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  1. I had a similar situation on a rod a few years back that snapped during a hook set. The out of warranty rod was a premier series, what they did was charged me like $50 for a repair, the rod they had sent me back was a new rod. I guess it depends on who you get on the phone in customer service.
  2. Appreciate the responses! When i started researching this as many seems to have gone down this path, some had mentioned the quality of the oil is not the same. I will definately search online to purchase the Ferrotec. Thank you
  3. I normally use a pink 1/8 jig head with 3" chartreuse grub.
  4. I am also looking at the new Daiwa Exist and read in the video for the FC model the Magseal is only in the main shaft, and the original LT models they have 4 point Magseal for the main, line roller and both sides of the drive gear. Does anyone know if this is true?
  5. Thank you for the video. Now I just have to purchase the ferrofluid, the one I read about online is the MF Sealed Magnetic fluid oil made in Korea.
  6. I haven't taken apart a reel with mag seal; always thought that the mag seal bearing were sealed and enclosed. I didn't know we can service them as normal, and use alternative mag oil. Thanks for the info guys. Handi is there a particular brand of mag oil you use?
  7. I was hoping there was something available to upgrade my reel. I'm searching for a 2000 size reel to suit the fishing I do when wading, the JDM Daiwa Exist reels has the mag seal line rollers, and the new Shimano Stella now has the X-Protect that supposedly protects the line roller. Ive been searching online and Ebay to see if I can find a second hand Daiwa Exist. Does anyone have any experience with these reels to provide some feedback?
  8. I started looking at Cabelas and BassPro and now searching online. The Mustang Survival Fishing Vest was the one I pulled the trigger yesterday as it seems to fit the build, plenty of pockets and the mesh backing to allow for some circulation. Now if it's unbearable I would need to look into a waist pack. Thank you guys for the feedback.
  9. Thank you for the response I'll plan something in the late Oct time frame to see if I can get onto some stripers.
  10. I am searching for upgraded line roller bearings for my Daiwa spinning reels, my type of fishing is wading in rivers. At time my reel gets submerged into the water then after a few cast when retrieving I get take gritty feel. After each fishing trip I would have to take apart the line roller ans clean and re-oil them back. Has anyone upgraded their line roller bearings to alleviate this problem? What brand or type have you used? I am interested in the seal bearing and wondering if this will solve my issue. I know the new high end spinning reels from Daiwa and Shimano are now coming out with enhanced line roller bearings to reduce or eliminate this issue.
  11. Has anyone ever had to service a Daiwa Spinning Reel with Mag Seal? I was suggested for normal use and cleaning just to rinse off the reel with water, and if anything else for the reel to feel different or not as smooth I would need to send it to Daiwa for servicing.
  12. Hello, I am looking to purchase a CO2 inflatable fishing vest to use during wading out on the rivers. There are a few brands I have searched online and wanted to see if I can get some feedback. There are the Sterns inflatable fishing vest, and the Mustang Survival. Please let me know if there are other brands that you would recommend. Thank you,
  13. I have a friend that lives on in VA and I am planning on making a trip in the Summer or Fall. What season would you recommend the best time for catching stripers?
  14. I live in Illinois and fish the Lasalle County Lake a nuclear power plant that had stocked the lake with hybrids in the past. Catching on average 3 to 8 lbs in sizes. Like many the favorite to use is chicken liver with 3/4oz weight while bank fishing. When they are actively feeding I also used shelled shrimp which holds on better to the hook with just 1/4 weigh to cast it out allowing for the bait to slowly drift tot he bottom. Never seem to have much luck with cranks or plastics. I'm also new here and enjoy reading what others are using to try out different methods. Thanks.