  5. You do not have a problem! $4.99 a lure is a great deal! ( did that help?)
  6. I have attended the last 5 years. I went around 11am yesterday and had similar observations and thoughts. I picked up a few jumpin minnows. As I expected, mostly everything in the tent was gone as you described. Previous years I had arrived early- 5-6am ish- and have scored a good deal each year on Shimano rod or reel- usually saving $60 or $80. Last year I picked up a Stella and saved $200, so my hour+in line was worth it. More than just the discount, going early and picking up a new piece of gear to start the season was a fun tradition. My family knows that I like KTP gift cards in my stocking for Christmas and that I use them on this day. The last 2-3 years my outlook has really soured on this event exactly for the reasons you mentioned. The biggest issue I have is people being allowed to walk out with arms full of gear - In my opinion those people are very likely looking to resell most if not all of it. Last year I saw a guy walk out with at least 6 Shimano grappler tuna popping rods among others I didn’t catch. He announced to the line that he bought all the Grapplers. Another guy had a basket with 2 Stella’s and 4 baitrunners and a few other reels I didn’t catch the model on. One couple had 2 Stella’s ( among baskets of other stuff and were frustrated that they didn’t have service in the store because they wanted to check eBay for resale prices. The guy went out to the parking lot to check and came back in. After talking to this couple, I was able to get the Stella that they didn’t buy. I recognize that I am more than able to get in line with everyone else. However it is a fact that the event has evolved to the point where if you want anything even slightly desirable from the salesman’s sample sale- you need to get in line at an absurd hour- or get lucky like I did last year. I’m a “don’t hate the player hate the game” person- so I do think this falls on KTP to course correct- if they are interested in that. A logical and reasonably enforceable throttle that I could see KTP imposing here would be to limit purchases for some period of time to 1-2 reels and 1-2 rods per person. Then you need to go to the back of the line. I think that would cut down on resellers or at least their ability to negatively impact the Event. but like you said, it is unclear what KTPs angle is on this event- maybe they are just the host for the reps and/or are just fine with the way it is.
  7. I would definitely make a stop in portsmouth. Beautiful little town, lots of great restaurants and a beautiful waterfront. Rte1a is worth the detour.
  8. First bluefin tuna (on a spinning set up) first striper over 40” on a live Mac. (44”) First full on fall run sustained surface feed.
  9. 100 days! Can’t wait to hear that sweet song of terns before sunrise.
  10. https://www.maine.gov/dmr/news-details.html?id=1556412 Looks like this is not a first offense for this Crew. Article doesnt have a date but cites ages that are 2-3 years younger than the most recent one.
  11. Nice Fish!! Very jealous. Missing being on the water already!! Enjoy the sunshine fishing and Cigars!
  12. Sabiki rigs will bring in lots of fish. I’ve caught sea bass and snagged a porbeagle shark in the dorsal while fishing for macs. Good to hear of the sea bass around. Bring them on!
  13. I think that you guys hit the nail on the Head!! thank you!